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Cries In Vain

Cries In Vain
Pairing: Greif/Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Greif
Warnings: BDSM, non-con
Notes: This is form my awesome Welshie lc_ffaf who requested an evil Trym fic last week and so here it be. I blame ye reposting ye old fic for the inspiration for this, which'll be clear as ye read. Hope ye likes!
Notes 2: This is a pear of anguish (though one in fic'd be slightly different that's the basic image of one). Also this is part of this verse.

I hummed softly to myself as I walked up the driveway to my home, which I shared with my lover and fellow bandmate Trym. I figured I'd surprise him, since I was back home a few days earlier than I expected.

I pulled my keys out my pocket, slipping the front door one in the lock and turnning it to unlock the door. I slowly opened it, not wanting to give away my presence just yet and slipped inside, closing the door behind me. I'd just settled my bag down when I heard a noise, which probably indicated Trym's location. I remained where I was long enough to unbuckle and remove my shoes, before heading to the source of the sounds.

They were coming from upstairs, so I slowly made my way up stairs, being careful to stay as quiet as possible. The sounds were coming from the spare room and I paused, trying to make them out. It sounded sexual. We weren't exacctly exclusive, being in an open relationship as we were, so I shouldn't be that surprised he'd have someone round when I was not here.

Still, I was curious who it might be, so I pushed the door open slowly and peered inside.

It took me a few moments for me to register exactly what I was seeing and even then, I still wasn't sure if I was seeing it right.

First off the room itself was very different than I rememembered. Gone were the pale walls that had been there since we moved in and instead they were deep red, with the ceiling the same colour. The floor was black, not carpeted like it was but tiled. The cupboards and drawers along the walls matched the colour scheme and there were things on them that I'd never even seen before. Lastly, the bed was much simpler than it was. There was just a mattress atop the wooden frame, one which was heavily stained.

There were two figures in the room, one of which was spread across the bed, the other standing beside him, lashing him with a riding crop. The figure restrained was clearly Trym, my Trym and his broad chest was covered in welts. His dick was hard and aching, straining high into the air, a ring was just about visible though his dark curls, surrounding the base of it. Between his legs I could make out a plug sticking out of his ass as well.

The change of decor and the sight of Trym like that would probably have been enough to shock me, especially since he was very much a dom with me and had shown no interest in having any of this done to him. The thing that really surprised me though, what made my eyes go wide and my breath catch in my throat, was the identity of the second person.

It was Trym.

He was wearing an outfit that looked more like something Askeroth would wear onstage. Tight black leather trousers with a matching vest. I even blinked to make sure I wasn't confused, that I'd not made a mistake and for some reason had confused my bandmates for one another, but no amount of blinking could change what I saw.

That was when he saw me.

"Well, well, what have we here?" The Trym in leather crossed the room, opening the door all the way and looking me over with a smirk.

"Greif run..." I heard my Trym say the words, but before I could react the other one grabbed me and pulled me inside. He had my Trym's strength and easily shoved me across the room, standing in front of the doorway, blocking any exit.

He licked his lips, his eyes burning into me, studying me. "This is turning out to be a most eventful evening. As if one slut coming into my home, a slut with my face I might add, another comes along just as I've gotten started." He flicked the crop through the air for emphasis and I shivered.

"Who are you?" I asked, finding my voice despite the fear I was now feeling. It shown in my voice, which I could hear was trembling. "And what are you doing in our house?"

"Your house?" He snorted, his tone indignant, than chuckled, shaking his head slowly. "You're mistaken little whore. This is my home." Slowly he walked towards me, his boots sounding on the tiled floor beneath us. "As for my name, I dont tell it to the likes of sluts like you. It's sir or master." He paused just long enough for me to process what he'd said, then reached for his belt and unclipped a pocket knife, flicking out the blade. "Am I making myself clear?"

I nodded, frozen with fear, unsure what to do. I could hardly run, it was obvious he could easily catch and overpower me and I was afraid what he might do if I did. This was all so crazy, it was making my head spin. Nothing that was happening made any sense and I wondered if, perhaps, that was the point. I must be dreaming, that's the only thing that could explain all this.

"Now be a good slut and strip. Preferably before I get bored." He twirled the blade in his hand for emphasis, as if such a display was necessary. I undid my jacket, pushing it off my shoulders and onto the floor. I worked quickly, not wanting to give him a reason to make use of his knife. I pulled my t-shirt off, feeling him gaze over me with a predatory hunger. I swallowed as I fumbled with my belt, it taking a few attempts to get the buckle undone. The second it was, though, I undid my flies and pushed my tight jeans down along with my underwear. I shivered as I stood naked before him and he licked his lips, looking at me like I was a piece of meat. "Good."

He tossed the crop to one side, stepping closer to me. Like my Trym, he towered over me, though he looked much more intimidating. "Don't you fucking touch him." My Trym snarled from the bed, struggling hard against the restraints that held him.

The Trym before me chuckled, not even bothering to look at him. "You're not in a position to either give me orders or stop me, so shut up whore before I make you. And believe me, I know exactly how to do that." I saw Trym swallow and he bit his lip, not saying anything else in response. "Better. Now, judging from his reaction I assume you know each other." He held the knife up my chin, lifting it up. "Speak."

"He... he's my boyfriend." I replied and then he pressed the blade against my skin, enough to draw blood. The pain, the pain was real. This wasn't a dream, no way. It took a few moments for me to realise why he didit, but as soon as I did I uttered the word he wanted. "Sir."

He nodded and wet his lips, keeping his steady gaze on mine. "How quaint. And what brings you both into my home? Are you so desperate for a master that you trespass into a strangers house without asking?"

"N... no...." I stammered and swallowed, nervous. "Like I said, this is our house but it's... wrong. I don't know why and we didn't mean to come here sir."

He studied my face, as if confirming what I was saying was the truth. "Well, you don't seem to be lying and it matches what he said." He inclined his head to the bed. "However you got here doesn't matter though, all that matters is that you are." He paused, withdrawing the blade from my skin and flicking it closed. "On your knees slut."

I swallowed and obeyed without arguement, sinking to my knees with practiced ease. He opened the nearest drawer and he pocketed the knife, grabbing something out of it. It was a collar, attached to a chain leash. Without a word he buckled it tightly around my throat, licking his lips. "Much better." I groaned as he gave the chain a sharp pull, the action pulling the already tight collar tighter.

He wrapped the chain around a hook on the wall, which had been clearly designed for that purpose, making sure I'd not be going anywhere. Satisfied, he stepped away from me and went towards one of the nearest chests of drawers, opening the second drawer and feeling inside. I swallowed, my mind racing with thoughts of what this... this madman could have in there. Hopefully whatever he was getting was just a sex toy, not a bigger blade or something similar. Thankfully the items he got out seemed to fall into the former rather than the latter as he set them atop the drawers.

They were a pair of cuffs, ball gag and something that looked like a plug. I had to say the sight of such items made me feel relieved, well, as relieved as I could be in this completely fucked up situation.

"Open slut." I nodded, opening my mouth wide, accepting the gag when he forced it in and buckled it in place around my head. "Arms behind you." I did that as well, feeling the cuffs clink around my wrists.

What he did next surprised me a little, he left me and returned to Trym with the plug. I'd figured he was gonna use it on me, especially after using the other items he'd collected on me. I watched, my saliva leaking from around the gag, as got between Trym's legs and I watched as he removed the plug from his ass. It was a fairly decent sized one, though not as big as the one that sir was clearly going to replace it with. "Do you know what this is?" Sir asked, holding it up for us to see. Unlike the first plug it was metal, shaped like a large pear with an end that clearly did something. He pushed it into Trym's ass, not waiting for a reply from him. My lover cried out, arching as best he could off the mattress as the large toy filled him. "This is a pear of anguish, let me show you what it does." He twisted the end slowly and Trym cried out in pain, a sound I was unfamiliar with but had a feeling I'd have to get used to.

Sir gave me a sidelong glance as he spoke, the words clearly for me. " The pear it made of three segments. As I twist the end they open up like a metal flower." He smirked cruelly, his eyes on Trym's ass which was now bleeding a little. "That is what is happening to whore's insides. Don't worry though slut, you'll experience it soon enough though." He stopped his slow twisting, removing his hand from the device, looking Trym over.

"Please... make it stop."

Sir chuckled, shaking his head, his long hair swaying. "Like I said before whore, this is just the beginning. And the pair is your punishment for speaking out of turn about my new slut." He reached to his pocket, pulling out the pocket knife he'd held to my throat. "Now to make sure you don't forget your new name." He shifted to the side of the bed, flicking out the blade as he went.

He bent down over Trym and, although, I couldn't see what he was doing but I could guess. The blade was clearly being used on Trym and he was making more of those sounds of pain. I shuddered, unable to do anything to help him.

After a few moments sir stepped back, approaching me with a dark glint in his eyes as he held up the bloody knife. "Now it's your turn." He gripped my hair with his free hand and then I felt his blade dig into my chest. My eyes squeezed tightly shut as he cut me, deep enough so that whatever he was carving would be clear for all to see. I bit into my gag, the rubber making my sounds of pain muffled even to my own ears.

After a few minutes he released his grip on my hair and removed the blade from me, clearly finished. My eyes opened and I took a deep breath though my nose, relieved that he had stepped back. He licked the blood from the blade, before closing and repocketing it. "There, all done."

Now he was away I could make out what he'd carved into Trym's chest. It was a single word, in jagged letters across his upper chest and it was obvious dispite the blood from the cuts. Whore. I looked down, trying to make out my own, though I had a feeling I could guess what it was already. Although I couldn't make out all of the letters I could see enough to work it out. It was slut.

When I looked back up he was smirking, his hand squeezing his bulge. "Much better." In his other hand was the plug that had been up Trym, which was had a little blood on it. I knew, without him saying where it would go. I braced myself as he went behind me, shoving it into me without any prep at all. I'd have cried out, but the gag muffled the sounds again. His strong hand gripped my shoulder as he forced it down to the base, his strength making it all too easy, although it made me sob from the pain.

Once it was fully seated inside me he was back in my line of sight, with an item in hand. He knelt down before me and I felt his fingers on my dick. To my surprise I was half hard, despite, or perhaps because, of everything that had happened. "Filthy slut." He licked his lips and his fingers traced down to my sac, his hand easily enveloping my balls. I shouldn't have been surprised that he squeezed, a gargling noise escaping my throat as he did so. The intense pain made me go limp and I realised that was exactly why he'd done it. I looked down through teary eyes as he released me and I watched as he fitted my dick and balls into a cage, sealing them in their new metal prison. "There, no more nasty erections for you slut."

And with that he stood and undid his fly, his other hand unbuckling the gag, the rubber bal falling from my lips with a soft, wet plop. He didn't say anything, didn't have to. I did exactly what I knew he wanted. I leaned forward and took his length into my mouth, sucking him just like I did with Trym, doing it just the way he liked and hoping this version would too. I took him fully to the base, paused a few moments while twisting my tongue, then pulled back, dragging my tongue along all the places that made him squirm. All the while I hummed softly around his heated flesh.

"Fuck, Slut." He growled appreciatively above me, his hands gripping my hair but not taking control. "Make me cum slut, show me your skills." I did as asked. Well, rather continued what I was doing and increased my pace, my head bobbing faster and faster.

He snarled above and I heard his breath hitch, a sign that I was all too familiar with. He came, hot and thick on my tongue and down my throat and I swallowed every drop, just like I did with my Trym. He tasted just like him.

Sir pushed my back off him and tucked his cock away, zipping himself back up. "Very good Slut. Here's hoping Whore will manage to do as good as you later." I swallowed, knowing there was no way in hell that Trym could manage to do even half as good a job as I had and I could see him shudder slightly on the bed.

"But for now, I am hungry so I will left you to to contemplate how you will please me." He picked up the gag and shoved it back in my mouth, buckling it in place. He grabbed another and went to the bed, forcing it between Trym's lips and doing the same. "Wouldn't want you two talking out of turn would I?"

And with that, he turned and went, shutting and locking the door behind him. We were well and truly fucked.
Tags: fic, greif/trym, kinkverse, nachtblut, slash
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