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One For The Road

One For The Road
Pairing: Matt Davies-Kreye/Rich Boucher
POV: Rich
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sextimes, some fluffiness
Notes: For a certain very special Welshie, who saw FFAF tonight and needs some cheer. I hope this helps.

Even before we started our last song for the night, Roses For The Dead, I could see Matt was getting upset. He had a lot on this tour, but it was especially so for this song. I was fairly sure it was because it was the last song we'd play together at the venue, some that we'd played at many times before over the years.

Once the song had finished I went over to him and I could see he was teary. I couldn't help it, I wrapped an arm around him and gave his shoulders a squeeze, hoping that would help. He gave me a grateful smile, before saying his goodbyes to the crowd.


One of the advantages of two night gigs was guaranteed hotel room nights. Tonight I'd arranged to be with Matt, since I knew he needed it. As soon as we got to the room he sighed, sitting on the edge of his bed. His eyes were still teary, so I sat beside him, wrapping my arm around him and holding him tight. "Hey it's alright."

"Yeah I know." He smiled weakly as I stroked his hair soothingly. "It's just.."

"Yeah, I get it." I kissed his hair gently, smiling. "Anything I can do to help?"

"Not everything can be solved by your dick." He let out a small laugh, his smile reaching his shining eyes.

"Pfft you know that's not true." I flashed him a grin and shrugged a little. "Besides, I didn't bring up my cock."

He wiped the remaing wetness from his eyes, smiling. "You didn't need to. I know you too well Rich."

"I'm much than just a dick Matt." I paused for effect and his smile widened, which was good enough for me. "I mean it though, anything you want me to do to help you, I'll do it."

"Well, you've made me smile, that's a start." He leaned in and kissed my cheek, stroking my knee. "I just need help taking my mind off things. That's something I know you're good at." He inched his hand up a little, so that his fingers were brushing my thigh. Our eyes met and I leaned in, capturing his lips in a kiss. It was brief, but passionate, and the main reason we ended up parting was to remove one another's clothes.

The various fabrics were soon strewn across the floor of our room, the pair of us standing naked in front of one another. This wasn't the first time we'd done this, far from it, but as we kissed agaiin, our bodies pressing against one another, it felt different somehow. We parted again, breathless, and I ran my fingers down his chest. "How do you want me?"

He smiled, his own fingers tracing over my ink, almost as if memorising the patterns. Usually I didn't ask, I ordered, but this time I let him make the choice. "On my back, legs over your shoulders."

I smiled and nodded, parting from him to get lube from my back. I made sure to take it pretty much everywhere, sometimes even going as far as to keep some in my pocket. You never knew when an opportunity for a good fuck would happen, so it was best to be prepared. If I had a motto, that was it. I returned to him, opening the lube and slicking my fingers up with it along the way.

He smiled at the sight, having gotten into position while I was there. His hands held his cheeks open and I returned the smile, grateful. Not that I didn't like having my hands on his arse, it just made things easier. I pressed my middle finger against his pucker, working the digit inside. I went steadily, but not slow. I could have worked him for ages with my fingers, but we had travelling in the morning so it was best not to. I worked in another finger, then a third, opening him up nicely for my cock. I didn't know when he'd last been fucked, so it was best to give him the full three fingers. After all, I was pretty big, much more so than the others. He was a moaning, writhing mess at that point, breathing heavily on the sheets. "Please..."

The whisper was enough, a sign to show he was ready and I removed my fingers from his needy body. I slathered my cock in lube, then pressed against him, hooking his legs over my shoulders as he wanted. He was watching me intently as I entered him, a low groan leaving his pretty lips. Fuck he felt good. They all did, not just him and it hit me then, just how much I'd miss them all. Miss having them to fuck, to touch, to kiss. I'd been with the others several times on this tour already, even Darran when he joined us in Cardiff, but it hadn't hit me till now and I wasn't sure why.

I swallowed, shrugging it off and trying to return my focus, to enjoy the moment. I gripped Matt's hips thighs and started to fuck him, good and hard, just the way I know he liked. It was enough to rid me of my thoughts and I couldn't help but smirk at the sight of him, head tipped back a little, lips parted, eyelids fluttering as he watched me. "Touch yourself." I practically growled the words, feeling my usual dominance rise up He didn't need telling twice, his hand instantly going to his erection, stroking as fast as he was able. "That's it, so good. Fuck..."

We didn't last too long, post show fucks were never really that long anyway. Usually we'd be riding the high from the gig and that would continue to the sex. Even though that high wasn't obviously present in Matt beforehand, it was still there. And it shown when he came before me, moaning my name, his seed splashing against his chest. Moments let, his squeezing insides sent me over the edge as well and i filled him up, a groan of his own name leaving my lips.

After I pulled out of him, I watched him shifted up the bed, slipping under the covers before joining him, pressing my body against his and wrapping my arms around him. "Thank you." He whispered, his voice soft and a little breathless.

"It's ok." I kissed his neck gently, squeezing him a little tighter. "As long as it helped."

"It did. Really. And so does this." I felt his hand on my arm, squeezing my wrist. I smiled, watching as he flicked the lights off with his other hand. "I hope we'll still be able to do this, you know, after."

"Of course we will." I replied, without hesitation. "Now, get some sleep. We'll need our rest for tomorrow." I felt him yawn, snuggling up against me and I knew he'd be asleep soon. I'd soon follow no doubt. I decided then, with his sleeping form in my arms, that I was going to spend each second date of the tour with him, to help ease his sadness. If I could help, even a little, than it would be something worth doing. I planted a gentle kiss on his hair, then closed my eyes, letting sleep take me.
Tags: fic, funeral for a friend, matt davies-kreye/rich boucher, slash
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