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Pairing: Askeroth/Greif
POV: Greif
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: 16: Onstage
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: I blame a certain Welshie for this, which started because of this pic I was sent. Hope ye likes.

On of the things I loved most about playing with Nachtblut was that I got to see Askeroth's antics up close. Getting topless, eating hearts, covering himself in blood, laying on his back with his legs spread as he sang. He knew exactly what he was doing and the effect it had on the crowds. The fans were screaming at everything here did, their eyes, like mine, following him to see just what he'd do next. I often found myself wondering if the sight of him made them like I was, aching hard (or wet for the female fans out there).

He certainly knew the effect he had on me. He'd sometimes come close and me this look, which was unmistakable as anything else but 'I know I'm giving you a boner'. Smug bastard. It made me want to take the smirk off his face.

Of course such thoughts didn't help with my situation one bit. Before I'd joined the bands I'd not even considered thinking about the thoughts that I know had on a regular basis. Just being around Askeroth had corrupted my thoughts, and that only insified when we'd started fucking.

I watched him, trying to keep my face passive as I watched him growl out the lyrics for our newest song. He was on his back now, his leather-clad legs spread so I could see his crotch and his head was tipped back so his long hair was arrayed around his head. In short, he looked like a fucking slut. One of these days I'd lose it and take him like that, onstage in front of everyone, not giving a fuck that a crowd of people were watching.

One day, but not tonight. That was partly, though, that this was our last song and so it would be better to simply wait the few minutes.

Once the song was finished, he said his last thanks to the crowd and we threw our plectrums out into the crowd, before making our way offstage. As soon as I set my guitar down I spun round to Askeroth, growling and gripping his long hair. "Come on you fucking slut."

Trym chuckled as I pulled Askeroth past them, through the venue towards our bus. I pushed him in front of me whenever we reached doors that blocked our way, growling in his ear to open them, which he always did like a good slut.

The second we were on the bus I growled again, pushing him down to the floor before us. "You're such a fucking whore, parading yourself around like that." I paused before I spoke again, looking him over. The blood on his face and chest was still shiny and wet, though some was starting to dry. The rivulets of deep red across covered the black streaks of make up that he'd applied before going onstage. He had leather gauntlets on each forearm, a series of buckles holding them securely in place. His leather trousers which were worn in places and they were held up by a belt around his waist, though that was hardly necessary to do so. I did a single circuit around his body, not his hair, long enough to reach his ass and his boots, much simpler than my own.

I stopped when I was before him again, threading my fingers through his hair again and yanking his head back so he was looking right at me. His eyes were dark and needy, and I knew without looking that he had an erection. "You know just what to do to get me hard don't you? You filthy slut." I growled, spitting in his bloody face. "You want this don't you?" I reached down with my free hand, palming my own bulge.

"Yes sir." He groaned, wetting his lips with his tongue.

I pulled his hair back tighter, sneering down at him. "Bet you'd take any dick though you filthy slut." He squirmed beneath me and I spat on him again, this time on his chest. "Wouldn't you whore?"

"Yes sir."

I smirked and finally released his hair, stepping away and heading to a bag that was on one of the bunks. It was his and full of various things that we used in situations like this. I hummed softly to myself as I undid it, looking inside.

Most people that saw us would probably have thought that our roles would be reversed. After all, he was the bigger out of the pair of us and certainly looked the part. Indeed, my early thoughts of him were him on top of me, fucking my ass. I was much more innocent than I was now, which shown in how... vanilla my thoughts were back then. Since then, well, I'd gone through a metamorphosis becoming both a top and developing dozens of kinks. Some were thanks to Askeroth, others due to Trym.

I collected a few things from the bag and headed back to where Askeroth knelt in the main area. I set everything across the side table, ready to use as I saw fit. First, I took a chain that was a part of his new stage gear. "Hands behind you." He did as I was told and I wrapped it around his wrists, bringing it up and around his throat, taking care to slip it under his hair. It reminded me how good he looked with something around his neck. I'd have to get him to add a collar to his stage gear.

I did another slow circuit around him, studying him carefully again, just like I did before. I didn't say or do anything, just looked at him passively. Once I was back behind him I ran my fingers over the items I'd selected, slipping one in my pocket. I picked up the nipple clamps which had a chain between them, then headed back to stand back before him. I immediately clamped his right nipple, smirking as he let out a groan as the teeth bit into his sensitive skin. After licking my lips at the sound, I bought the chain up, pulling it through the chain around his throat.

Satisfied, I bought the clamp's chain back down and attached it to his left nipple, hearing him make that sound again. "Better." I nodded to myself, then pulled out the flogger that I pocketed and flicked it through the air to test it. I did another circuit around his prone form, this time lashing the flogger against his skin. It was mostly his arms and chest, due to his arms and hair covered his back. His hair was so sexy being so long, but fuck it made his back such a hard target for stuff like this. Still it was fun to hit the skin I could reach, though his make up and the dried blood meant I couldn't see any marks I made. He did, though, make such pretty sounds, sounds that went to straight to my dick, especially when I hit the chains on his chest, which pulled on his clamps. It wasn't enough to pull them off, but was enough to make him groan like the needy slut he was.

After circling him half a dozen times I stopped in front of him, using the tip of the flogger to lift his bloodied chin to look at me. I spat on his face again, before deciding to speak again. "Now I bet you want my dick."

"Yes sir. Please. I need it." I smirked, slipping the flogger back in my pocket, undoing my flies and pulling out my dick. I figured it was finally time to give him what we both wanted, especially since we were probably limited for time.

I threaded my fingers back through his hair, pulling his head to my aching dick, not that he needed much encouragement to get closer. The slut took my length into his warm, wet mouth, taking me down in one swift movement. A groan left my lips as his lips and tongue worked me over, his head bobbing on my dick. Sometimes I felt he missed his calling, that instead of being in a band he could be in the kinky fetish porn our nation was known for. He certainly had both the look and the skills to become a star in them. The thought of that made be growl, gripping his hair tighter.

I pulled him off my dick with a soft pop, hearing a whimper leave his lips. "Slut." I admonished him, slapping him around the face. "I'm gonna shoot up your ass whore, can't do that if you keep on sucking me off." I pulled him up to his feet, having to stop myself from ordering him to take his trousers off. After all, he couldn't do that with his hands all chained up and I had no inclination to free them right now.

So instead I reached down and unbuckled his belt, pulling it open to gain access to his flies. I deftly popped the button, feeling his bulge beeath as I worked his zipper down. He wasn't wearing underwear the slut. Some of the blood had made it's way below his waistband, and it had matted the dark curls of his pubic hair. Shame his dick wasn't covered in it, I'd have to do something about that sometime. His thick dick would look good all bloody.

I pulled his trousers down to his knees, then turned him roound and pushed him over the table so that his ass was at just the right height for taking dick. I took the other chain that I'd gotten and secured his ankles to the table legs, not that he'd have moved anyway. I grabbed the last thing I'd took from the bag, a tube of lube, which I immediately popped open and spread it across my fingers. With one hand I held his ass open, while I pressed the slick fingers of the others against his pucker. I worked two of them into him my dick aching at the sounds he made at being stretched open. Sometimes I'd spend a good long while working his hole open with my fingers, taking the time to tease him open with my skilled fingers until he was breathless and begging for me to fuck him. Now, however, I was just content with opening him up enough to take my cock.

When I was satisfied he was open enough for me I pulled my fingers out of him and slicked my dick up. "Ready whore?" He nodded with a groan and that was enough for me. I thrust into him, hard, a groan leaving my lips as I filled him up. Another reason he should've done porn, his ass always felt so amazing. I held onto his sides, wasting no time as I started to fuck him, my sharp hips slamming against his fleshy cheeks. The pale skin shown the marks from previous sessions that we'd had together, with the faded welts and bruises more obvious than they were elsewhere. I'd have left fresh marks on him, but I was much too worked up now to stop pounding him enough to pull the flogger out to hit that sweet ass.

My fingers found their way back up to his hair pulling his head back as I fucked him for all I was worth. I'd not last going like this of course, but that was perfectly fine by me. I'd been horny for almost an entire show because of this slut after all. I let out a low growl, fucking him hard and rough, the sounds of skin on skin and moans from us filling the bus.

I didn't bother reaching around for his dick, honestly not giving a fuck if he came or not from this. All that mattered was that I did and I was pretty fucking close. I could practically feel it in my balls. "Askeroth..." I growled out his name as I came filling his ass up. "Fuck..."

I breathed heavily as I rode my orgasm out, releasing my grip on his hair. I pulled out of him. slowly, running my fingers over him. He whimpered, rolling his hips back and I could tell his cock hadn't shot across the table.

"Aww slut hasn't cum? Well maybe one of the others will help you out there." I licked my lips and stepped back, slapping his ass. "Ah look, Trym's already here." I smirked, looking at our bassists who was stood at the top of the bus entrance steps. How long he'd been there I had no idea, but he was palming his crotch so was clearly ready to go. "Maybe he'll help you spill if you're really, really good for him."

I grinned, gesturing for Trym to do just that, taking a seat to enjoy the show that was about to unfold before me.
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