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So What's Your Favourite Colour?

So What's Your Favourite Colour?
Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Jay James (with Darran Smith, Ben Mills, Matt Tuck, Moose, Nobba, Simon Barker, Matt Taylor and Padge)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Watersports, heavy scat
Notes: Based on dream I had with Jay and Calvin drowning in shit (though I didn't end up going the snuff route with this one). Thanks vineshade for helps/encouragements on this, yay!

My boyfriend always had the hottest dreams. When he shared them, I always got a boner and I always endevored to make that dream a reality. Some of the hottest things that we'd done could be traced back to one of his dreams. The threesomes with Padge, double ended dildos, fisting and all kinds of other kinks had come from them.

This one had took some time to set up, due mostly to the logistics of it. For awhle I'd thought it was something we couldn't do, but it had played in my mind for months so I knew I had to at least try.

So here we were, in the main gay fetish bar in Cardiff and I was ready to show him what I'd arranged for us. "Open your eyes babe." I whispered in his ear, waiting for his reaction as his eyes opened.

Before us there was a clear tube, a little over 2 meters wide. It was taller than he was, with a set of stairs leading to the top. On top of it there was a seat with a hole in, above another hole into the tube. It was pretty obvious what the set up was for and I could feel him squirm before me.

"Fuck..." He whispered, voice soft. "It's just like that dream..."

"I know." I smiled, brushing his hair aside and kissing the side of his neck. I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding him close. "You like?"

He took my hand, placing it on his crotch. I could feel the buldge of his erection and grinned. "What do you think?"

I smirked at the feeling, licking my lips. "Mmmm. I love your dick." He chuckled, his body shuddering against me.

"I know." He turned round in my arms, kissing me passionately. I returned it, lapping at his lips and tongue for a few moments until our lips parted, his breath hot and heavy on my face. "I love you." He smiled, looking me in the eyes as he said it. "When can we go in?"

"So eager." I returned his smile, kissing his cheek. "We can go in for the bar's opening tonight." The way his eyes twinkled let me know that's just what he wanted to do, I spoke up again, knowing his next question. "For how long is up to you. A night, a week, until we're smothered in it." I whispered the last part right in his ear and he squirmed, his hips pressing against me.

"I think we'll work up to it." He smiled, leaning in and licking my cheek. "Most definitely." I grinned, stroking his back and squirming at the thought.


An hour before the the bar opened we were back in the back, freshly fucked and ready to go in. The top had been removed and beside the tube stood Darran Smith, my friend who worked here and had arranged all this. He was in his usual attire, all black tight rubber. "Ready to go in?"

"Oh yes." Calvin grinned, heading over to the stairs, the pair of us heading up them to the top. I helped lower him down inside and Darran did the same with me once he was all settled down. We slotted in next to each other, our bare bodies pressing against one another in the tight space.

"All set?" Darran asked from above us.

I looked at Calvin, licking my lips as he nodded. "Yeah, we are."

Darran descended the steps, picking up the tube's top and slipping it back on. He circled around, attaching it to the tube with a series of clips, sealing us inside. "Well, since you're in there..." He smirked and climbed back up, undoing his fly and pushing down his rubber trousers. He squatted on the seat above us and we both looked up, watching eagerly as he started to shit. This wasn't the first time I'd seen a guy shit, far from it. On tour I'd seen the guys do it a few times when bathroom doors went unlocked. With Calvin though shit was a huge fetish of his, so it was introduced to our relationship early on. And fuck it was hot, hotter than I would've expected. Seeing his chest piece smeared with shit was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen.

I licked my lips as we looked up, watching as the first log pushed it's way out from between Darran's pale cheeks. It was warm brown and quite big, taking a few moments of him grunting before it fell towards us. It landed on Calvin's chest, leaving a slight smear on the way down. He smiled, picking it up and rubbing it across my cheek and throat. I squirmed, the scent filling my senses, making me groan.

As he did that I felt another shit from above land on me. Fuck it felt so warm in my hand. I licked my lips, rubbing it across Calvin's inked chest, leaning in and kissing him. His hands were all over me, rubbing Darran's warm soft shit over me.

"So hot..." I heard him, breaking the kiss with Calvin to look at him, only then realising that he'd actually got down from the seat above us and was now right outside the tube. "I'll send the guys in." He flashed us a grin, heading towards the door. "Have fun."

I licked my lips, rubbing the last of the shit in my hands over Calvin's cheek, kissing him again. It was hot and wet, his hands rubbing the last of his handful of shit over my upper back, across my own tattoo.

We broke the kiss again when we heard the door opening and we both looked yup. All of our bandmates were there, both Matt's, Padge, Moose, Barks, Nobba and Ben and they were alll looking right at us. "Well, the dirty sluts finally did it." Tuck grinned, stepping closer and peering through the tube at us. Of course he'd be the one to comment first.

He wasn't the first one to come up though. That was Ben, who was making his way up the stairs already. "You know you little twats, we could have spent all those tours shitting and pissing over you."

"Yeah, we gotta make up for lost time." Nobba, one of Calvin's other bandmates, spoke up. They were right of course. Out of the seven of them only Padge knew about our fetish before now and he'd been very eager to participate with us. I'd asked him to get the others to see if they'd wanteed to join in today but I'd not expected them all to turn up, despite hoping it.

Above us, Ben was undoing his flies and pushing his jeans down, taking his place on the seat. I inhaled the scent as he started to shit. It was very different from Darran's, much lighter and coming down in small clumps. We collected what we could, bringing it to up to our lips, parting them and devouring it. The earthy taste flooded my senses as I swallowed it down, licking my lips between mouthfuls, watching Calvin do the same with his handful. "Fuck they're eating it." Moose groaned, his voice awed.

I saw that Ben had leaned forward, looking down at us and letting out a moan. "Fuck, fithy little shit sluts. Better give you something to really sink your teeth into." I heard him strain as he sat back and we watched as he pushed out a nice thick shit to follow up the rest. Calvin was the one to grab it, biting a big chunk out of it before letting me do the same, smearing the rest of it across my face as I chewed and swallowed it down. Calvin's throat looked so pretty as it swallowed, the adam's apple bobbing beneath his ink.

"Fuck sluts..." I heard Ben utter from above, though he was making his way down his stairs now. "Who needs to go next?"

Matt, Bullet's one, shoved him out the way and headed up the stairs, undoing his flies on the way. He took his place and his familiar arse filled our view and he started to shit. I guessesed they'd all took laxatives or something so they were ready for us together. Tuck's shit was dark and came down in thin lengths, which landed mostly on our hair and down our backs. We groaned and kissed one another, my hands finding Calvin's hair and rubbing the shit there into it.

The rest of tuck's shit landed mostly in our hair and Calvin's fingers returned the favour, smearing it through my locks and down the back of my neck. "Filthy fuckers." I could hear the sneer in Tuck's voice, knowing from where it was coming from that he'd finished.

Next came Moose, and I could sight of him kissing Tuck before making his way up and sitting down. Unlike the others though he didn't start by shitting, instead he doused us with his hot piss. I moaned, the piss soaking through my hair, Calvin's too. Fuck he looked so hot like that, hair soaked in piss and stained with shit. I couldn't help but kiss him again, tasting some of the piss that has spilled down to his lips as I did.

"Fucking hot..." Someone spoke from outside the tube, but I didn't catch who, too focussed on making out with Calvin to care.

Moose chuckled above us and I felt the stream subside. "Filthy little lovebirds, now get ready for my main load." We seperated from one another just before Moose shit logs hit us. Fuck, they all came done at once, landing between our legs. I managed to grab the biggest one, bringing it up between us. and we each bit a chunk from it's shaft. I groaned at the taste and Calvin took some of the soft length from me, smearing it over my face. I flashed him a grin, doing the same, moaning at the sight of him. Fuck he looked even more beautiful like this. I could feel my already hard dick ache at the sight of him. "Yeah, you sluts love my shit don't you?"

We both looked up to Moose, smiles on our shitty faces. He'd stood now and was looking down at us, smirking. "Fuck yeah, we love it! We need more shit!" I groaned and nodded, sharing my love's sentiments, leaning forward to lick some from his chin.

Moose chuckled and moaned, moving down to let one of the others take his place. "Such filthy whores. Don't worry, there's still four of us to go and then there's gonna be a whole bar full of people giving you what you want you dirty fucks." He grinned at us when we moaned and then went out of sight, probably to Matt.

Next to take the seat was one of Calvin's bandmates, Nobba. I didn't know him very well. Truth be told I didn't really know any of them too well, apart from Barker. "Jerk off with my shit." Nobba growled before taking the seat, starting to shit almost right away. We let it fall between us, landing next to Moose's logs between our legs and we both gathered it up, spreading it over our respective dicks and starting to jerk off. Fuck I loved the the feeling of soft, warm shit around my dick. I stroked my dick firmly, inhaling the scent of our bandmates shit. To most people it would've smelt disgusting but to us it was just a huge turn on. I kept stroking, moaning as Nobba unleashed a torrent of piss over us, the hot fluid dripping down our bodies to pool beneath us.

I groaned, thrusting into my hand, tipping my head back into the flow. My lips parted and I swallowed down some of the golden fluid, though it soon subsided. Nobba soon and his felllow bandmate was already there to take over. I moaned as The Smoking Hearts' Matt sat and shit on us. I wasn't as focussed on that as the others before him though as I stroked myself. I felt it land on me, and heard Calvin's breath catch. Fuck that meant he was close too.

I let out a low groan, watching him through half lidded eyes as he stroked his shitty cock. His dick looked so pretty, streaked with different shades of shit. His hips jerked up and he came, shooting across his shit stained inked chest.

"Fuck..." I breathed, feeling another load land on me as I stroked myself faster. Was it more from Matt or someoe else? I wasn't sure and right this second, I couldn't care less. I saw Calvin scoop up his cum, smearing it across his lips and then we kissed again. That was all I needed. I came over us as his tongue slipped in my mouth, twisting around my own. I could taste his cum, mixed with shit and piss from whoever was above us now and it all made for an amazing as fuck orgasm.

We kissed lazily for a few moments, parting when the streaam stopped and I looked up to see who it was. Barks. That left Padge.

"That was so fucking hot..." I heard one of the others whisper, awed from the sight of us. I smiled, at no one in particular, catching sight of the guys that were arouund us, watching intent. Some of them were jerking off and Matt was passing a glass around, which was half full of cum. I groan, my mouth watering a little at the thought of down it, though I suspected we'd not get it due to our position.

I glanced up as Padge took the seat, his famailiar hairy arse filling or view. "So fucking glad I got the other guys to do this too you. You look so fucking hot you filthy sluts." I nodded, though I knew he couldn't see but that didn't matter at all. I licked my wet lips, watching as the last of out bandmates shit for us, low grunts leaving his lips. Padge's shit was huge, like the previous ones of his we'd experienced when we weree with him. It slid out from between his cheeks, hanging down before it fell heavily towards us.I caught it, inhaling it's scent and, like others before, we each took a bite from it's thick length, chewing and swallowing it down. Fuck he tasted so good, like he always did, even better than the rest. I took another bit, then smoother the rest of it across my chest, over my fresh cum.

"That's it, it suits you both. " He was standing now, looking down at us, a grin on his face. "Hand us the glass mate." I watched as Nobba past the glass up, which now had a noticeably higher amount of cum than before I'd last saw it. Padge held it to his dick, sighing as he let go, adding his piss to the mix.

It filled the glass up nicely and when he was done he passed the glass down to us through the whole. "Here, drink up our special cocktail." He grinned at us as I took it, swirling it around, marvelling at how pretty it looked, the contrast between the golden fluid and pearly cum looking so amazing. I downed my half of it's contents in one go, then handed it to Calvin for him to swallow it down. Fuck it tasted so good, we'd have to have it again. Padge was still grinning as Calvin handed the glass back. "I think the sluts have a new favourite drink."

Well he wasn't wrong.

"Have fun sluts. See you tomorrow." I kissed Calvin again, hearing our bandmates head to out, knowing that soon they'd be replaced by the bars various patrons who would be just as eager to use us. The thought made me squirm as Calvin ran his hands over my dirty body. I couldn't wait.

As soon as they went Calvin looked me in the eyes and smiled, licking my lips. "I love you even more for this."

"I love you too." I grinned, our lips meeting once more as we shared a heated, passionate kiss.
Tags: ben mills, bullet for my valentine, calvin roffey/jay james, fic, matt taylor, matt tuck, moose, nobba, padge, simon barker, slash, the smoking hearts
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