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Kalt Wie Grab

Kalt Wie Grab
Pairing: Askeroth/Greif/Skoll/Trym/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Askeroth
Warnings: Snuff, necrophilia
Prompt: 24: First time
Notes: Inspired by the newest Nachtblut video. And I totally blame a certain person for this. You know who you are you awesome welshie.

"We should do something to celebrate the end of the tour." Trym said, leaning forward slightly toward the rest of us. The tour was almost over, with just a few dates left. We usually did some form of debauchery to celebrate it, though it was never really something we planned. "And I have just the thing." Trym smirked and leaned back, downing the rest of his beer, not caring to elaborate what exactly that thing was.

"Alright." I replied and nodded, knowing there'd be no point in asking what he had in mind. He was more than capable of keeping such things secret when it suited him. "We'll leave the arrangements in your capable hands, whatever they may be."


"Guy or girl?" It was the day of the last gig of the tour and Trym hadn't mentoned anything about what he'd got in mind. Well, I assumed that's what the question was about anyway.

"Guy." I replied simply, raising an eyebrow at hm in an unspoken question for more details.

He just smiled and walked away.


The gig went well, extremely well in fact. The crowd was full of energy, which we fed off onstage. They went wild when I grabbed the heart from offstage, somethiing that had now become a regular part of our set. I'd bit into and devoured the flesh, coving my bare chest in blood as I growled out our lyrics.

Now we were offstage, heading towards the exit of the venue, to whatever Trym had planned for us. I wasn't sure what to expect as he hadn't given any hints as to what he had in mind. I'd asked the others as well earlier, but they hadn't any more of a clue than I had. The only thing we were sure of was that the anticipation was killing us.

"So, where is it we're going for this thing you have planned?" Greif asked one of the many questions we all shared when we met him outside, Trym having headed straight out while the rest of us collected what we'd left in the dressing room.

Trym smirked, his tongue darting out across his lips. "For a drive." He opened the door to the rear of the venue, leading us to where he'd parked his car. "Get in." He said to us simply after unlocking it and we all piled inside. I got in the front beside Trym, while Skoll and Greif got in behind us.

The moment we strapped ourselves in Trym started up, driving us away towards his mysterious location. The radio started up, playing music that was much like ours only in a language I couldn't quite grasp from the growls. I licked my lips, settling back and watching as the buildings passed us by as we headed out of town.

After awhile the buildings became smaller, then fewer and then we were in the woods. Trym took us off the main road, finally stopping somewhere among the trees. the music stopped and I turned to face him, raising an eyebrow. I was pretty sure my expression clearly said 'so this is your idea of an end of tour celebration, bringing us out into the woods?' He smirked and got undid his seatbelt, reaching for the door.

"Come on, you'll see." He got out and, curiosity clearly getting the better of us, we did as well "You see it's not where we came to, but what we bought with us." Again I raised an eyebrow and he circled around the car to the back, waiting for us to join him before popping open the trunk.

Inside there was a man, bound and gagged. He had brown hair in a mass of curls that hung past his shoulders and he was nice and well rounded. He wore a band t-shirt, one of ours, and a pair of jeans. A fan it seemed, from the gig we'd came from. His eyes were wide and dark as he looked up at us. He didn't look scared, more incredibly turned on.

"Well, what do you think?" Trym asked, looking over at us as and licking his lips. He was studying us, probably had since the reveal of the man, clearly eager to see what we thought.

"Mmm he's hot." Skoll replied first, licking him lips. Beside him Greif nodded in agreement, not saying anything but it was clear what he thought.

"Yeah he is." I grinned, my eyes roaming over him again. "What did you have in mind?"

Trym's smirk made it clear that what we were all thinking was going to be part of it, that we were all going to fuck him, but I also got the sense he had another idea for him as well. Why else bring us all the way out here?

Trym reached in and helped him up to his feet. "Does he have a name?" Skoll asked, looking over the mystery man from behind.

"Virta." Trym spoke up, pushing the other man away from the car towards the trees. The rest of us followed as he lead us a little way away from the car, towards a small clearing. Clearly he'd scouted this place out at some time beforehand. Once he'd pulled the man into the middle of the dark clearing he undid the bonds and pulled out the gag. "Strip." Trym told him simply as the rest of us watched.

Virta nodded, eyes wide with disbelief, lips wet from the gag as he started to pull his t-shirt off. "Wow I can't believe this..." He whispered clearly awed, his voice deeper than I'd have expected.

"Hush." Trym said, licking his lips as his pale skin became exposed. "You will speak when spoken to." Virta nodded, dropping his t-shirt to the floor where it landed on the leaves that covered the ground. "Have you been fucked before Virta?"

Virta swallowed, his cheeks flushing a little and he nodded. "Ye... yeah." He reached down and undid his fly, his eyes going between the four of us, though I noticed him giving me the most attention.

"You thought about this a lot huh? The four of us pounding into you." Trym licked his lips again as he spoke and Virta nodded, pushing his jeans down his legs. "Slut." Trym stepped towards me, reaching over and cupping my dick. "Especially this, Askeroth's great big cock fucking you."

Virta swallowed noticeably and nodded, eyes on my crotch. The pretty slut was practically drooling. Between the sight of him and Trym's hand squeezing me I was as hard as a rock. Virta squirmed before us, pushing his boxers down to reveal his stiff dick. I smirked, watching him step out of them and his jeans, kicking them aside so all that was left on him was his shoes.

"Perfect." Trym purred, looking him over the same way that we all did. "Skoll, how about you prep him?" Trym reached into his pocket and pulled out a tube of lube, tossing it to our drummer who caught it despite the darkness. He flashed him a grin and immediately got to work, slicking his digits up and moving behind Virta.

"What have you got in mind Trym?" I asked him in a low voice, taking advantage of how Virta now had a finger inside him to distract him from hearing the answer to the question. "It's clearly more than just fucking."

The look on Trym's face made my dick ache. He gave this dark little smirk and leaned in again, whispering softly in my ear. "Let's just put it like this. Five of us came here. Four will leave." I shivered at the implication. We had discussed this before, over late night drinks on the road between gigs, but I never thought we'd actually go through with it. Of course Trym would be the one that initated it.

"So who gets the honors?" I asked, keeping my eyes on Virta as he was stretched open for his final fuck, well while alive anyway.

"You." I shivered again at the simple, single word. I'd expected him to want to do it since this was his idea. "I want to see you choke the life out of that pretty slut which you fuck his sweet asshole."

"Fuck..." I whispered, swallowing, my dick aching. "Who goes first?"

Trym smirked darkly, licking his lips. "You." He grinned and squeezed my crotch again, before moving his hand, his eyes on them. "Alright Skoll, that should do it. Askeroth's going first." Virta's eyes, already dark from lust, went wide. His lips were shining and I'm sure he whispered something under his breath, probably not believing this was happening.

I pushed my jacket off my shoulders to reveal my bare chest, which was still stained with blood from the show. I undid my fly, pulling out my throbing erection, crossing the rest of the way over to him. Skoll had moved back now, his slick fingers out of Virta's body now, so I was free to do what I wanted to him. Smirking, I pushed him back so he fell back onto the leaves that covered the ground and then climbed atop him, guiding my dick between his plump cheeks, pushing into him.

He moaned, looking up at me, still looking disbelieving that this was happening. It was cute really. Fuck his ass felt amazing around my cock and I knew it would only get better. "Touch yourself." He nodded, his pretty curls boucing as he did, reaching between his legs and stroking himself. I licked my lips as I started to fuck him, noticing how nice his hands were as he jerked off. My own hands roamed over the pale skin of his chest, feeling the heat of his body. Heat that would, so very soon, be gone. That thought alone maade me hammer into him harder his head tipping back in pleasure, his eyes lidding.

His throat looked so pretty all exposed like that and I had to restrain myself from grabbing it already. I slammed into him, noticing, just out of the corner of my eye, how the others were close, watching with their dicks out, stroking slowly to the sight of me fucking him. This wasn't my first time fucking before them, so I'd got used to them doing that and I knew they held back to make sure they didn't cum before their turn.

I ran my fingers up through his soft curls, wrapping my hands around his throat. He groaned and I felt his hand between his legs move faster and I'd have chuckled if it wasn't so hot. I growled the feeling of his fist thumping against me turning me on further. I flexed my fingers around his throat, squeezing tighter but not enough to end him yet. He gasped and arched beneath me, his eyes on mine.

I smirked, thrusting into him harder, feeling his hand going non-stop on his dick. He groaned, hips jerking up and I felt him spill over me. His last orgasm. The thought alone made me moan and I tightened my grip on him, pressing my fingers into his windpipe as I choked him. It took him a few moments to realise what was actually happening, probably due to him just cuming, but when he finally did he reached up, trying to claw my hands from his throat. He was trying to beg, but the words came out as nothing more than stuttering gasps. His pretty eyes were bugging out now and fuck, I had to restrain the urge to just press my fingers into them. He tried to push me away, but he was no match for me, especially now. He was gasping for breath, his lips turning blue and I knew, knew he wasn't going to last. "Goodbye Virta, you're a great fuck."

I wasn't sure if he heard me, but his hands had fell from me, his body giving up. Moments later he went still below me, the only movements of his body now coming from my thrusts, which didn't last. I came deep inside him soon after the light left his eyes.

I released his throat, panting softly as I eased out of him, his body limp beneath me. Fuck I did that, I caused that. The guys were looking at me in a mix of shock and awe, which meant Trym hadn't shared his plan with either of them while I was fucking Virta.

"Who wants to go next?" Trym asked, the smirk firmly on his lips as he spoke to the others. I stepped aside and zipped myself up, surprised to see that it was Greif that was the one to step up, going between Virta's legs and pushing into him.

I made my way over to Trym, leaning up against one of the trees at the edge of the clearing we occupied. "There's a cooler with beer in the car if you want one."

"Not yet." I replied, shaking my head. "I wouldn't want to miss anything."

Trym chuckled, still stroking himself steadily at the scene before him. "I had to stop myself from shooting when you killed him." He spoke, his tone conversational, as if he was discussing something much more mundane than how I'd just choked a fan to death in the middle of the woods. "That was so hot."

I smiled, licking my lips, reaching into my pocket and pulling out a cigarette and lighter. "I'm glad you approved." I replied, lighting it up and taking a long drag, letting the smoke fill the air before us on the exhale. Before us Grief was fucking Virta's body steadily, holding his legs up against him for better leverage.

"What do you plan on doing with him once we're finished?" I nodded to Virta's body, whose head had now rolled to the side, his dead eyes staring at me. If I hadn't just cum...

"I have ideas." He shrugged, glancing at my sidelong so he didn't miss anything. "We could cut him open, make new holes to fuck. Carve him up. Eat him. Or just leave him hear to rot, fucking him as he decomposes." I groaned softly and he smirked. "Or some combination of them. But I think..." He licked his lips as Greif came with a gasp, pulling out and gesturing for Skoll to take is place. "I think that should be a group decision, not mine alone."

I nodded in agreement, taking another drag. "Good idea."

"Mmm..." He replied, watching as Skoll pounded Virta's corpse like a fucking animal. "But I'll leave that till after I've had my way with our fresh corpse."

I bite back a groan and he chuckled, clearly noticing my reaction. He stepped away from me, closer to the action, clearly so he'd get his turn as soon as Skoll was done. Greif took his place though, wordlessly watching them both. I could, just about, hear how breathless he was from the fuck.

As Skoll let out an animalistic series of groans I licked my lips, eager to see how the rest of the night would unfold. No matter how it went though I knew one thing was certain and that was that Virta wouldn't be the last. Oh no, he was just our first. Maybe next time Trym would do the honors.

I smirked at the thought, watching him thrust into Virta's body. Oh yes, that certainly would be fun to see.
Tags: 35 fics, askeroth/virta, fic, finntroll, greif/virta, nachtblut, skoll/virta, slash, trym/virta
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