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Matt Tuck God Of Fuck Part 2

Matt Tuck God Of Fuck
Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: BDSM, watersports, fisting
Notes: I blame Axerilis fully for this. Fully I say!
Notes for part 2: Ok so this took a bit of a departure from the original idea cause I lost the notes and twitter ate the original convo sooo. Thanks for vineshade for helps with this. The dildo used on Calvin is meant to be this one which I love.
Part 1
Part 2

I licked my lips as I finished the last of my second beer, glancing down at the two sluts before us. Both had ash in their hair and cigarette burns on their arms from where we'd extinguished them. The sluts always looked pretty with marks, the more the better.The thought made my dick twitch.

Time, then, for some more fun with them.

"Well cunts, I think it's time for you to have a drink." I leaned forward on my seat, gripping Jay's hair and pulling him to my dick. The slut got the message, engulfing my dick in his warm, wet mouth. I took a breath and my spray started, filling his mouth with piss. I let out a soft sigh of relief, smiling as I saw that Moose was doing the same to Calvin, a hand fisted in his jet black locks. His inked throat looked so pretty swallowing everything Moose had to give him.

My fingers tightened in Jay's hair, pulling him back off me so that the last drops hit him in the face. "Padge, you need to go?"

"Nah not yet man." He smiled, finishing the last of his beer, running a hand over his stomach.

I nodded in ackowledgement, pushing Jay back as I stood from my throne. I made my way across the room, towards one of the chests that hugged the walls. Each were filled with a variety of toys and gear of all kinds. This one, a large wooden one constructed of dark brown panels, contained restraints. I lifted the lid and rummaged inside for the first things I wanted, a pair of matching blindfolds. I tossed one to Moose, the other to Padge, not having to tell them what to do with them. They each took a slut and secured the blindfolds around their heads.

I smirked, feeling through the restraints for what I wanted to use on them. There were two, sometimes three sets of everything to secure them as we wanted. I pulled out a a spreader bar, which had additional restraints for wrists and handed it over to Moose.

I felt inside, running my hands over the various items of metal and leather. I pulled out a coil of rope, licking my lips. Yes, this would do. I closed the chest, carrying it over to them, smirking as Moose locked Jay's ankles and wrists to the bar. It meant the sluts face was pressed to the floor, his bottle filled arse sticking out. into the air. Perfect position for a slut like him.

I manhandled Calvin into the position I wanted, pulling him up so he was on his knees, with his arms behind him. "Stay still little whore." I growled in his ear, though I knew I didn't need to say it. I pulled the bottle out of his arse, rolling it aside without a care. I uncoiled the rope, then tied his wrists together, the purple of the rope a nice contrast to his dark tattoos and pale skin. I wrapped them round his arms a few extra times, before I pulled it down to his ankles, doing the same to them.

Satisfied they were tight enough I trailed the rope up his legs, wrapping it around his chest a few times. I'd seen people that had done complex rope bondage but I didn't have the inclination to try that now, as nice as it'd look done over his chest piece.

I finished wrapping him up, tying the rope off behind him and licking my lips at his handiwork. Perfect.

With both sluts now secured now it was time for us to have some fun. I licked my lips, palming my erection. I leaned in to Moose, whispering in his ear so the sluts couldn't hear. "How about you do what you've wanted to Jay." He smirked and licked his lips as he nodded, moving aside to grab some lube. I grinned and stepped back, heading to get something for the other slut, I wanted to marr his pale skin some more.

I hummed to myself, grabbing the handle of one of the larger floggers from the wall before stalking back over to Calvin. I noticed that Moose was now behind Jay, working three fingers into his already used opening. I smirked, bringing the flogger down on Calvin's uninked arm. He yelped in surprise and I responded by hitting him harder. "Quiet slut! And don't you fucking move!" I circled him, raining blows all over his body. His arms, legs, back, ass, chest, even his caged cock, wherever I could get. I aimed especially for areas of skin that weren't covered in ink, where the marks would show. He was, after all a slut and sluts should be marked as such.

Not that I knew how much of a slut he was when he wasn't around us though. Did he suck of his band? Did he ride the cocks of other bands he toured with? I'd have to ask after this session at some point and, if he didn't then I'd certainly have to get him to do so.

I stopped for a few moments, though kept circling him to give him a few moments rest. Moose now had his whole first up Jay's arse, the little slut moaning like a whore as Moose twisted his wrist. That was something I knew he'd wanted to do for awhile and I had to admit, it was pretty hot.

Padge was watching, eyes dark with lust but looking not sure what to do with himself. I beckoned him over with my free hand. As he did, I struck Calvin a few more times, licking my lips as I noticed how there were red marks on his body from the blows already. I stopped again and shifted so that I was behind Padge, pressing my body against his. I leaned in, whispering in his ear. "I know what you want." I pressed my erection against him, bringing the flogger back down on Calvin's skin. "You want to be just like them."

Padge was often drunk and it was during one of those times that he'd made his confession: that he wanted to be a slut. I wasn't sure if he remembered telling me or not, I'd not discussed it with him afterwards, instead filing it away for later. Now was later and I smirked at how his eyes widened.

"You want to be a dirty degenerate whore, just like them." I saw him swallow and grinned, hitting Calvin's back. "Say it."

I watched his adam's apple bob as he swallowed again. This was his chance. He could say no and i'd leave it at that, getting him to get something to use on one of the prone whores before us. Instead he let out a small whimper and whispered. "I want to be a whore."

"Beg." I replied, with a smirk, running my free hand down his side, giving his arse a squeeze.

He let out a breathy whimper, a sound that made my dick twitch against him. "Please sir. I want to be a dirty little slut. Please, I want your cock pounding into me. Please..."

Ah his begging was so sweet. "Alright slut." I let a smile play on my lips, biting the shoulder of my new slut. "Now, get rid of this." I gripped his dick, giving it a squeeze. "Over this." I hit Calvin's arms hard with the flogger, smirking at how he bit his lip to keep quiet.

Padge nodded, reaching down to start stroking himself. I licked my lips, resuming my circling and flogging Calvin. I couldn't help but think how good Padge's thick dick would look all caged up like the others. Soon he would be, once he'd spilled.

I decided to stop with the flogging, glancing over at Moose. He now had his a little more than his hand up Jay and he was grinning, twisting his wrist inside him. "Hey Moose, fancy this?" I held up the flogger and he looked at it for a moment before nodding.

"Sure man, thanks." He replied with a smile and I crossed the distance to him, handing it over. The sounds of it hitting skin filled the air again and I couldn't help but grin at that. I returned to the chests, humming softly to myself. I got out a fresh cock cage, and then had a look for something to use on Calvin while I had my fun with the new slut.

I ran my fingers over a few things, humming to myself. I settled on something nice and simple, a seven inch dildo. It was flesh coloured with sores and scars over it's rubber surface, which was why I'd gotten it. I grabbed the lube, squirting it over the rubber so it was ready to slide right into him.

I headed back to them, smirking at how Padge looked. His head was tipped back a little, hs eyes half-lidded and his lips were parted. All those things were a sure sign he was close. I settled the cage and dildo down beside Calvin, content to just watch. Padge kept stroking himself, his movements going a llittle faster. I licked my lips, moving behind him and whispering in his ear. "Come on my new slut, cum for the last time today. Then I can get to fucking that sweet arse of yours." He moaned, the words enough for him and he came across Calvin's inked throat. So hot. "Good boy." I purred in his ear, stroking down his side before parting from him.

I decided to give him a few moments to recover, so grabbed the dildo and got behind Calvin, positioning it at his already stretched opening. Without bothering to warn the slut I pushed it into him, hearing a low groan escape his lips. "Shh slut, you should be used to beng filled by now." I chuckled and seated it wthin him fully, stepping away and grabbing the cage.

Padge was nice and soft now, his dick a little slick with sweat and a few drops of cum. "Now to lock you away." I smiled and forced his dick into the cage, locking it up securely. He was bigger than Jay and Calvin so the fit was a little tighter, but that just turned me on further.

"What's going on?" Moose asked from his position behind Jay. He'd stopped flogging and fisting him so he'd finally looked over to us properly. From my position I could see Jay's hole, made nice and stretched open wide by his fist, something Moose had wanted to do for awhile now.

"Got a new slut." I nodded to Padge, smirking. "Gonna fuck him now."

Moose raised an eyebrow, but returned my smirk. "Cool. Always thought he had a fuckable arse."

I nodded, watching spread some more lube over his hand and arm. Seems he wasn't quite done with fisting Jay just yet. I'd have to make sure to angle Padge so I could watch.

Speaking of, I returned my attention at our guitarist licking my lips. "See, Moose wants a piece of you as well." His cheeks flushed a little and I couldn't help but smirk. He'd not be so coy once we were through with him. "Now be a good whore and get your hole open for me."

"Yes sir..." He nodded, grabbing the nearest bottle of lube and slicking his thick fingers up. I returned to me and reached back behind himself, pushing a finger into himself, a groan leaving his throat. Had he done this before? I couldn't help but wonder as I watched him, replacing one finger with two. I absently stroked my cock, watching my new slut finger himself. Two were replaced with three and I gave him a few moments, listening to the pretty moans he made.

"Alright, enough slut. Get on your hands and knees, facing them." I nodded in Moose's direction, his hand now back inside Jay.

"Yes sir." He replied, sinking down and getting into position, parting his legs for me.

"Good boy." I got between his legs, lining myself up with his opening. I decided to go fairly easy on him,pressing into him slightly slower than I would with the other whores. As I did my eyeline was filled with the sight of Moose pressing his arm further into Jay. The dirty little slut was moaning as he took it. I think Moose's fixation with fisting Jay could be blamed squarely on a German porn he'd watched, where a guy in a black leather outfit had most of his arm up another that wore nothing but a pvc corset. The image had stuck in his mind ever since.

I gribbed Padge's thighs, starting to fuck him good and hard, loving the moans that left his lips. "Yeah that's it, take it slut. You're gonna get used to this." I slammed into him, digging my nails into his skin. "How long have you wanted this huh slut? My cock balls deep inside you."

He groaned and I stilled, just for a few moments, enough for him to form an answer. "Years sir. Ever since we started fucking Jay." I smirked, thrusting into him. "Ugh fuckk..."

"You wanted to be him didn't you? Fucked and used, covered in our cum, our piss." I thrust into him on every other word, groans tearing from his throat. He was nodding wildly, his hair going everywhere. "Well, I think I'll have to find a way to punish you slut, for keeping it all bottled up for this long. Gotta make up for all the times we could've been fucking this hole."

"Ye...yes sir. Do anything, everything. Please..." I chuckled at his eagerness, a little breathless from how he felt around me. I considered shooting my seed deep inside him, but instead pulled out, stalking around him.

"You don't get to have my cum up your arse yet. Suck it." He nodded and leaned forward, parting his lips and taking me down. Unlike the other sluts I let him set the pace, not sure how experienced he was, although his inexperience showed pretty much right away. He only took half of me down and was sloppy, but it'd do to get me off for now. We'd have to train him up pretty soon though.

I threaded my fingers through his long locks, pulling his head away from me. His lips left me with a soft pop and I gave myself a swift stroke with my right hand, which was enough to get me to spill across his face. He didn't deserve my cum down his throat either yet.

"There slut, you've got your wish." I smiled and spat on him, bore leaning down, whispering in his ear. "Now like those other whores I own you. Now bow, because I'm your god."

"Yes sir." He nodded, his cum stained cheeks flushed as he bowed as best he could.

I headed back to my throne, sitting down in it to watch the scene before me. Calvin, still on his knees, bound and blindfolded, the dildo still firmly buried between his cheeks.

Jay, groaning, his stretched arse now filled with Moose's cock as he fucked him like a demon.

And Padge, his eyes on me, my pearly cum shiny on his pretty face.

If I'd not just cum I'd be hard just from the sight of them. It was good to be a god to so many dirty little sluts. "Come here slut." I beckoned to Padge, watching him crawl over towards me. Best get his training started. We had a lot of time to make up for after all.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, calvin roffey, fic, jay james, jay james/moose, matt tuck, matt tuck/padge, moose, padge, slash
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