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I Make These High Heels Work

I Make These High Heels Work
Pairing: Jay Hutton/Sketch
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Crossdressing
Notes: This is for the very awesome imyournobody who is a: awesome and b: got me into Tattoo Fixers and these two hotties. After watching just two eps I've ended up ficcing them and it's all her fault! <3

I hummed softly to myself, wondering exactly what Sketch was doing. He'd said he wanted to show me something and then disappeared into the back. I reclined back on the sofa, glancing at the doorway every so often as I waited for him. "Come on man, what're you doing?"

"Just a minute, I'm almost done!" He called back in response, leaving me still clueleess as to what he was up to. It could be anything really knowing him. It could be a new design, something new for the shop's decor or something completely random.

"Ok, close your eyes, I'm coming." I smiled and did as he asked, waiting as I heard footsteps as he entered the room again. "Ok, you can open them."

I opened my eyes, blinking at the sight before me. Sketch was, fuck. He was wearing a dress. It was deep purple, sleeveless and stopped just above his knees. He wore black fishnets, which ended at high heeled shoes. I swallowed, my eyes trailing up his body to his face. His lips were dark, his eyes surrounded by pale blue eye shadow and eyeliner. "Fuck Sketch... You look... wow."

"Glad you think so." He grinned and did a small twirl. "Don't worry, I haven't done any of that stuff with my balls."

"Thank fuck for that!" I returned his grin, still drinking in the unbelievable sight of him. He was so beautiful, even moreso like this. I shifted slightly, reaching down to adjust myself. "You really do look amazing."

"Thanks." He smiled, swaying his hips slightly and, fuck, I just wanted to get my hands all over him. I decided that I had to do just that, so I got up and kissed him, running my hands down his sides. He parted his lips, pressing his body up against mine, his fingers tracing over my back. His lips tasted sweet, like some sort of fruit, which made me wonder if he'd worn some sort of lip balm as well as his lip stick.

He broke from my lips and purred, looking right into my eyes as he whispered. "I've been a bad girl." A groan left my lips, the words going straight to my cock. He leaned in to me, whispering softly in my ear. "I'm such a naughty girl and I want this." His hand reached down between my legs to cup my crotch, giving my clothed erection a squeeze. I let out a low groan, feeling him slowly undo my zipper.

"You're such a dirty little slut." I reached down, squeezing his arse through the dress. "Why don't you put that dirty mouth of yours to work?"

He grinned and sank to his knees just as easily as when he usually did. He must've practised doing this in heels, which was certainly a hot thing to picture. Amusing too if he tripped the first few times. Now, though, his fingers were busy opening my jeans up and pushing my boxers down, freeing my erection. He licked his dark lips, eyes on my dick before he glanced up at me, his eyes looking so pretty all made up like that.

"Well what're you staring at dirty girl? Start sucking!"

His lips parted and he leaned in, taking me down his inked throat. I threaded my fingers through his hair, groaning as he took me fully to the base in one go. I felt him hum around me as he started to bob his head on my cock. Fuck he felt so good at this, he was the best cocksucker. Better than anyone I'd had before, guy or girl even better than that guy back in Wales with the tongue piercing. He moved at a steady pace on my dick, his tongue lapping along my underside in all the right ways. Sometimes when he'd pull back he'd stop with just my head between his lips and his tongue danced over my soft flesh.

"Mmm so good, such a talented little mouth." I moaned gripping his hair a little tighter, his eyes meeting mine as he sucked me. Fuck he looked so debauched, his lips wet, his mouth full of cock, his eyes dark with lust. "Of course such a dirty girl gives such great head."

He hummed and smiled around me, his thumbs rubbing against my balls as he took me down again. "Fuck.." I wet my lips, swallowing as he sped up, giving me his full attention. Fuck, if he kept this up I'd be shooting down his pretty throat in now time. Which, yeah it would be awesome, but I wanted to see what was under his dress.

I gripped his hair tighter and slowly pulled him off me, my dick leaving his lips with a soft pop. "You look so beautiful down on your knees, but I want you to ride me."

He grinned as I sat back on the sofa, pushing my jeans and boxers down all the way once I was fully seated. He got back on his feet with an ease and grace that just had to be practiced with those heels and he flashed me a smile. He ran his hands down over his dress, his erection tenting the material before he slipped his right hand under it.

"Fuck..." I whispered, watching as a pair of black lacy underwear slipped down his legs, falling to the floor. I found myself uttering the word again as he removed a toy from beneath the dress. It was a rubber plug, black as the dress and big enough to have kept him open enough for me. "Such a dirty little girl. Now come here and get on my cock."

He smiled, hips swaying as he came over the short distance to me and mounted the couch. I held my slick dick with one hand as he positioned himself over me. Sketch took a deep breath then sank down. I groaned, his arse taking me as easily as his mouth had minutes before.

"So pretty." I leaned in, capturing his lips again with my own. The sweetness had faded a little, replaced by the taste of my cock, but I didn't give a fuck. I let my hands wander over his dress covered body as he graced himself on my shoulders, starting to rock up and down on my lap. His ass felt almost as good as his pretty lips around my dick, squeezing around me every time he went back down on me.

He ran his hands over my chest, breaking our kiss only so he could pull my t-shirt off, exposing my bare chest for him. Sketch groaned, rolling his hips against mine, tipping his head back as his fingers traced patterns across my chest.

"Such a pretty girl." Iwhispered against his neck, thrusting up into him, a groan escaping his lips. I ran my tongue across his ink, purring as I felt him squeeze around me. "You want me to touch you dirty girl?"

"Fuck... Jay, please." He moaned, his voice breathless and needy. I smirked, nipping his skin as I slipped my hand under his dress, taking his hard cock in hand and starting to pump him. His dick felt perfectly in my hand and I stroked him firmly, loving the pretty sounds he made as I did.

"Mmm that's it, moan for me." I licked along his neck, breathing hotly against his skin. "Cum for me you dirty girl, stain your pretty little dress with your juices." I rubbed my thumb over his head, feeling the wetness of his precum. "I know it won't take you long, you're already so excited." I rolled my hips up into him, hearing him groan in my ear. "Dirty girl, just sucking my dick is enough to make you wet." I let out a low growl feeling him squeeze his inside around me, knowing that he'd get me off too soon. In response I stroked him faster, panting against him. "That's it, cum for me. Cum my dirty girl."

Sketch groaned, rocking up into my hand as he came over his dress. I licked my lips, the sounds he made, combined with the way he squeezed more around me sent me crashing over as well. I bit into his neck as I came, filling up his pretty little arse.

We panted together, breathless from our respective orgasms. I pulled my hand out from under his dress and I offered him my fingers, smiling as he lapped as the cum that had dribled onto them.

"That was so hot..." He whispered when he'd licked all of the pearly fluid from my skin.

"Mmm yes." I leaned in, giving him a brief kiss, tasting him. "We're definitely getting you in this more often." I gestured to the dress, licking my lips.

"Good." He grinned, rolling his ass against my softening dick. "Mmm we should clean up, wouldn't want anyone to come in and find any stains on the couch tomorrow."

"Mmm." I nodded in agreement, even though that would mean us parting, which I didn't really want. "But you're putting those knickers back on and coming back to mine like that." I saw a playful twinkle in his pretty eyes and he nodded, leaning in to whisper in my ear.

"If you say so sir."

I swear, if I hadn't just came in his slutty little ass those words would have made me hard as a rock. Still, we had plenty of time tonight.
Tags: fic, jay hutton, jay hutton/sketch, sketch, slash, tattoo fixers
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