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Matt Tuck God Of Fuck Part 1

Matt Tuck God Of Fuck
Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: BDSM, watersports
Notes: I blame Axerilis fully for this. Fully I say! Was thinking of splitting this up for a few days so here is part 1 for axerilis birthdays. Matt's throne is modified a version of this

Part 1

I sat back in my throne, watching the sight before me. Jay James, our filthy little bassist, was on his hands and knees, his face buried between Calvin's asscheeks, his tongue working inside him. The younger man was moaning, squirming and pushing back.

They weren't the only ones in the room of course, my other fellow bandmates were here too. Padge was off to my left, slicking up his talented fingers with lube.He was readying them to prepare our little whore for our cocks. To my right there was Moose who was watching just as I was, his fingers ghosting over his erection. My own dick was standing tall between my legs but I was waiting for things to get better.

Padge strode the distance over to them, using one hand to hold Jay's fleshy cheeks open while bringing the slick fingers of the other to his opening. I leaned forward slightly, catching sight of two of Padge's fingers disappearing inside his pucker. There was a muffled groan against Calvin's ass and I heard Padge chuckle. "Slut." His hand shifted from it's position on Jay's ass to his head, pushing his head forward against Calvin's cheeks.

"So hot." I heard Moose whisper from beside me and I spared a glance over at him. Both his hands were on his thighs, his nails digging into his soft flesh. Most likely it was to stop himself from wanking too soon. I smirked, reaching over to him and pulling him closer, leaning close to him.

"Just look at them." I whispered as Padge retreated his fingers, replacing them with his thick length. "That'll be us soon." I purred in his ear, running my fingers down his side as we watched Padge pound Jay. "Soon it'll our dicks will be fucking the whore." I wrapped my fingers around him, slowly stroking him. "I bet you want to go next. To sink into the warm, cum slick heat." He moaned, thrusting his hips forward to meet my hand.

Padge moaned, fucking Jay harder, his head tipping back. "Look." I purred in Moose's ear, licking along his neck. "He's almost there." Moose moaned and I squeezed my fingers around him. Before us Padge growled, his hip movements stuttering as he came. "Go, yake his place."

He didn't need telling twice. I leaned back in my seat to watch as Padge pulled out and stepped aside, allowing Moose to take over. He roughly thrust into Jay's hole, griping his pudgy thighs for leverage as he fucked him. His movements were hard and rough, clear evidence of his desperate need to get off.

Smirking, I got up off my throne and made my way over to them. I licked my lips, leaning against Moose. "That's it." I purred in his ear again, running a hand down his back. "Fuck that piece of shit." Moose groaned, hips slamming harder against Jay's ass. I smirked, spitting on the whore's back before capturing Moose's lips with my own. He returned the kiss after a few moments, clearly caught off guard.

He trembled and I seperated from him, knowing from experience he was close. "Come on Moose." I purred in his ear, keeping my voice low. "Cum in the little slut."

He groaned and I knew exactly what that meant. I licked my lips, stepping back to watch as he finished off. I watched as he pulled out, smirking at the sight of Jay's cum slick hole. My turn.

Once Moose stepped aside, I took his place, pressing my dick into Jay's warm, wet hole. Fuck, he felt like the slut he was when I took him like this. I gripped onto him, fucking him like he deserved. Hard and rough. His moans were muffled by Calvin's arse and, like Padge before me, I held his head against it. Not that the slut needed any encouragement of course, he was eating him out like a starving man even now. Calvin was making breathy moans, the sounds he made having been background noise since this started. Now I was up close I could hear him loud and clear. I couldn't blame him really, Jay was fucking amazing with his tongue.

I let out my own groan as I fucked Jay hard, the previous cum loads making him good and slick. I knew mine would soon join them and that it wouldn't be the last today. "Such a wet little hole you have whore." I smirked, thrusting deep into him. "By the time we're through with you you'll be as wet as a girl's cunt." I heard him groan at my words and I dug my nails into his sides. "Filthy little slut."

I spt on the lizard on his back, slamming into him hard as I got closer to my peak. Sometimes when I got this close I'd pull, wanking until I came over his face or tattoo. Now, though, I'd follow my bandmate's suit and spill inside him. It took just a few more thrusts for me to shoot my cum joining the others in making his hole even more sloppy.

I quickly pulled out, licking my lips. I strode around Jay's prone form, reaching up and gripping Calvin's hair, just like the others had before me, bending him down and rubbing my wet cock over his inked throat. "Now slut." I said once I'd finished, releasing his hair and letting him straighten back up. "Your turn." I purred, reaching down and removing the ring that had kept him hard and aching this whole time.

I stepped back from them as Calvin moved round to where I'd stood just a few moments before. The others had drinks from the mini fridge already and Moose held out one to me. I offered him a grateful smile, popping open the bottle and downing a drink. "Let's see how long the little slut lasts." Moose spoke with a grin.

"Bet he's finished before I am." Padge licked his lips, swirling around the beer in his bottle. There was about half left in the glass.

"Seconded." I grinned at him, drinking down another mouthful. We chuckled and drank, Moose leaning against me as we watched the two bassists before us. Calvin was thrusting his pretty little hips, moaning like a cheap whore and looking like one too.

Padge was, of course, right. Calvin came before Padge drained his bottle dry. "Ha, you were right Padge." Moose chuckled, flashing the guitarist a grin. "Little slut has no fucking stamina."

"Mmm." I hummed, nodding. "Have to deal with that later."

Padge grinned, setting his empty bottle down. "Good idea man."

"For now though..." I smirked and licked my lips before calling over to them. "Slut, eat his sloppy arse out and don't stop till you've got every drop!"

"Yes sir..." He whispered, sinking to his knees, pressing his face between his cheeks. We laughed and drank some more as we watched them. I leaned over and kissed Moose, running a hand down his side. He leaned into me, purring against my lips.

"Can I get some of that?" I smiled, parting from Moose to kiss Padge, tasting the alcohol on his lips.

When we broke the kiss I watched as the pair them did, finishing the rest of my beer. Fuck, it was so hot watching them like that. My dick twitched, despite being limp from fucking the slut.

When their kiss broke I looked across to the sluts, satisfied Calvin had done. "What do you think guys? Think our filthy whore deserves an orgasm?"

Moose looked over, following my gaze and smirked. "Just the one. And the other whore can do it."

"Excellent suggestion." I looked over at the pair, Calvin having stopped eating Jay out to listen to us, his face wet with sweat "You heard him, get to it."

Nodding, he rolled Jay onto his back, leaning down to claim his erection with his lips. He swallowed him down to the base, pulling back and spitting out the ring that had been secured there. I smiled, watching as he proceeded to suck him off, his pretty little head bobbing up and down.

"I don't know about you but that beer's gone right through me." I smirked at the others, setting my empty bottle down and crossing the distance to them. I took my soft dick in hand, aiming it at the pair of sluts. I took a deep breath then let go, releasing my stream of hot piss over them. Jay groaned, tilting his head into the flow, even parting his lips to catch some. Filthy little slut.

This was, of course, exactly what the sluts wanted. Not just wanted, needed. They could stop this anytime, but they never chose to. Not yet. I doubted they had any limits.

Soon I was joined by Padge and Moose, both of them letting go as I finished. Padge's stream went over Calvin's back and head, while Moose's went over Jay's chest. They were moaning beneath us, the little sluts, and Jay was thrusting his pudgy hips up. Moose chuckled and grinned, dousing his face in piss. He gulped it down, a smile on his pretty face. He'd latch those lips on us and drain us dry if he could. Dirty slut.

I watched as they finished spraying them with their golden urine, their hair becoming sodden and tattoos shiny. It was a good look for them. We'd have to make sure to piss over Calvin's chest later, his ink would look good like that.

I seperated from them, hearing Jay make a familiar groan as he came. I hummed to myself, picking up a pair of chastity cages, small enough for the slut's little dicks. Padge smirked at the sight of them and Moose flashed me a grin. "Awesome, those'll keep these sluts from coming again!"

I handed them each one, then grabbed Calvin's hair and yanked him back, licking my lips at the whimper he made. Padge grabbed Calvin's limp dick, forcing the cage onto him. "That's it slut, no more orgasms for you or the little whore."

Moose had a leg either side of Jay's chest, his fingers working Jay's dick into the other cage. "Same for you." Moose grinned, locking Jay's saliva slick member up. "There, much better."

"Agreed." Padge licked his lips, flicking Calvin's balls with a finger, making him whimper.

I released his hair, letting him fall forward to the floor. "Right let's have a few more beers and a smoke, then we can get back to having some fun with our sluts."

"I think we can have some fun in the meantime." Padge grinned, reaching over and grabbing a pair of our discarded bottles. I licked my lips, instantly getting his meaning. He handed one to Moose, who gladly pushed it up Jay's arse, a moan leaving his lips. Padge, meanwhile, was slicking the other up with lube. I helped manuveur Calvin into position, holding his arse open for the bottle. Padge pressed the bottle against his ring, pushing the glass into him. He moaned, head hanging down as the neck disappeared up his ass. He took it so well. The pretty little thing.

Satisfied, we left them there, getting more beers from the mini fridge while I got a lighter and smokes for us. We shared them out and I took my position back on the throne with Padge and Moose either side of me.

"C'mere cunt." I smirked, gesturing to Jay as I blew out a cloud of smoke. The slut crawled over, his movement a slight waddle due to the bottle up his ass. I leaned torward, knocking the ash of my cigarette onto his hair. "Good slut."

"Thank you sir." He whispered, voice soft. I knew from the look in his eyes that this was exactly what he wanted, what he needed. One day I'd have to make him our slut full time. Might do the same to Calvin too while I'm at it.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, calvin roffey, calvin roffey/jay james, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, jay james/moose, jay james/padge, matt tuck, padge, slash, the smoking hearts
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