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There has been an awakening

The Force Awakens spoilers under the cut: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN YET!


I mean it

Turn back now if you've not seen

This is your last chance



Ok, I saw it on midnight on release here (leavving at 11pm Wenesday and returning at 3) and have managed to keep quiet a feww daays. I held back on posting because, well, avoiding spoilers is very important if you are seeing it so I wanted to hold off as long as I could.

(Again, chance to turn back now)

So first the cinema. I saw at my local cinema in Cannock, which is a tiny place and not fancy. But it's pretty speciaal as I've seen lots of films there, including the special editions in 97. Before I go into the review/comments proper I wanan give kudos to the staff there. The three att the counter were all in costumes that they'd made themselves (including a Jawa and rebel pilot) and Star Wars soundtracks were playing throatout to set the mood.

Last time to back out now.

Ok here we go. Since our cinema is so small it doesn't have trailers (why I dunno, but I missed the start of the first Avengers causa it) so it jumped right in. As a whole, it was like nothing else. I shook throughout, I squeed, I laughed. It was amazing. (Well cept for the fire alarm going off during THAT scene ehich no one moved for. Thankfully it was just the alarm being a pain.)

Individual thoughts now!

BB-8 was, as expected, absolutely awesome! He was cute, funny and adorable! And my ink is the most important panel he had! Yay!

Poe Dameron... just wow. He's so hot. And awesome. And hot. And is totally, 120% gay for Finn. Finn/Poe forever! I am awaiting all the fics of them!

Finn was awesome as well, so funny and sweet and totally adorable.

Rey, wow. She kicked so much ass seriously. I meant he scene where she beat up eeveryone with her staff was amzing and I can tell that she's gonna be an inspiration to so many young women and girls everywhere. I'm also fairly sure she has psychometry now (thanks tumblr person for reminding me about it) which could explain why she had visions when she touched the saber. I'm fairly sure she's Luke's daughter, left on Jakku as he went into hiding (hopefully to protect her). And her flying the Falcon was amazing! And she has so many skills!

Kylo Ren, ok he's so hot and I really want to know all the things abou thim. (Anyone else want a prequel to show what happens?) I so so hoped he'd turned back... but the second Han stepped on there I knew he was doomed. (Especially when he came within saber distance of him).

Speaking of Han, he was awesome. I loved seeing him and Chewie back on screen and him shooting Chewie's bowcaster! Seriously he's never thought to try that until then? After all those years together?

Leia, oh Leia. Just fuck... what she said to Han, to bring their son back, that is going to fucking haunt her forever. I just want to hug her so much now.

Hux.... wow, Hux is a total psycho isn't he? That speech was terrifying seriously.

And Snap Wexley! Eee seeing Temmin from Aftermath all grown up is so awesome! And Ackbar! And mouse droids! And GNK droids! And just.... everything.

The effects were awesome, the sets, the costumes, everything. Every single person involved deserves immense praise for their hard work because it clearly shows in every moment.

I'm sure there was more things to specifically comment on but eee.

(If there was one flaw it was the destruction of Hosnian Prime. Not the destruction itself, that was chilling, but the fact that the blast and destruction was visible from D'Qar and Takodana because there's no way it should have been due to their locations.)

The Force Awakens visual dictionary came today (although it went through several houses to get here thanks amazon). It gave some much needed info, especially in regards to the Republic itself. The basic info is that after the battle of Jakku a peace treaty was signed bwetween the Republic and Empire, leaving the Empire in a defined territory. It also explained why the senate was at Hosnian Prime and not Coruscant: the capital rotates from planet to planet by election. I sense there was meant to be a scene on there that was longer than what we had due to it, but I guess we'll see if there's a deleted scene..

So anyway, it was awesome and everyone should go see it! I know I want to again.
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