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Pairing: Luke Johnson/Moose, Jay James/Luke Johnson, Jay James/Luke Johnson/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Luke
Warnings: Bondage, feederism, crossdressing
Notes: I dunno how this came to me (it just came to me randomly in bed) but I knew I had to get it down. And then it became longer than expected. But here it be, so enjoy ye little welshie and early merry christmas!

I reclined against the soft sheets, running a hand absently across my belly. It was much larger than it had been when I first came here a few months ago, so large now I couldn't see past it.

Here was an apartment in Bridgend, one I was already familiar with before my stay. It was owned by Moose, Bullet For My Valentine's drummer, and we'd frequently hooked up here before now. We weren't exclusive or anything though. Touring and such didn't allow for that, and we probably hooked up as much at festivals and awards as we did here. Still, I'd always enjoyed our encounters and they had left me longing for more.

After what happened with, him. (I still can't bring myself to even think of his name much less say it.) I found myself with more time on my hands, which meant I found myself here, in his bed. It helped take my mind off things, helped keep me together at a time I didn't think I could.

Awhile later the guys and I got back together for No Devotion, so I was back in the studio with them. While it was awesome to make music together again and to put the past behind us something just didn't feel right. Thankfully the guys understood and let me go, after making sure it was what I wanted.

I'd stayed in the US awhile, before finally coming back to the Uk. Naturally that resulted in us hooking up again, although I knew it was growing into something more. It was then that he suggested something to me, something that he'd wanted that would require a commitment. I'd considered it for awhile and then consented.

So here I was.

I licked my lips, inhaling the scent of food coming from the kitchen. I felt my stomach rumble, my eyes darting to the doorway, eager for whatever it was to arrive. Moose was currently on tour, but he'd not left me alone.

After a few minutes a familiar figure stepped into view, carrying a tray covered in food. "Lunch time." He announced with a smile, coming over to me. He was Jay James, Bullet's former bassist. Like me he was naked and his belly was rounded, though not as much as mine was.

I shifted up slightly, watching as he perched on the bed beside me, setting the tray down across my belly. The amount of food on it was probably enough to feed four people, but I was expected to eat most of it. I licked my lips at the sight and smell, practically salivating. "Open up." He smiled, his eyes on mine and I could see he had a similar hunger. "What would you like first?"

I let my gaze wander over the food before me, wondering where to start. There was sausages, toast slathered in peanut butter, eggs and a tub of thick yoghurt. "Sausages."

He chuckled, picking one up with his fingers and bringing it towards my mouth. "I knew you'd say that." I smiled, parting my lips and taking the end and taking a large bite, chewing and swallowing it down. I went through the rest of it, keeping my gaze on him. "Another?" He asked when I finished and I nodded. Jay flashed me a grin, offering me another, and then another.

After four, and a drink of some of the milk he'd bought with him, he put the end of the fifth one in his mouth, leaning forward towards me. I grinned, taking the offered end, both of us devouring it until our lips met. We swallowed our last mouthful, then shared a kiss, his tongue slipping into my mouth. We lapped at each other briefly, then I purred as the kiss ended.

We then resumed eating, with him having probably a third of whatever I had. We finished off the sausages first, then the eggs. We shared the peanut butter toast, with him offering his fingers to lick, which I did so gladly. Lastly the yogurt was spooned into my mouth, with the last remnants collected on his fingers which I again cleaned with my tongue.

With the the plates cleared and both glasses of milk emptied, he lifted the tray and placed it on a side table, running his hand across my belly. "Full?" He asked and I offered him a contented smile.

"For now." Although now I had a slightly different hunger. I could tell I wasn't alone either, it was clear in his dark eyes and the way his cock bobbed against his belly. I ran my tongue across my lips again, looking from his crotch up to his face. "Could do with something else though." I raised an eyebrow and he smirked, running a hand down my chest, across my belly.

"And what's that?" He asked, fingertips ghosting over my cock, the fingers of his other hand splayed across my belly. I squirmed a little, hips arching up from the contact.

"Suck me." I demanded, my dick twitching and he grinned. His lips were made to be wrapped around a dick and he knew it. I'd known even before I met him that he was a dirty little cocksucking slut. It was one of the reasons he was the one here, partly because, well, it was becoming difficult to get myself off now.

He slipped off the bed, going to the mini fridge and pulling out a can of whipped cream. He came back to me, licking his lips. He popped the lid off the can, spraying it over my erection. The coolness made me shiver a little but that was soon countered by the warmth of his mouth. Sighing, my head rested back against the pillows, my eyes fluttering closed. My fingers gripped the sheets as, Jay took me down, his tongue twisting over me to collect every bit of the cream from my shaft.

I sighed softly, his hand holding my belly up as he started to bob up and down, taking me fully to the base each time. "Fuck..." After a few sucks I both heard and felt him squirt the cream once again over my base. He slipped off my dick with a soft pop and I'd have whimpered at the loss if he wasn't using it as an oppotunity to cover the rest of my cock. I parted my now thick thighs a little more for him, being rewarded with another spray over my balls.

The can got discarded on my bed after that and then he was on me again, this time lapping at my balls instead. He swiped his tongue over every inch of my sac, making sure to get every bit of the cream, making sure to suck my balls once he was done. "Ugh..." I groaned again, his tongue tracing upward to my base. He swiped his soft muscle up along my dick, scooping up the cream in swipes that seemed almost too slow. "Fuck Jay come on..."

I heard him chuckle, before engulfing my cock with his warm, wet mouth. I sighed softly, feeling him suck me as if his life depended on it. His lips squeezed around me as his tongue pressed against my underside before twisting over my head each time he pulled back. His tongue found all the right places to make me moan, which was something he managed the very first time he did this.

I moaned, hips jerking up, knowing he was getting me close. "Yeah, fuck that's it. Suck me good." I let out a low moan as his tongue darted over my slit before he took me back down. "Yeah, take it you dirty little slut, fuck!" His tongue did this little... wiggle and that set me off, tipping me over the edge to fill his mouth with my load. I cried out his name, my head tilting back against the sheets, my eyes squeezed shut as I spurted down his throat. I could feel him swallow around me and fuck, that was so hot.

After a few moments, probably to make sure I was done, he pulled back and off, a smile playing on his shiny, wet lips. "You taste so good, nice and sweet."

I returned his smile, panting heavily as I watched him move to sit back beside me. "Did you...?" I asked, though I knew the answer. I'd not felt his hand go down to his crotch to wank, nor had I felt him spill against my legs. A quick glance down proved that he was still hard and aching.

He shook his head in response to my question. "Would you mind?"

"Not at all." I smiled and wet my lips, sitting up a little. "And use the nutella."

He smiled, grabbing the jar from the bedside table and kneeling beside my head, his fingers unscrewing the lid as he did so. Moose had told us to try and use food whenever we did anything, hence the cream and several jars being in easy reach. He dipped two fingers into the dark brown spread, scooping up a fair amount before slathering it over his dick, moaning in the process. I smiled, watching him screw the lid back on and set it down, sucking his fingers clean.

As he did so I got to work, leaning in and swiping my tongue over him, the taste filling my senses. I wasn't a natural cocksucker like him, something that had been apparent my first time with Moose all those years ago, but I was getting better. Well, I thought so anyway. After a few licks around his head, I took him down, working my tongue to get all the spread from him. I heard him moan above, his hands finding my hair, though he didn't force me down or take over my movements. I sucked him as best as I could manage, working my lips up and down his member.

As I sucked, I reached up with my nearest hand, running my fingers over his fleshy cheeks. While we'd jerked each other and given each other blow jobs neither of us had fucked. Moose had specifically told us not to. I knew that had to be frustrating for Jay, because he loved taking it up the arse as much as he loved dick sucking. Moose had even made a show the day he left, locking away every dildo, butt plug, vibrator or set of anal beads away in a chest. There was even one toy in there shaped like a fist which I had a feeling jay must have taken at some point, an image which made me moan just at the thought.

I didn't dare to finger him though, although he was mumbling above me. Something that sounded like 'please' or 'do it'. Instead I just stroked his cheek and sucked him, his mumbles becoming more incoherent. He wasn't too much of a talker while he was getting blown I'd noticed, and when he did say anything I couldn't make out or understand what he was saying. Maybe he was speaking in Welsh. "Luke..." He whispered, low and breathless and I pulled back so just the head remained. He came then, his fingers tightening in my hair, his body trembling. I swallowed every drop he had to give. It was salty, though I could detect a little sweetness like he said with mine, perhaps due to all the sugar we ate.

Like he had with me, I pulled off only when he was done, smiling at his flushed face. "Mmm thanks."

"Welcome." I smiled, wiping my saliva slick lips with the back of my hand. He panted a little, not moving for a few moments before standing, lifting the cleared tray up.

"I did a pie, I'll go grab it, then we can watch something ok?" I nodded, settling into the sheets, licking my lips as he walked away. Shame his arse was off limits. Maybe I could convince Moose to change his mind when he returned.


It was a few more months until the first touring cycle for Venom ended, and by now the pair of us we dying for a fuck. We could have done it at any time of course. He'd locked away toys, but not our cocks or fingers, but we didn't. I'm still not quite sure how we managed it though.

I was even bigger now of course. I'd piled on the pounds and now had what looked fleshy tits on my chest, which distored my inked skin a little. Below them I could see the heavy, rounded curve of my belly. Jay was, of course, fatter too, although not as much as I. While I was now practically imobile, Jay was still required to be able to move around to make food and such. I wondered if that would always be the case though. Perhaps someday Jay would be my size and someone else would be tending to us.

Still, it was now the day of Moose's return and I was waiting for him eagerly. I knew I wasn't the only one either. So when I heard the door open, Jay was off like a shot to greet him. I had to admit I was a little jealous that I couldn't do the same. I heard muffled voice and the sounds of things being bought inside, followed by the door closing.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a minute or two, I heard footsteps approach.

And then there he was, standing in the doorway, his eyes wide as he looked me over. He smirked, which quickly dissolve to a grin as he approached me. "Mmm just look at you, all nice and big for me." He ran his hand across my belly, the touch going straight to my cock.

I squirmed, returning his grin with one of my own. "I've missed you so much." His fingers traced over my skin, across a fat roll then over my both of my 'tits', his digits lingering over the bright colours of my chest tattoos.

"Me too." He wet his lips, practically salivating. "Just a little longer now." He moved his hand back down, between my thick thighs to cup my erection. I'd not cum in a week, neither had Jay. We'd been told not to the last time he'd called and I was now even more desperate. "Jetlag is such a bitch, but don't worry. I'll attend to this soon enough alright?" I whined, but nodded anyway and I could see he felt the same. "Tomorrow." He leaned down and kissed me, then stood and headed out, leaving me more needy than I had been in months.


Tomorrow seemed to take forever, and when it did it seemed to take longer still to get to where I wanted it to be.

At 9:30am Jay came in alone and we shared breakfast together as normal. He informed me that Moose had decided to sleep alone in one of the other rooms, and that he'd slept pretty much as soon as he'd left my room. We talked, watched tv and then he went to sort lunch.

When he returned Moose was with him, smiling and looking us both over. Jay had made more than usual, so much that Moose had bought in a plate. Jay had been told to sit on the bed against me and Moose had been the one to feed us both. Before all this had started I never realised how hot it could be being fed, and it was somehow even hotter with him doing it. I wasn't sure which made it hotter, that it was because it was him or because he was feeding us both.

Between offering us food, he had his own and he informed us that I'd be getting some action this afternoon.

I couldn't wait for that to come, and counted down the seconds. I could tell from Jay's face that he was doing the same, even though he'd not been promised anything.

It was now half four in the afternoon and I heard footsteps approach again. Jay had been told to stay in here with me half an hour ago, when Moose had left to get ready. Neither us were exactly sure what he'd meant by that, though we were both eager to find out.

My jar dropped, though, at the sight before us when Moose appeared. I swallowed as I looked him up and down, taking in fully the sight that stood before us. He was barefoot, with nothing on him until his waist, where he wore a copper coloured belt with strips of dark purple fabric coming down, none of which concealled his legs fully, nor his erection. On his chest was a gold bikini, which clung to his chest. Around his neck was a chain, which I quickly realised could be used to choke him. The outfit was, of course,instantly recognisable as being a slave Leia one, albeit with the collar different and no underwear.

Fuck, he pulled it off so well.

He came over to us, his hips swaying with every step. I swallowed, unable to form woods, unable to know even where to start. Jay, I felt, was in exacty the same position as I was. All the blood had gone straight between our legs and even if it hadn't, our brains still wouldn't have been able to process what was going on before our eyes.

Moose smirked and he did a twirl, enough to show that his ass was bare and fuck, it looked lube slick too. "I see you boys like the outfit I've gotten." I nodded and I could see Jay did too. "Left you at a loss for word huh?" He grinned, his hips swaying again. "I'd always wanted to wear this sometime and I always wanted to have someone like this." He ran a hand over my belly, his left doing the same to Jay's. We both let out a soft moan and he wet his lips. "So I figured why not combine the two?"

He got handed me the chain then got onto the bed, placing both his hands on my belly and lifting it up. "Mmm so big..." He groaned and I held the chain, watching him as he positioned himself. "Jay, hold his dick for me."

"Yes sir..." He whispered, the first words uttered by either of us. I felt Jay's fingers grasp my dick at the base, holding me upright and I watched, still in a daze as Moose sank down onto me. I moaned, feeling it was a slight delayed reaction as my senses caught up with me. His ass enveloped me, for the first time in what felt like forever and fuck, he felt amazing. Jay's fingers left me as soon as he was fully seated on me and he sat back, watching Moose just as I was.

"Fuck, missed your dick Luke, feels so good to have it back again." He ran his hands over me, my belly falling against his thighs and he moaned at the sensation. "Jay, lay up here beside him." The bed dipped noticably as he did so, and I could feel his side press up against mine. Moose moaned above me, and I could feel his dick press against my soft belly as he rocked on mine.

I tugged a little on the chain, groaning as it seemed to urge him on. Of course it would, the kinky fuck. His ass squeezed around me and he moved a little faster on me. Both his hands roamed over my belly as he rode my cock. I squirmed a little as the fabric hanging from his waist brushed my sensative skin with every movement he made.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jay watching him, eyes dark with lust and need. His hands were on his chest and I could tell he wanted to touch himself, but wasn't sure if he should. I smirked, reaching over and grabbing his hands, circling the length of chain around them. I heard Moose groan in approval, his ass clenching around me again. "So hot..." He muttered breathlessly and Jay uttered a similar statement, his fingers flexing. Once I was sure they were bound I regripped the chain, higher up then before and rolled my hips up as best I could.

Moose's palms were on my chest, framing my skull tattoo as he rode me, moaning like a needy slut. While we had refrained from fucking I wondered if he had too. He'd made us promise, but hadn't done the same himself. Had he fucked Moose, Padge, maybe even their new guy? Or maybe he'd done like we had. Perhaps I'd ask later, if I remembered to do so that is. As it was, I was breathing heavily, tugging harder on the chain to urge him on, my eyes on the way the chain tightened around his throat.

"Fuck... you're so hot..." I groaned, feeling him squeeze around me again. "I'm close..." A moan left my lips as my words made him move faster, his thighs pressing against my thick ones.

"Yeah... so perfect, fuck." I heard him whisper, though I could barely hear him over the sound of my own breathing. His fingers gripped onto my flesh and his head tipped back, exposing his neck as I tugged the chain more. A low, long moan issued from his throat and I felt him spill, untouched, across my belly.

The feeling, coupled with his moans and the way his hole spasmed around me sent me crashing over the edge moments later. I groaned, releasing the chain and panting heavily, my whole body trembling from the force of my orgasm. I smiled up at Moose, in a daze. "Mmm so good..." I managed after a few moments, my breath still ragged. "Now, go and ride Jay."

Moose smiled and nodded, shifting off me to Jay's lap. I leaned up a little to watch, hearing Jay groan as Moose impaled himself on his dick. If I'd not just came the sight would've made me aching hard, but instead I just enjoyed the view. I released Jay's hands, letting him have control of the chain, but he just held it loosely. Jay wasn't really a top at all, unlike us. He really was a dirty little submissive slut.

Even so he was soon moaning and his now familiar orgasm face was soon clear on his features. I licked my hips, my breathing now finally steady as I watched him fill Moose up.

Moose bent down, whispering something to Jay that I couldn't hear, and then he moved again, grinning down at me. He climbed up my body and I knew exactly what he had in mind even before he got into position. He knelt with his knees framing my face and then he squatted down, his ass approaching my face. I licked my lips, bringing my hands up under the purple fabric to pull his cheeks apart, exposing his slick, used hole. Swallowing, I leaned up, lapping at the mixture of mine and Jay's cum leaking from his hole.

As I pressed my tongue into him, I felt the bed shift as Jay moved, though I wasn't sure where. Well, not until I felt his hands lift my belly and his tongue moving in swipes across it. I realised from his positioning it had to be where Moose had shot his load. I groaned at the thought, working my tongue around Moose's insides to collect every drop of our cum. I shivered as Jay's tongue went lower, swiping across my soft, sensitive dick. I kept wiggling my tongue, squirming as Jay did the same between my legs.

We both kept it up until there was nothing left and Moose got up off me, Jay scooting to lay back down. "Mmm so good..." He purred, leaning down and kissing each of us in turn before standing, with his chain in hand. "Now, I dunno about you but I could use something to eat." I groaned a little, nodding and he grinned.

"But keep the outfit on." He chuckled, swaying his hips as he headed out the room, his footsteps heading towards the kitchen.
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