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Spill For Me

Spill For Me
Pairing: Moose/Padge, Jay James/Matt Tuck (mentioned)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Moose
Warnings: None just sexytimes
Notes: Sequel to this which is so odd as I've not done sequels in awhile. I blame the tumblr people for doing this (and feel free to comment on thee post too). I've got ideas from the comments for a potential sequel or two (but this isn't based on those reblog comments soo)

I shifted a little in my seat, eager for the day to be over. Don't get me wrong, I loved touring and playing to crowds of screaming fans (and soon to be fans) but I was just looking forward to tonight. We had a day off tomorrow, so tonight instead of being on the road we had a hotel. Jay and Matt had, of course, had one room, while me and Padge had the other. I licked my lips slightly, then took a drink, eager for tonight to come.

Of course, that meant that today was seeming to drag on forever.

Me and Padge were sitting in a dressing room, not terribly unlike the one we first had our encounter a few days ago. The crew were busy unpacking and setting up our stuff, which meant all we could do was wait. Matt and Jay weren't with us, but for once they weren't off together. Matt was off doing interviews, while Jay had decided to help out with the crew, whcih probably meant he was helping Calvin with his basses.

"So." I started, looking at Padge as I leaned back in my seat. "Was mine the first cock you've sucked?" The thought had been playing on my mind since the moment his lips wrapped around my shaft, so I figured now was the best time to ask.

Padge returned my gaze, but he didn't seem fazed by my question, as if he''d been expecting to me to ask almost as much as I'd been waiting to say it. "No." Came his reply, short and simple as he downed his own beer, his adam's apple bobbing.

Like the answer to any good question, that just raised further ones in my mind. I wasn't surprised by his answer, largely because he didn't seem inexperienced. He wasn't sloppy and I didn't have to warn him about his teeth, which I'd figured meant I wasn't his first. I wet my lips as I stared at his throat, waiting for him to seperate the bottle from his lips before asking the next obvious question. "Who was your first?"

He shrugged a little, swirling the remaining liquid in the bottle with his free hand. "Some guy at school. Can't remember his name."

I regarded him carefully, considering his answer for a few moments. It could mean a few things of course. Either he was a slut, at least back then, or his first was through a glory hole. Or that he really couldn't remember, it was Padge after all. That seemed more likely than the first two. I was pretty sure I'd have heard if Padge had been the town bike, and I was just as sure I'd have heard about a place for free blowjobs. Of course there was another reason, that perhaps he simply had no desire to give details, either because the experience had been unpleasent or the person was. Either way I decided it was best to leave it at that.

"How about you?" Now it was his turn to ask the questions. "Was I the first dude to give you head?"

"No." I replied, as simply as he had. I finished the last of my drink, setting the empty boottle down beside my seat. He was studying me as I did, as if waiting for me to elaborate. "I was at house party Matt'd dragged me too. Some guy, who I later found out was Rich, hit on me. We were drunk so I figured why not. He was pretty good." I paused for a moment, then leaned forward. "Not as good as you though." He grinned at that, his cheeks flushing a little.

Before we could contiinue, Jay poked his head around the door, smiling. "Everything's all set up now? Wanna come practice?"

I shrugged and shared a look with Padge and he nodded, finishing the last of his drink. "Sure, let's get going."


Practice went well, but it still felt slow. The whole day felt like it was in slow motion. From the practice, to dinner to the show itself, the whole day felt like it was a crawl.

The four of us were now in a lift, each of us with an overnight bag slung over our shoulders. We all still sweaty from the show, the smell filling the confined space. Thankfully we were the only ones in here, so there was no one else to complain. Thank fuck.

The lift pinged and the doors opened, the four of us slipping out into the corridor. "Right then." Matt announced from where he stood with Jay beside him, shifting from one foot in front of the other. Briefly I wondered if they had in mind what I did, but I dismissed it. "We're off, see you guys tomorrow."

I nodded in response and Jay offered us a small smile. "Night guys."

"Yeah, night." I replied, but they had already turned to go. Shrugging, I glanced at the key card and then led Padge towards our room for the night. Once we arrived at our door I slipped the card in, turning the handle and opening the door when the light flashed. We stepped through the doorway and I flicked the light on as I heard Padge kick the door closed.

There were two thumps as our bags hit the floor and I turned to face him, our lips crashing together. The kiss was hot, heated, needy. I ran my hands over his t-shirt clad body, feeling his hands do the same to me.

The kiss was brief however, and I parted so I could look him in the eyes, smiling at the small noise he made from the loss of contact. "Want to do this now or to showe..."

"Now." He replied before I could finish, pressing his hips flush against mine. I could feel his erection through his jeans and I couldn't help but smirk.

"Alright." I smiled and kissed him again, tugging at his t-shirt. Again, we parted, this time just enough so that I could remove the clothing off him. Our lips met again as the t-shirt went... somewhere, my hands roaming over his bare skin. We parted again, only this time it was him pulling, removing my own clothing and tossing it aside carelessly.

As we kissed again, our bodies pressing together, it strucked me this was the first time we'd done this. Not the kissing of course, we'd done that a fair few times now, but not bare chested. I explored the expanses of his skin with my fingers as I deepened the kiss, pressing him against the wall. He groaned, hips thrusting against mine again.

We parted once more, both of us breathing heavily, fresh sweat beading on our skin. I licked his cheek, then bought my fingers to his crotch. I gave his bulge a slight squeeze, then I deftly worked open his flies, first popping the button then tugging the zipper down. Instead of working his dick out like on prior encounters, I pushed his jeans down, boxers too and let gravity do the rest once they were past his thighs. The sight of him like that made me lick my lips and I purred, leaning into him. "Get em off, then get on the bed."

He nodded, stepping out of them and going to the nearest bed, perching himself on the edge. As I worked on removing my own clothing, he removed his trainers and socks. I suspected he took longer than he should have, if only because he was watching me and not focusing on what he was doing. I chuckled to myself softly at that, then knealt down to discard my own clothing, my fingers undoing my own shoes.

While down there I briefly took in the room. It was basic really. There was a small desk, two beds, a tv, a mini-fridge no doubt filled with overpriced booze and snacks. It wasn't the best place we'd satyed, but certainly not the worst either. When I finished removing my clothing I strode to the window, pulling the curtains closed. Behind me, Padge groaned, and I let out another small chuckle. "Perv."

I turned to face him and he was grinning, shamelessly stroking his thigh. Again I realised this was the first time we were both naked and hard together. We'd seen each other in both states before, it was impossible not to living in close proximity to each other on all these tours, but this was the first time we both were at the same time.

I smiled, crossing the room to my bag, opening it up and removing a tube of lube. I'd gotten it a few days ago, having managed to slip out of the venue during set up for the express purpose of getting some. I set the tube down on the sheets beside his feet and looked into his eyes. "Ready for this?"

I knew the answer before he spoke it, but still needed it. "Fuck yeah."

I grinned and nodded, popping open the tube and spreading some onto my fingers. "Roll over." I watched as he rolled onto his stomach, arse up in the air. I licked my lips and reached down, pulling his rounded cheeks apart. His cleft was slick with sweat and slightly hairy, which I fully expected. Carefully I reached down, pressing a fingertip against his puckered opening. "Ready?"

Beneath me, he nodded. "Yeah." I nodded and slowly eased my finger into him. He gasped a little, gripping the sheets tighter with his fingers but didn't move to stop me so I continued until the digit was inside him fully. My dick twitched as I felt his heat squeeze around me and I slowly wiggled it, working him so I could fit another inside him.

I worked a second finger into him, watching as he gasped and squirmed on the sheets. I licked my lips, opening him up further. "So hot, so tight." I purred, watching his every movement as I thrust my fingers into him. "Can't wait to be inside you, fuck."

A moan left his lips and he nodded, pushing his ass back against my hand. "Need." Was all he managed out with a grunt. His insides squeezed around my digits and he groaned. "Come on Moose. Fuck."

I chuckled at his eagerness, twisting the fingers inside him. "Alright." I purred, easing my fingers out of him. "If you think you're ready." He whimpered at the loss, nodding slightly. I grasped the lube again, squirting some liberally on my shaft. Once I was sure I was coated enough I pulled his legs apart and climbed between them, guiding my member towards his twitching opening. "Ready?" I asked, although it was unecessary to ask.

"Fuck Moose, just fuck me." Padge groaned, pushing his arse up and that was all the invitation I needed. I licked my lips again, my hands holding onto his hips as I eased into him. He grunted beneath me, a groan leaving my own lips as my cock entered him. Fuck, he felt as good as I'd expected him to be. His ass was as hot and tight as it had felt around my fingers moments before, and every twitch of his insides made my cock ache more.

When I was fully seated inside him, my balls flush against his cheeks, I stilled for a few moments, letting him get used to my full length. When we first discussed taking this night to do this, in the back room of the bus after a blow job, I'd not asked if this would be his first time. I suspected, though, that I wasn't his first.

Keeping a grip on him, I started to pull out until just my head remained in him. I waited just a few seconds, then started to press back into him. After a few more steady movements in and out he groaned, turning to face me as best he could. "C'mon man, harder. I can take it."

That was all I needed to hear.

I stopped the slower movements and sped up, slamming my hips against his fleshy cheeks, hearing him moan as I began to pound into him. "Fuck Padge." I growled, watching his body jerk from my thrusts, his hands clawing at the sheets.

When I next pulled out I just my grip to pull him back, so he was on all fours on the sheets. Once I was satisfied in his new position I started to fuck him again. "Touch yourself." I groaned out the demand when I was fully inside his twitching heat. I couldn't see him do it, but I could see his arm move, his body leaning slightly forward and to the right at it's loss. I could see his bent elbow though, and could tell from it's movement that he was stroking his cock. That, and the way the hole was fluttering around me clearly meant he was wanking.

"Yeah Padge, that's it. So hot." I fucked him harder, knowing I was getting closer. "C'mon, cum for me." I punctuated every other word with a thrust of my hips, drawing out moans from him. "Spill for me."

"Shit Moose..." He groaned out, and I felt his insides twitch more as his head tipped forward against the pillows. I'd have smirked, knowing I'd made him shoot, but he was bringing me off as well.

I remained inside him, letting his insides do the rest of the work. My nails dug into his soft skin and I moaned his name as I followed him, filling him up with my load. I collapsed on top of him, panting as my orgasm washed over me. I slipped out as he squirmed, turning over beneath me, a smile on his flushed face.

"So good." He whispered, voice a little rough, a little breathless. His chest was rising and falling, slick with sweat and stained with his seed someof which had landed between his nipples.

"Mmm..." I replied, too breathless myself to form a proper response.

He flashed a grin at me, kissing my forehead. "Drink?" I nodded and he slipped out from under me to stand. "I bought some with me or would you prefer a cold one?" I shrugged a little and he fished out two bottles out of his own bag, bringing them back over along with some cigarettes and a lighter.

I popped open the top of my bottle after he handed it me, taking a drink. He must've slipped it from the bus or backstage fridge as it wasn't too warm. I swallowed it down, leaning against him as he did the same. We sat there in silence for a few moments, recovering from our respective orgasms. He slung one of his arms around me, pulling me close with a smile. "Think we can do that again?"

I chuckled and nodded, wetting my lips. "Yeah, definitely."

He wet his lips, taking another drink before speaking again. "Think next time I can be on top?"
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, matt tuck, moose, moose/padge, padge, slash
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