We're owl exterminators (shadow_hive) wrote,
We're owl exterminators

Answer for question 4535.

The Star Wars movies -- do you love 'em or hate 'em? How excited are you for the new movie in December (if at all)? Will you be getting tickets for the 12:01 AM first showing, or are you "eh, whatever" about the whole thing? If you're looking forward to it, what or who are you most excited to see?
I love the Star Wars films and I am so excited for The Force Awakens. Like, Ive never been this excited about anything ever before and it just keeps on growing. I've seen the newest trailer like 10 times and it still gives me chills.

I hope to see it at midnight, if the local cinema does an midnight opening. (Anywhere else is a pain to get to and back from) but I'll likely see it more than once (I saw Episode III 3 times in the cinema).

I'm most excited for BB-8 and Kylo Ren, but also Han and Leia and everyone! It's gonna be so awesome
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