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Practical Demonstration

Practical Demonstration
Pairing: Moose/Padge, Jay James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Moose
Warnings: Sexytimes
Notes: A follow up to this on tumblr. Woo for it breaking recent fic blockage!

It had been days since Jay's outburst onstage, and the subsequent aftermath. The thing was it was like nothing had happened, it was almost as if the whole incident had been a fever dream, caused by the oppressive heat of the day.

I'd had my suspicions at the time, about what had happened behind that locked door to put our bandmates back on such good terms. After seeing them come out, I thought I'd noticed something between them, as well as what looked like a telltale stain, but Padge hadn't seen it (although that could have been just because Padge had been drunk and passed out beforehand) so I dismissed the notion, telling myself I was just seeing things.

But over the past days my suspicions came back to the fore. The pair of them kept heading off together, or first one would go off and the other would make an excuse soon after. They'd just made another excuse and headed off, leaving me alone with Padge in the dressing room. "What do you suppose they're doing?"

Padge looked over at me, setting his guitar on the floor beside him, trading it for an open bottle of beer and taking a swig. "I dunno." He replied with a shrug. "Something about going for a smoke wasn't it?" Great, he'd not even been paying attention enough to hear the excuse. Then again it was Padge, I should've expected that.

I sighed and shook my head, pausing to try and think how to word what I was going to say next in a way he'd understand. "I don't think they're going smoking." I bit my lip to prevent myself from saying 'because something else'll be in their mouths'.

"Well what are they doing then?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, taking another drink from his bottle.

Again, I resisted the urge to say the obvious, instead going for something a little more restrained. "I think they're having private time."

Padge blinked and it was clear before he spoke that he wasn't getting my meaning. "They're having private talks? About songs? About us?"

Sometimes Padge could be an idiot. Even when he was sober. The only way I was going to get through to him was by being absolutely blunt or giving him a demonstration.

After a few seconds thought I settled with the latter.

I crossed the short distance that seperated us and leaned in, pressing my lips against his. His eyes went wide and he clearly looked bewildered, obviously not expecting that. I lapped at his lower lip briefly, amused by his surprise and I could taste the alcohol on them. I leaned back from him, our lips seperating. "That, that is what I think they're doing."

"I er..." He looked at me, cheeks flushed. He bought his bottle back to his lips, downing some of the liquid in it, as if the booze would help him find the words to voice whatever he was thinking. "Can we... erm..." Another drink and then it was him kissing me.

It was more eager, a little clumsy and I soon had my tongue inside his mouth. Predictably he tasted of the beer he'd just drank, and I let my hands roam over his sides. I heard a thud, the sound of his bottle hitting the floor beside him, and his hands followed suit, running over my back.

I'll be honest, I'd not expected this reaction. Of course I'd not exactly planned on kissing him, instead just letting him in on my thoughts. Padge wasn't unattractive though, and my dick was definitely appreciating the attention. I'd not exactly gotten laid on this tour either, unless my own hand counted which I suspected it didn't.

So I let this thing play out.

Hands moved over our bodies, and I undid Padge's fly, feeling the bulge of his dick ache from the contact. I seperated from his lips, but only so I could glance down and get a proper view of his dick. I'd seen him soft before, even once with a semi, but never fully hard. I licked my lips lightly with appreciation, wrapping my fingers around his length. Steadily I started to stroke him, using my other hand to brush his hair away, leaning in to lap at his neck. Thoughts suddenly entered my mind as I tugged on him, hearing his breathy moans fill the room. Was he a top or bottom? Had he ever been with a guy before? He'd certainly not mentioned it, but then none of the others had either.

He rocked up into my hand, a groan leaving his lips. "Moose fuck..." I grazed my teeth along his skin, not enough to leave a lasting mark, but enough to make him moan.

"Come on Padge." I whispered into his ear, increasing the pace of my fist. "Cum for me. Spill for me."

Another groan, and fuck, I could get addicted to those sounds, and I felt him. I glanced down, licking my lips as I caught sight of his first load across his t-shirt, the last spilling down onto my fingers. On instinct I bought my hand up, licking the pearly fluid from my fingers, another, more breathless moan escaping his lips as he watched me through half-lidded eyes. "Holy fuck Moose..."

I smirked, making a delibrate show of sucking one of my fingers clean, just to hear another moan issue from his throat. By the time I'd retreated my finger from my lips, he seemed to have recovered enough to form proper sentances. "What about you?" He asked, eyes dipping to indicate my own crotch.

I nodded, feeling his hand reach down, undoing my zipper. "Do whatever you want." I saw him nod, his fingers working to pull my cock out. It took a few tries, but he got my member out and soon he was wanking me as I had with him moments before. I was content to let him go at his own pace. He leaned in, capturing my lips with his own as he kept stroking me firmly.

The kiss, however, was much briefer as his other hand pushed me back. I wondered what he was doing, but that soon became clear as he slipped off the chair, kicjing it back and decending to his knees before me. I swallowed,running a hand through his hair. For a few moments all he did was stare at my dick as he stroked, and I wondered if this was the first dick he'd seen this close. After a few strokes I felt him take a deep breath and he leaned in, his tongue snaking out and over my head. I gasped at the contact gripping his locks and letting out a moan. "Oh yeah Padge..."

For awhile he just did that, his tongue lapping across my shaft as his hand pumped at my dick. That alone was enough to bring me off, but then hs lips closed around me and, fuck. At first he just took my head, but then he inched down, stopping a few inches down and pulling back. Each time he sucked me down he took a little more of me, until he was at the point where his lips met his fingers. He kept them there, his fingers only moving when his lips moved back up my length. "Padge..."

I felt his lips curve into a smile and he kept going, his tongue lapping at my heated skin as his head bobbed up and down. It was amazing I lasted as long as I did, but I knew I was close now. "Padge, I'm gonna..."

He moved back so that just my head was between his lips and his hand stroked my slick length until I came, my eyes lidding as I filled his mouth. "Fuck..."

He pulled off midway and when I opened my eyes to look at him I saw a few drops of cum stained his lips and goatee. My cum. I licked my lips, pulling him to his feet and swiped my tongue across the stain before kissing him. Now my cum filled my senses, overpowering the faint taste of beer that remained.

When we parted we zipped ourselves up and I smiled at him. "Thanks Padge." I considered asking him if that was his first time, but decided to leave that for another time. "Fresh beer?" He nodded and I went over to the fridge that was set up in the corner of the room, popping the door open and getting us each a beer. "Hopefully we can do that again."

He flashed me a grin, popping open his beer. "Well if it's good for them it's good for us aye?"

I chuckled, nodding in agreement as I did the same, the pair of us taking a long drink from our respective bottles.


In my bunk that night I stared up at the celing. We were on the move to the next venue an, after our usual night of drinking everyone was now either asleep or passed out. I couldn't help but thinking about Matt and Jay again. Ok, I'd be lying if I hadn't perhaps thought of them before all this started, jerking off at the thought of them doing what they were no doubt actually doing now. But my thoughts now were different. I was jealous, jealous of Jay because I'd actually had a crush on Matt for awhile now. Well, pretty much since we'd first met actually. And now the two of them were... well. Now I couldn't help but thinking that I should have actually acted on my thoughts, instead of just getting off to them in my bunk.

I mentally cursed myself.

Perhaps that's why I'd done what I had with Padge earlier. Perhaps I could somehow make us as obvious as they were, maybe even make him jealous. Or if not, well... Padge was still pretty hot and his mouth was preetty awesome. Plus with his long hair I guess I could squint and think it was our singer getting me off instead. Maybe.

I sighed and closed my eyes, determined to get some sleep.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, moose, moose/padge, padge, slash
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