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Pairing: Askeroth/Spellgoth/Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Askeroth
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: This is a (slightly late) birthday present for a very special welshie. Sorry it's took so long *kicks blockness*

I watched from the side of the stage, waiting for the latest band to come onstage. The last I'd stood through were rather uninspired but Trym insisted that this band, Turmi... something or other, was much better.

I wasn't paying too much attention as the band set up, but Trym nudged me. "The singer." I glanced over the stage, blinking at the sight of the man standing before the mic. Or, more to the point his outfit. He was wearing a corset, with plenty of buckles and a pair of straps. One went up his chest, connecting to a collar that was secured around his neck. The other went lower over, disappearing under a tiny skirt. Other than that, he wore nothing but a pair of black gloves.

"See why I wanted you to see these guys?" Trym whispered in my ear in the gap between songs. Nodding, I licked my lips, catching a glimpse of the pale skin of his bare ass. My cock twitched at the thought if what I could do to that ass. The way he was acting it was clear he was a dirty little slut.

That assessment only became more apparent as his performance went on. He shed his skirt, revealling that the lower strap went over his dick, barely covering it. Then he got whipped. And there were needles. And fire.

The whole performance was like nothing I'd ever seen before. It was certainly a whole new level, and I'd eaten a heart on stage and covered myself in blood.

Their performance ended to cheers from the crowd and we watched the band make their way offstage. "Come on." Trym growled in my ear, tugging my hand. We went backstage, slipping our way past equipment and instrument cases, stepping over cables and manuevering around the various techs that were milling around. Eventually we were outside, where all the various dressing rooms were.

I spotted Spellgoth and fellow bandmates leaving the exit further along from us. The band split, going their seperate ways. Only Spellgoth continued on towards the dressing room, which was good for us, meant we didn't need to get rid of them.

Together we followed him, eyes on his bare ass which was still showing for all to see. Spellgoth stopped at the door to their dressing room to open it, so we sped up to catch him before he got inside. "Spellgoth!" He turned at Trym's call, looking at the pair of us. He looked us up and down, then opened the door, gesturing for us follow him inside. He went into the room, the pair of us behind him.

Within the room looked much like our own, not that I was paying much attention. "I saw you watching me." Spellgoth spoke, his accent clearly Finnish. "You weren't very subtle, either of you." He smirked, looking us over again, licking his lips. "You want my arse and I want hot, heart eating German guys."

I had to admit I was surprised he recognised us. He must have caught us at one of the festivals, maybe even when we performed earlier. I smirked at him and stepped towards him, running a hand up his corset. "Then get on your knees you filthy little slut."

He wet his lips and then sank to his knees in front of us, his eyes dark with lust. "I just hope you German's can fuck me up like those ones in porn." His eyes sparkled and I coulldn't help but wonder what porn he was referring to. We were, after all, a nation that was rather infamous for kinky videos, I'd certainly watched a fair few myself.

Trym made the first move, growling and grabbing Spellgoth's long hair. "Yeah, we'll fuck you up you filthy little skank." He spat right in his face, pulling his hair hard. "Now shut the fuck up and put that whore mouth of yours to work."

He didn't need telling twice, leaning forward and taking the zipper of Trym's fly between his lips, deftly pulling it down with the skill of someone well practiced at the act. I smirked at them, moving around them as Spellgoth went to work, sucking my bandmates cock. If the sounds were any indication than he certainly was doing a good job.

After a few circuits around them, I stopped behind Spellgoth, pulling him back so he was forced onto all fours. I ran my fingers along the back of his corset, down towards the curve of his ass. It was only once my fingers arrived there that I noticed something. There was a plug up his arse, one small enough it couldn't be seen clearly except this close. Licking my lips, I gripped the slim base and pulled it out. I heard him moan at the loss, but he didn't stop sucking. I examined it briefly, before discarding it without a care. It was simple black rubber, big enough that prep wouldn't be required.

"Dirty slut." I growled, fingers working on my fly, eager to get inside him. The moment I hefted my cock out, I gripped his cheeks and slammed into him. Another moan issued from his throat, muffled by the cock stuffed down it. "Yeah you like being stuffed full of cock don't you?" I growled the words, digging my nails into his soft skin as I began fucking him hard.

Across from me Trym still had a tight grip on Spellgoth's locks, using his grip to push his head up and down on his member. "That's it, work my cock you little slut." He snarled, yanking his locks harder. A moan left my lips as his ass squeezed around me and Trym smirked. "Such a well practiced whore. Wonder how many men you'll take before the festival is over? 10? 20? 50?" With every number he uttered we thrust into our respective holes. "Well don't worry, we'll make sure we leave you ready for more."

"Yeah, once we're done we'll leave you outside, with cum dripping out of you so everyone knows how much of a fucking needy whore you are." I spat on his back, just above the corset as I rammed into him. "Then you can get all the cocks you need. Fuck!" My words must have gotten to him because the way he squeezed around me set me off and I came deep inside him.

"Ahh I see you're made my companion spill." Trym purred in his deep voice. "Don't worry, I'm almost there too." He rocked his hips as I pulled out, still fucking his face. "And once I join him then we'll really fuck you up."

I wiped my cock on Spellgoth's arse, getting an idea what he had in mind for that. There was bound to be some of the toys like that they'd used onstage. Yeah, I'd enjoy giving the slut a good fucking paddling. Or seeing what Trym would come up with.

My thoughts were interruppted by a moan, and the sight og my bandmate shooting his load across Spellgoth's slutty face. "There, it suits you." He chuckled, slightly breathless. "Now, I think we'll have a beer and see what we can use on your sorry ass."

I grinned, going to the mini fridge to grab beers for us both, eager to recover to get started. We had plenty of time to really fuck him over, and I was going to enjoy every second.
Tags: Turmion Kätilöt, askeroth, fic, nachtblut, slash, spellgoth, trym
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