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Here Again

Here Again
Pairing: Dan Haigh/Omar Abidi
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Warnings: Sexytimes
Notes: So I won tickets to the Birmingham Fightstar gig and at the gig, Dan got pretty close to Omar a few times and then the image of this popped into my head so...

I let out a low purr at the sight that lay before me. Omar was lying on the bed completely naked, his thick thighs parted. I had to say I'd been looking forward to this, for a chance alone with him like this. I licked my lips, pulling my t-shirt up over my chest, my eyes roaming over him as I cast it aside. "Roll over." I purred, popping open the button of my jeans, watching as he did as I asked.

As soon as I stepped out of my jeans, I mounted the bed, my hands running up the backs of his thick legs. I heard him purr beneath me and I licked my lips. Kneeling between his legs I bent down, my fingers caressing the soft skin of his asscheeks. Gripping both of his cheeks I prised them apart and leaned in, extending my tongue to swipe along his crack. I went slow, starting at his tail bone and working my way down, circling his ring and finishing just behind his balls. He squirmed a little as I repeated the action in reverse, a gasp leaving his lips.

"Ugh Dan stop teasing." I smirked at his breathless words, but decided to give him what he wanted. Holding him open a little more, I swiped my tongue across his hole before starting to press into him. As I delved into him, I started to circle my tongue, my eyes lidding. Fuck I loved eating out asses, but there was something about Omar's that made his the best. I inhaled his scent, wiggling my tongue inside him, hearing him groan.

I pulled back a little, brushing hair from my face and taking a breath before going back in. I lapped at his hole again, before pressing back inside. I let go of one of his cheeks, slipping my hand down, between his spread legs. My fingertips brushed over his low hanging balls, running them along his hard cock. I stroked him briefly as I lapped athis insides, hearing him moan.

I twisted my tongue inside him one last time before shifting back from his ass, licking my lips. While I could feast on his arse all night it was a gig night, as evidenced by how sweaty he was, and we had to leave in the morning. So I shifted back, lifting up and rolling him onto his back. "Lube?" I asked, licking my lips as I gazed at his hard-on.

I heard him pop it open, squirting it onto his thick fingers. "C'mere." He motioned me forward and I shifted until I was kneeling over him. A groan left my lips as I felt his slick digits press between my cheeks. I gripped his shoulders, my eyes lidding as he pushed his finger into me, working me open. His ring finger soon joined the first and I moaned, pushing back against him. "Ready?"

"Ugh please..." He smirked, retreating his fingers from my hole, no doubt wiping the excess lube on his shaft. With his guidance I lowered down, impaling myself on his cock. It was thick, like his fingers and fucking filled me just right. Groaning, I ran my hands over his round belly as I seated myself fully on him. I took a deep breath, then began to ride him, moving steadily on his cock.

The pair of us moaned, his hips jerking against my asscheeks every so often. As I picked up the pace his hands mirrored my own, exploring my chest. His right hand travelled down, grasping my erection and starting to jerk me off. "Fuck Omar..." I groaned, thrusting up into his hand, squeezing around him.

Beneath me he moaned, thrusting up again, the head of his cock slamming against my spot. A groan left my lips, my head tilting back. "Yeah, you like that don't you?" I nodded, bouncing harder on his cock. "My slut." I gasped, bucking up into his hand, knowing I was getting close. "Cum for me." He thrust up, voice a little breathless as he uttered those words which tipped me over the edge. With a moan I came over his belly, shuddering through my orgasm.

I shifted off his dick, only to shift back down betwen his thick thighs. He'd not came yet and I was sure to change that. I took his dick in hand and started stroking, my tongue swiping over his belly to lap my cum from his dark skin. I didn't allow myself to savor it too much, eager to finish up and focus on his dick.

My lips were soon enveloping his head, my tongue twisting over his soft flesh. I took him down steadily, but knew I was too out of practice to take him fully down. Once we were working on the new album I'd definitely have to work on that. I bobbed up and down on him, my hand working on the rest of his length.

"Fuck..." He groaned above me, a hand tangling in my hair. "Just like that..." I purred, licking over his skin, tasting my ass mixed with lube and his salty precum. At the sound of a familiar grunt I braced myself, his thick cum blasting down my throat a few moments later. I swallowed down every drop he had to give me, only shifting back when he started to soften. "So fucking good..."

"Yeah you are." I smiled, moving up to flop down beside him, licking my lips. "I've missed this."

"Me too..." He paused, leaning in to whisper he last in my ear. "Guess we'll have to find a quiet place at the next venue while the support's on." I grinned and nodded in agreement, resting my head against him.
Tags: dan haigh, dan haigh/omar abidi, fic, fightstar, omar abidi, slash
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