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A Place Where You Belong

A Place Where You Belong
Pairing: Jay James/Richard Hibbard
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Sexytimes
Notes: This was, originally, going to be very different, but Jay's sudden shock departure changed that. I blame a certain welshie who got me into welsh rugby

"So, you're absolutely sure about this?" I nodded at Matt's words, shifting on my feet slightly.

"No." Moose spoke up, eyes on me. He was sitting on a spinny chair, shifting from left to right on it. "Don't answer with just that with just a nod man. Use your words... please."

I swallowed, biting my lower lip. "Yeah I'm sure." I took a deep breath, certain that wouldn't be enough for them. Three sets of eyes watched me as I prepared myself to say the words. Part of me didn't want to, even now, but I had to. I needed to. "I'm leaving the band."

Padge looked away, unable to meet my gaze. Matt looked down. Moose was shaking his head. They'd known though. I'd said it before they entered the studio and Matt, he'd told me to think on it and if I was still sure by now, well.

"I'll miss you guys and I'll always love you and treasure our time together. I just... can't."


I took a deep breath as I left the studio and made my way home. Matt had told me he was going to arrange a band message on my departure in a few days. Padge had wished me luck, but was fairly quiet, obviously still processing it. Moose, well it was obvious he wanted me to be sure what I was doing was right.

I hoped it was.


"So, it's done then?" I nodded, looking up at Richard, his big strong arms wrapping around me. I couldn't have done this without him, I knew that. He was so good to me, so good for me. "Are you ok? Tell me what you need."

I leaned up, having to stand a little on tip toes to kiss him. "You. I need you." I ran my fingers down his sides, smiling a little. "Take me." He nodded, returning my smile before lifting me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

"Then take you I will." I grinned, letting out a slight giggle as he easily carried me upstairs towards our bedroom. My eyes were filled with the sight of his arse in tight shorts, which was a most pleasent sight, until we arrived. He promptly tossed me onto the large bed, grinning down at me. "How do you want it?" He asked, reaching down and pulling off his top, a groan leaving my lips as he exposed his inked skin. I still couldn't quite believe I'd managed to end up with one of our best rugby players.

"Hard and rough, treat me like a slut." I purred, my own hands working to remove my clothing.

"That won't be too hard." He smirked, chuckling slightly as he pushed his shorts down. I squirmed, fumbling with the zipper of my jeans as he bent down to remove his socks. I raised my legs up, pushing my jeans off, casting them and my underwear where I'd discarded my t-shirt moments before. My socks were flung through the air shortly after, leaving me as bare as he was. "Ready?"

"Yeah." I smiled, parting my legs as I looked at him, licking my lips. "I'm ready sir."

"Good boy." He smiled, running his fingers along my ankle. "Now what to do with a dirty little slut like you?" His words made me squirm on the sheets, his eyes roaming over me, his gaze hot and hungry.

With the ease that came from his strength, he flipped me onto my stomach, making me groan. I heard him move around the bed and I swallowed, eager for him. My eyes lidded and his fingers trailed down my back, over my inked skin. When they reached my waist, he pulled back. I heard more noises from him, then his left hand prised my arse cheeks apart, while two fingers of his right pushed themselves into me. I let out a low groan as the thick digits filled me, rock my ass back slightly. "Such an eager little slut." He chuckled, twisting his slick fingers inside me. "Hardly need any prep at all."

His fingers retreated from my hole after a few moments of twisting and I let out a whimper. The bed dipped behind me and his cock brushed against my ass. With his hands pulling my cheeks apart, he thrust his cock into me, a moan leaving my lips. "Yeah, you love being filled with my cock don't you slut?" I didn't have chance to respond, as he immediately started fucking me hard, pulling out and slamming back into me. Groans left my lips from each thrust, my fingers clutching the sheets.

"Ugh so good sir..." I managed to get out, squeezing my insides around his member. "Fuck your cock is the best sir."

He chuckled, his hands holding me down, his strong arms pressing me into he sheets. "Of course it is whore." Another hard thrust punctuated his words, tearing a groan from my throat. "Touch yourself."

I didn't need telling twice, snaking my right hand between my legs, my fingers easily wrapping around my aching length. Stroking was a little awkward due to my position, but I managed to push back enough so I could jerk myself.

"Such a good whore." He purred the words, his hips slappng against my cheeks. "You know, if we win you'll have to come slut yourself up for the team. I bet you'd love having to service all 34 of us wouldn't you slut?" I groaned and nodded, stroking myself harder at the thought. "Yeah, you'd love that. I bet you're picturing Leigh's cock fucking your throat as I pound you aren't you?" I moaned, his words too much as I came across the sheets and my belly. "Slut." He chuckled again, thrusting hard into me. "Well since he's not here, I guess I'll have to shoot down your throat instead."

I whimpered breathlessly as he pulled out of me, rolling me onto my back. He mounted me, climbing up my body until his dick filled my vision. "Suck it." I smiled, parting my lips and taking him down, tasting myself as I inched down him. Fingers tangled in my hair, although he didn't take control, letting my bob up and down his sizable length at own pace. I lapped at the underside of his dick, tasting his precum as I swirled it across his head whenever I pulled back. I knew he was close, so I put all my effort into getting him off. I hummed, sucking harder until I felt his fingers grip my hair tighter. With a low, wordless groan, he came down my throatand I swallowed everything he had to gave me.

Moments later it was all over, and he was laying beside me on the bed, but it had done it's job. "Feeling better?" He asked, voiced laced wih concern. I nodded, leaning over and kissing him.

"Thank you" I whispered when we parted, wrapping an arm around his chest, holding him close.

"You're welcome love." He smiled, kissing my forehead and I knew I was content. "You still wanna meet the guys before the match tomorrow?"

"Oh yes." I smiled, eager to meet his friends and team mates, although his words lingered in my mind. From the look on his face, he knew exactly what I was thinking.

"My slut." He whispered, capturing my lips with his again.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/richard hibbard, richard hibbard, rugby, slash
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