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Pairing: Askeroth/Tundra/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Tundra
Warnings: Light BDSM, watersports
Notes: I had to use google translate for the German. Slightly late xmas fic for lc_ffaf

"Come on." Virta tugged on my arm as we made our way through the backstage area. We were currently at the Wolfszeit festival andvirta was very insistant that I come with him to check out one of the bands. Nacht... something or over. I'd not heard them before, but part of the fun of festivals was checking out the other bands.

"So what're these Nacht... whatever like?"

"Nachtblut." Virta corrected me, flashing me a grin. "And you'll see."

We were almost at the stage and I could already hear growling vocals which I coudn't quite understand. The stage appeared before us as we turned the last corner and Virta pulled me to a place where we could watch without being in anyone's way. Settled, I glanced over the stage at the band. The closest member was the guitarist, who had long black hair and was dressed in black. He was quite attractive really.

My eyes were then drawn to the singer and I felt my heart skip a beat. He wore a dress which was part pvc and sleeveless, and his black hair was longer than ours. He had studded bracers on each arm, which were also covered in black makeup. "Oh fuck.." I whispered, watching him own the stage with every word he sung. He was like a wet dream come to life.

"See I knew you'd like him." Virta purred in my ear and I could practically see his smirk. "His name is Askeroth." I nodded dumbly, my gaze transfixed on Askeroth. "I hear he's very kinky." I shivered, especially at the emphasis on the word very.

I kept my focus on him as he stalked around the stage, growling out the band's lyrics. After a few songs, he undid and removed his jacket-dress, casting the thing beside the drumkit, leaving his chest bare. Like his arms, his skin was smeared in black. Fuck, this guy just got hotter. He prowled around the stage, leaping briefly to the assembled crowd for a brief stint before returning to it.

Between songs he crouched by the side of the stage, grasping... something. He came back on stage, rubbing the thing across his chest, leaving a smear of red across his skin. I squinted, trying to make out exactly what it was, but it wasn't until he raaised it above his head that I realised what it was. It was a fucking heart. He kept sinnging and then bought it to his lips and my eyes widdened as he tore it apart with his teeth and hands. Holy fuck. He tossed both halves out towards the crowd, then continued on with the song.

My mind raced, the sight turning me on more than it probably should. I just wanted him to pin me down and then... I licked by lips, eyes on him. The only problem was I didn't speak german and I wasn't sure if he spoke anything else. Virta's words made me curse the language barrier all the more.

The set ended and I was disappointed until I saw him come towards our side of the stage. At least I'd get a last good look at him, that would have to suffice. Virta uttered something, which made Askeroth stop before us. Virta spoke more and I had no idea what he was saying, but whatever it was made Askeroth look over us both. He growled, licked his lips an then stalked off.

"Come on."

"What did you say to him?" I whispered to Virta as we followed Askeroth off stage.

Virta grinned at me. "Oh you'll see."

We followed Askeroth backstage, finally stopping at Nachtblut's dressing room. He turned to us, saying something in German. Again, Virta responded for us. Whatever he said seemed to satisfy Askeroth as he pushed open the door, holding it open for us to follow him inside. Once we were in, he locked the door and strode to a chair, sitting in it and staring straight at us, a predatory look in his eyes. "Ausziehen."

Obviously it was a command of some sort, so I glanced at Virta for some clue how to proceed. He was removing his clothing, so I proceeded to do the same, shedding everything I wore. Before us, Askeroth sat back, his icy eyes staring at us as we undressed.

We were naked pretty quickly, our clothes cast aside around us. Askeroth studied usas we stood, awaiting his next command, whatever it would be. I was hard and aching, the anticipation for what was to come killing me. Eventully he spoke, licking his lips, his legs spread wide "Auf den knien. Kriechen mir."

I glanced sidelong at Virta as to what to do. I copied him as he sank to his knees and started crawling over to Askeroth. From our position, on our knees at his feet, he looked even hotter. He licked his lps and smirked down out at us. "Meunen schwanz aus ihr schlampen."

I blinked, Virta once again having an advantage over me. His hands reached for Askeroth's crotch, undoing the zipper with his nimble fingers. I helped by working off Askeroth's tousers when he lifted his ass up off his seat, although his cock almost completely distracted me from the task. I swallowed at the sight of it, his member looking larger than anyone I'd had before. His hands found our heads, pushing them towards his dick. He didn't give us any instructions, he didn't need to. We both parted our lips, our tongues lapping at his erection. He growled abovevus, his hand gripping my hair tighter, pulling me up a little so I could take his head and start sucking him.

I herd him growl and felt Virta's curls brush my skin as Askeroth pulled his head back. "Sie öffnen ihn!" Askeroth barked out, clearly to him as his hand held me firmly. I felt Virta moved from beside me, to where I did not know. I remained focussed on Askeroth's dick, taking more of him between my lips. I took him down my throat, thankful this wasn't my first cock. Over the years I sucked a lot of dicks, so I had plenty of practice and Virta wasn't much smaller than he was.

I soon had his dick fully down to the base and I purred around him. His grip on my hair tightened and I let him take control, relaxing as he fucked my face. I twisted my tongue, squeezing my lips as best I could.

I squirmed as I felt a hand on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart. A finger slipped between them, circling my opening. Askeroth didn't stop moving my head as the finger, definitely Virta's, breeched me. My eyes lidded a little as his finger worked me open, soon to be joined by another. The pair of his talented fingers stretched my hole, no doubt preparing me for Askeroth's stiff member. I hummed around him as he pushed fully down on his dick. I groaned, drooling around him as Virta's fingertips brushed against my spot.

He kept his dick fully down my throat for a good few seconds before yanking my head fully off him. He growled, but didn't say anything, not that he needed to. The moment he rose up, pushing his chair back as he did, it was clear what he was going to do. Virta's fingers slipped out of me before Askeroth had even started to move.

He circled around me until he was between my legs, his spit slick cock slipped between my cheeks, pressing against my hole. Askeroth gripped my hips, thrusting into my ass hard, a low moan leaving my lips. He growled, digging his nails into my skin. "Füllen sie den mund." Another command to Virta, as I heard him move in response. As Askeroth began fucking me hard, Virta stepped into my view, or rather his dick did. Acting on instinct I took him between my lips, sucking on him just as vigorously as I could while being fucked as hard as I was.

Virta was easy on me, his cock steadily sliding in and out of my mouth, a sharp contrast to how Askeroth was pounding my ass. He was like an animal, fucking me with wild abandon., his hips slamming against my cheeks. I was trembling from the force of it, drooling around Virta's cock, my sucking becoming sloppier. "Scießen übersein gesicht." Askeroth growled out the words and I could see Virta's curls swish as he nodded. I'd have wondered what he meant if Askeroth's cock wasn't hammering against my spot.

Virta pulled out of my mouth, which threw me off slightly for a few moments. But then he took himself in hand and stroked himself. A handful of jerks ws all it took for him to cum over my face, which made me groan and shudder. My eyelids fluttered closed and I could feel my own orgasm get closer, despite my dick going untouched. Askeroth's thrusts were enough, enough to make me moan and tremble as I came all over myself.

Even though I was dazed, I could still feel him stop and withdraw from me. His hands ran over my back as he moved around me, shoving Virta out of the way to stand before me. His thick length was stained deep red, though I knew he hadn't torn me despite his roughness. Had Virta slicked my hole with blood? It was the only thing I could think of that made sense and it certainly fit with Askeroth's image. He spat on me, stroking his dick firmly. He growled again as he came hard and thick, the fluid splashing across my face, marking me just as Virta had.

His left hand was in Virta's hair, pushing him down beside me. "Lecken sein gesicht sauber." He uttered, his deep voice slightly breathless. Virta leaned in to me, his tongue swiping against my face, lapping at his and Askeroth's cum stains. I urredand squirmed, my tongue extending to meet his skin in return. It was about halfway through that I felt something hot splash against my face. Virta moaned, stopping licking and instead kissing me as the fluid sprayed over me, over us. I glanced up and saw that it was Askeroth pissing over us and fuck, that was so strangely hot. Virta moaned into my mouth as his piss-soaked hair clung to his skin and I was sure he felt the same. I wondered if he'd known to expect this. I had a feeling he had.

All too soon the flow stopped and I was actually dissappointed. We both seperated, gazing up at him, waiting for him to tell us what to do and I was completely unsure what to expect. "You had better go and get ready for your show." He uttered in english, which I could at least understand, although it surprised me. Had he been speaking in German purposely knowing I'd not understand? The pair of us nodded, backing up to our clothing, starting to dress ourselves. "I'll be waiting for you when you finish." I shivered at the promise in his words, having a feeling it'd be something even more intense than this had been.

And I couldn't wait to find out what.
Tags: askeroth, askeroth/tundra/virta, finntroll, nachtblut, tundra, virta
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