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Troll Hunt

Troll Hunting
Pairing: Askeroth/Routa
Rating: NC-17
POV: Askeroth
Warnings: Non-con, gore
Notes 1: Sequel to this and this.
Notes 2: So awhile ago a certain someone introduced me to Askeroth and I knew I had to fic him. This is the first idea that came to mind (though I had two versions this one out) so... yess.

Trolls. Most people believed such beasts were mythical, creations from the imaginings of ancient people. That, of course, was untrue. They existed alright, living in the caves and tunnels of northen Europe. They were exclusively male and they 'reproduced' via taking humans and making them one of them. It was much akin to the folklore on vampires and werewolves, which was perhaps the origin of both.

I knew so much about trolls because I hunt them.

Due to their habitat they were rarely seen, as most caves were remote and far from civilisation. So I constantly checked for reports of missing people or strange activity in the wilderness. Sometimes I got lucky and found my prey. Other times I found bodies of people who'd clearly died by accident.

Once I found that a spate of disappearences were caused by people. As that wasn't my problem i left them to it.

Now I was looking into something that was rather promising. Two men had been reported missing near a town in Finland recently. It was surrounded by forest and I was certain there was a cave system in the nearby mountain.


It took me several hours of wandering through the trees, but here I was, staring right into the opening of a cave. Before it, close to the trees, was a wooden post sticking out of the ground, which was what gave it away as the place I was looking for. I licked my lips, slipping my night vision goggles over my face and unsheathing my blade. It shouldn't be too hard to find and deal with these beasts.

I entered the cavern, making sure to walk slowly and carefully inside. There was no point just charging in only to trip over a rock, which would surely alert any trolls that were here to my presence.

I looked around, my vision filled with the fuzzy green night vision image of the cave ahead. There wasn't any sign yet that this was a home to these beasts, but I wasn't terribly surprised. They dwelled deeper and the entrance tunnel would always be bare.

I wasn't sure how long I'd been walking, but eventually I spotted the tunnel's end. I slowed my movements, creeping up to the opening. There was a large wooden table marked with bloodstains, a flattened rock which appeared to be a bed and a shelf of skulls. Yes, this was definitely the place. I looked around to check for any signs of them but there was nothing. There were, however, two openings leading further into the caves.

Now this would be tricky. Picking which way to go was always risky. I could end up in a living area or where they slept or I could end up in essentially dead end, in a store room or larder. I slowly entered the cavern, glancing between the two. There wasn't any difference between them to indicate what would be through which. I took a deep breaath and headed through the left opening.

Beyond was another tunnel, the walls lined with the same glowing moss that was always present in these places. Although the light was enough to see by now because of it I kept my night vision on. I knew from experience that the moss could be patchy or even non-existant in some places. I moved slowly, stopping to check in each opening in the walls for any sign of my prey.

The first few were too small, no much more than alcoves really. The third one was littered with objects from people they'd taken. Ripped clothes, torn bags, random broken electronics and various other items littered the room. I shook my head slightly and continued on. The next opening had a side tunnel, which I decided to venture down. This tunnel descended deeper into the Earth. I was glad I'd kept the night vision on as the glow from the moss faded.

The tunnel ended after a few minutes, although end wasn't exactly accurate. The tunnel kept going, but it was filled with water. Buckets and various other items littered the ground around the water's edge, but this was, essentially a dead end. "Fuck." I muttered under my breath, turning and heading back the way I'd came.

I was close to the exit when I froze. There was an outline of a figure just visible in the tunnel ahead. I smirked at the sight. At last. I readied my knife, slowly creeping closer towards him. He was tall and slim, with pointed ears sticking through long, jet black hair. He sniffed the air and turned slightly, not enough to look my way, but enough for me to catch sight of his face. Surprisingly it was familiar. The first of those two guys that went missing here. He had a very distinctive look so it was impossible to mistake him. So, they'd turned him huh? I shrugged a little. Made no difference to me.

I approached him, ready to slice open his tattooed throat. Then I'd hunt down the others and do the same to them and tear them open one by one. And then I'd pull out their hearts and...

I froze. There was a snarl, right behind me and I swallowed. Fuck. Wet arms grabbed me from behind, pulling me back hard. There was another growl and I was slammed into the rock wall, the force enough to make me drop my blade to the floor. My former prey slammed my head against a rock and everything went black.


When I came to I knew I was fucked. I was in that first room, naked and tied to the table. I struggled, which only caused them to snarl. There were five of them in total. There was the one I'd first seen. The next one was larger, with longer black hair which, judging from it's wetness, meant he must have been the troll that had surprised me. Then there was one with dark brown hair, with ears less prominant than the rest, a shorter one with braids and finally one with a mass of curls that was scowling at me. The shorter of them approached me, lifting something up which I instantly recognised. They had their trophy room and I had that, which was a long leather cord onto which were ears from my previous kills. Not exactly something that would endear them to me. He growled, as if expecting some sort of explanation for them, not that there was any I could give that would please them.

"Yeah, I fucking kill you beasts and I was gonna kill you all." I struggled against the bonds, snarling at them. I knew I was probably going to get killed by them, that was a given now, but damn was I gonna go quietly. "And if I get out of this I'll ri..." I screamed, a knife slamming into the flesh of my leg. They chuckled and, through my pain, I saw they were closer now, looming around me. Another blade slammed through my arm, tearing at my flesh, my blood spilling against the table and my pale skin. The pain radiated through my body, which was enough to kill off my struggles.

Two blades weren't enough though. Another went through my left forearm, followed by a fourth through my right lower leg. Each one wrenched a scream out of my throat and, through the pain I realised that each of them must have took a blade to me. The only one that hadn't was the one that had wet hair. It was due to a lack of weapons, he firmly had a blade, my own I realised, in his hand. I shuddered on the bloodied table. All the others had taken a limb, so where was his going? I tried to growl, but knew it wouldn't come off the way I intended.

The remaining one stood between my legs, glaring down at me. He snarled and then I felt something hard. It didn't take a genius to work out what it was and what he was going to do with it. "Get the fuck away from me!" I'd hoped it came off as at least somewhat intimidating, but it just sounded pathetic.

He snarled, mounting the table and presing his lengthbetween my asscheeks. Another growl and he slammed into me, breeching me with the ease of his inhuman strength and making me scream. I'd never taken a cock before, and certainly hadn't wanted to take a troll's massive member as my first. His cock tore me open as he fucked me harshly, not giving me a moment to get used to his girth. I could feel tears prick my eyes as the pain overode my senses, moans and wails of pain leaving my lips. I was vaguely aware of the others around me, but they did nothing.

The one fucking me slashed his blade across my chest, the cuts shallow but enough to draw more blood out of me. At first the slashes were random across my pale skin, but they gradually became more focussed and deeper. Through the pain I knew exactly what he was doing. I howled in pain as he finally cut through my chest, never stopping his relentless thrusts. He tore through my muscles and flesh as easily as if they were butter, creating a cavity in my chest to reach his prize.

The blade was discarded with a clatter though it was faint now. My senses were already dimming, but I could still feel and see it all. He reached through the hole he made and I felt his hands wrap around my heart, an act I'd done to his kind so many times before. He yanked his hand back, easily ripping the vital organ from me and I gasped. I could hear the gathered trolls signal their approval and the last thing I saw, as he came inside my dying body, was his teeth ripping through my flesh.
Tags: askeroth, askeroth/routa, fic, fintroll, nachtblut, slash, the smoking hearts
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