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Pairing: Andy Biersack/Christian Coma/girl!Ashley Purdy
POV: Ashley
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het
Notes: Sequel to this. Hopefully if there's another sequel it'll come sooner.

I slipped a hand down between my legs, as I did every morning, especially now. Alas, my dick was still absent, my fingertips meeting my soft wet folds. I sighed softly.

It was now three weeks since I woke up as a girl and I'd yet to turn back. Hell, I'd still no idea how or why his had happened. Wish I did, it sure would benefit a lot of people. With no way of knowing how his happened a solution seemed unlikely. I sighed softly to myself at that prospect. At least I was home now, in familiar surroundings.

And I had Andy and CC too which was a comfort. They were the only ones that knew I'd changed, since we managed to hide it. I took all my self control not to take my top off at the gigs like I usually did. My breasts surely would've caused quite the stir amongst the crowd and it'd have become general knowledge by the end of the set. Thankfully, it seemed my breasts had gone unnoticed by the fans, for now anyway.

Jinxx and Jake though, they'd been a little harder to hide it from but I think I pulled it off. After all, I spent a lot of time offstage with CC anyway, so that wasn't too suspicious. If they suspected anything was different they hadn't say anything.

I sighed again, lightly running my fingers along my crotch. I considered fingering myself, but decided not to. That decision was mostly based on the guys, who were still here either side of me. I squirmed a little, wanting them inside me again when they woke. Both of them.

I glanced over at them both, looking first at CC, then Andy. Both were stirring, close to waking. I licked my lips, shifting beneath the covers. I looked between both of their crotches, licking my lips. Both of them had morning wood which made me smirk. They both had such beautiful cocks. I leaned in to Andy, my lips parting to take his head between them. Above me, he shifted, a groan leaving his lips.

"Mmm Ash..." I heard him mumble, his fingers shifting to my hair. Smiling around him, I suckled on his cock, bobbing up and down on his length. My hands found his thighs, stroking his soft, pale skin as I sucked him. "So fucking good."

Beside him, I heard CC stir, my gaze flicking over to him. "Mmm... what'm I missing?" I smiled around Andy's length, slipping off it with a soft pop. I leaned over, taking CC's cock between my lips. "Oh fuck..."

I purred, starting to suckle him like I had with Andy only moments before. Not wanting to neglect him I reached over, taking his slick dick in hand and stroking him. "So good Ash..." I heard Christian moan from above. "So fucking good with that mouth." I ran my tongue along his underside, starting to bob on him in earnest.

I heard shifting from above, and the next thing I knew Andy pushed the covers off us. "Much better." He smirked, licking his lips, his hot gaze on me. "Look so good with a dick down your throat." I smiled, meeting his gaze with mine as I took CC down to the base, staying there for a good few moments. As I slid back along his dick, I noticed Andy leaning in, whispering something to CC. Whatever it was made the drummer moan and nod, and I wished I could have heard what he said. I just kept on sucking, bobbing up and down on his shaft steadily.

I only stopped when Andy fisted his fingers in my hair, pulling me up off CC's dick, much to my disappointment. "Don't worry, you'll get it back between those pretty lips soon." He smirked, licking his lips as he looked me up and down. "Now, lay on CC, like you're 69ing."

I squirmed at his words, then did as he said, moving on the bed until I was in the position he wanted. It wasn't an unfamiliar position for me, though it still felt strange to feel breath on my cunt. I leaned in to Christian's cock, running my tongue along his shaft. He groaned and I felt his hands grip my ass, pulling me too his face and, fuck, his tongue was amazing. I'd known how good he was with it before this, when he gave me head and ate my ass out. I gasped as his tongue twisted inside me, lapping at my wetness. In return I parted my lips, taking his length between them, suckling him.

I shivered slightly as I felt Andy's touch on my back, CC's mouthwork almost making me forget our singer was there. He traced his fingers over my back, between my star tattoos. "Mmmm you look so fucking good." He purred in that deep voice of his, his touch moving further down my back. I squirmed a little as I bobbed on CC's dick, wondering what Andy was going to do. He wasn't much of a spectator, that we'd learned long ago, so it was only a matter of time before he became an active participant.

Beneath me, Christian's hands shifting to my thighs. His fingers gently opened me up, his tongue twisting deeper inside me. I moaned, though the sound was muffled by his dick. My eyes lidded and I did my best to keep sucking on him.

Andy made his move, holding onto my sides, his dick rubbing against my ass. For a moment I thought he was going to fuck it, especially when his cock slipped between my cheeks. His head brushed against my opening briefly before moving lower. CC pushed my body up, still holding me open and that's when I knew. Andy pushed his length into me, easily filling me completely. A hand, Andy's, held my head down on CC's dick, so all the sounds I made vibrated through the drummer. "That's it..." He purred, starting to move, his slim
hips pulling back before thrusting his cock back inside me. "Ugh fuck..."

Christian's tongue was back to work, only not just on me now. He circled my clit, lapped at my cunt and then I assumed licked along Andy's dick, maybe balls too for all I knew. All I knew was it made Andy groan. He alternated between the pair of us, his tongue twisting and lapping and darting alongside Andy's thrusting dick.

It all became a blur of pleasure, my body trembling as each of them worked their magic. My dick sucking may have become sloppy, but that didn't seem to bother CC in the slightest, his cock leaking in my mouth.

It was no surprise really that the first of our trinity to cum, my whole body shaking as I soaked Andy's cock, no doubt wetting Christian's face as well in the process. "Ugh taste so good Ash..." Our drummer purred and fuck, I probably got even got wetter just from those simple words. I tried to return his efforts on his shaft, but I just got sloppier around him.

Thankfully it was enough as soon the taste of him filled my mouth and I was swallowing his load, content. Andy pulled out of me at the same time, though I was unsure if he'd came yet. All I knew was back to licking me out, which I assume meant he had came inside me. "Fuck, that was so hot."

"Mmm..." I purred, breathless as I slipped off CC's cock, rolling off him to land on a heap on the bed. Andy chuckled, laying down on the other side of me, licking along my neck. "CC, your mouth is fucking magic..."

He grinned, kissing me so I could taste myself and Andy on his lips. It was breathless and quick, but enough. "Mmm so is yours Outlaw."

I grinned, settling between them, content.
Tags: andy biersack, andy biersack/christian coma/girl!ashley, black veil brides, christian coma, fic, girl!ashley purdy, het
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