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Three Nations

Three Nations
Pairing: Luke Johnson/Simon Neil/Stuart Richardson
Rating: NC-17
POV: Stu
Warnings: Buttsexing
Notes: I blame a certain Frenchy for this. 103938%

It was our first time at a festival as No Devotion. We'd done several as the last band, but like with everything else associated with that time, I put it out of my mind. It wall fresh and new anyway, with us being lower on the bill and new people milling around. There were some familiar faces in amongst the myriad new ones. Mike and Lee were currently engaged in a discussion with the guys from The Blackout. Geoff and Jamie were, well, I wasn't sure where.

Myself and Luke were at the side of the main stage, watching tonight's headliners. They were Biffy Clyro. I'd seen them before, at some event in the old days, but this felt different. My eyes were on the singer, Simon, who was parading around the stage topless with trousers that clung to his arse. I swallowed as I watched him play, debauched images of him sprawled out beneath me filling my mind.

"Fuck, it should be illegal for someone with an ass like that to wear trousers that tight." Luke's words, whispered in my ear, interrupted my thoughts. I'd not even realised he'd leaned in until he spoke, I'd been so distracted by the sight before him.

I nodded in response, wetting my lips before replying. "Dirty Brummie."

We spent the rest of the set enjoying the view as he bent over, thrust his hips and was just being hot in general. Alas, though, all such things had to come to an end sometime. They were now at the edge of the stage, tossing out pics and sticks to the crowd. I guessed we'd have to find somewhere quiet, since I knew the show made me ache and I was certain Luke felt the same.

"I saw you." I blinked as I looked Simon over, amazed at how he was now right there in front of us. He smiled, brushing a few strands of his hair from his face. "You're those guys from that band right?" My heart quickened slightly, knowing he'd probably mention that last band. Everyone did it, and I hated the near constant reminder caused by it. "No Devotion right?" I blinked, genuinely surprised that he would know us from what we were doing now. "Yeah, I heard you guys, you're pretty good." He smiled brightly, nodding along as he spoke, which caused his hair to fall back over his eyes.

"Thanks." I replied, genuinely meaning it. "You were pretty awesome yourself."

He grinned and nodded again. "Yeah, I noticed you two watching." He leaned in close, so close I could feel his breath on my face. "I can tell what you want too." His fingers brushed againstmy crotch, making me shiver. "So how about it?" He asked, as he ran his fingers over Luke's thigh.

"Oh yes." He answered, nodding eagerly, returning Simon's grin. "Got anywhere in mind?"


He led us back to Biffy's dressing room, opening the door to let us in and locking it behind us once we were inside. He turned and grinned at us, swaying his hips. "Now, I feel so underdressed compared to you two." He purred, running a hand down the front of each of us. "Let's change that shall we?"

He grasped our t-shirts, pulling them up with surprising ease, as if he was used to stripping two guys at once. We raised our hands to let him remove them and I watched as they got tossed away. His eyes ran over our bare chests and he licked his lips. "Mmm you big strong men are so hot." He grinned, his fingertips brushing against our arms. "I bet you know just what to do with a slut like me."

"Damn right." Luke growled from beside me, reaching over and pulling down Simon's trousers in one quick motion. "Such a fucking slut." I smirked, not surprised in the least by his lack of underwear. His cock, smaller than either of us, stood erect, sticking out of thick black curls. Luke flashed me a grin, then grabbed Simon's hair and pushed him to his knees. "Since you're such a slut than that's how we'll treat you."

Luke gave me a nod, and I circled around Simon's body, licking my lips at the sight of those rounded cheeks. I reached down, pulling his trousers the rest of the way off, tossing them aside. His shoes soon followed and I shared a grin with Luke once they were gone. "Much better."

Luke nodded in agreement, looking down at Simon. "Where's the lube slut?"

"In there." He pointed to a bag, squirming. "Front pocket." His words were slightly breathless and I could tell his gaze was fixed on the bulge of Luke's cock. Not that I could blame him really, he was pretty impressive so it was natural a dickslut would be so entranced.

I made my way over to the bag he'd indicated. As I undid the zip, I heard the familiar sound of flies being undone which made me smirk. I quickly found the tube, half empty and clearly well used, then returned to the action.

Luke's dick was sticking out from his jeans, with Simon's lips and tongue working over him. The sight made my own cock twitch, and I popped open the tube, eager to get started. I squirted the thick fluid over my fingers. I move behind him, standing between his parted legs. My other hand want straight to his ass, spreading those perfect cheeks for my hungry eyes. "So fucking hot." I practically purred the words out, reaching with my slick fingers for his twitching pucker. I pressed two fingers into him, watching as they sank easily in his slutty hole. He was so wet with his sweat that I filled him easily and fuck, he sweat so fucking much.

I worked his wet hole, eagerly working him open for my dick, listening to the moans that left his lips. I wasn't sure if he was moaning more because of my fingers or Luke rubbing his dick over his hairy face. Luke sneered down at him, growling. "Don't worry slut, soon you'll get my dick thrust down your throat." I bit back a groan at the thought, driving my finger in deeper, my other hand tugging down my fly. I needed to be inside him, just like I could tell Luke did too.

I removed my fingers from him, smirking at the needy whimper he made. He probably always wanted his ass filled. It was almost a shame he woore such tight trousers since it would mean a toy would be noticeable. Almost. I pushed my jeans down, kicking them off once they reached my feet. He was so wet I just wiped my fingers over my shaft and pressed between his cheeks, aiming for his hole. I thrust in the second my head met his opening, not caring to go slow with him. He groaned again, but the sound was quickly muffled by Luke stuffing his cock between his lips.

I gripped Simon's hips and started moving roughly in and out of his sweet ass. As I fucked him I couldn't help but look at Luke's inked hands gripping Simon's locks as he thrust his hips against his face. "Mmmm this slut's really good at taking cock. How's his arse?"

"Amazing." I replied, slamming hard into him, hearing him choke on Luke. "He's so fucking wet." A moan left my lips as his arse twitched around me. "And so fucking hot."

"So's his fucking slut mouth." He growled, grinning at me, thrusting his hips against Simon's face. He yanked on his hair, spitting on the inked skin of Simon's back. "Fancy switching?"

I licked my lips at the thought, thrusting against Simon's fleshy cheeks. As much as I Ioved fucking him I had to admit I wanted to fuck his face. And sharing was caring after all. "Sure." I nodded, pulling out, hearing Simon whimper like the needy whore he was as Luke did the same.

"Slut." Luke chuckled, circling around his prone body as I did the same, moving to stand before him. Simon's eyes were dark with lust and he was drooling a little. He really was such a filthy little cockslut.

We both took up our respective positions, Luke's hands spreading Simon's cheeks apart while mine tangled in his hair, pulling him to my dick. His lips parted and I couldn't resist sliding right in there. A groan left my lips as he started to work his magic. I'd not been with a guy with this much facial hair before, and it felt slightly strange against my thighs as he took me down. Before me I watched as Luke thrust into him, ruthlessly fucking the desperte slut. Luke looked was so hot when he was fucking someone, sweat glistening over is inked skin as he thrust his hips. Although he did look hotter when he was sprawled out, moaning as he got fucked, though I'd only knewone guy who did that.

Simon's tongue took me out of my thoughts, bringing me back to focus on what was happening. It was so hot knowing that Simon's tongue was working my dick, especially so since I'd just been ballls deep inside him. I licked my lips, tugging his locks. "That's it you fucking slut. Ugh you right he sure knows what he's doing."

"Yeah." Luke grinned, fucking him hard. "Bet he's used to taking it from the twins every night. Isn't that right slut?" All he could managed was a groan, muffled by my cock, which could mean fucking anything. Luke chuckled, slamming hard and deep into him.

We kept up like that for a few more minutes, with the sounds of grunts and groans filling the air until I heard Luke chuckle again. "Look at the slut." Luke pulled out, batting my hands away as he pulled Simon off me. He'd came, untouched, of his belly and the floor.

I grinned, licking my lips at the sight. "Best clean up your mess slut." Luke nodded in agreement, casually stroking his aching cock beside me. Simon shifted when Luke released him, bending own to lick his stains from the floor. The sight was enough for me to follow in Luke's stead, stroking myself firmly.

"Follow my lead." Luke purred, gripping his hair again when it looked like he was done. He beckoned me close and then spoke up. "Just for that slut we're going to cum all over your face, so you'll look like the skank you really are." And with that he wanked himself into a frenzy, with Simon rubbing his face against us. I followed his lead, stroking myself hard, knowing we'd both blow our loads soon. And fuck, I couldn't wait to see him like that.

I didn't have to wait long. Luke came, growling as he spilled, making sure it all went in Simon's beard. The sight was enough to set me off and I mirrored his actions, splattering cum over the left side of his beard. Fuck, he really did look hot like that. I steppedback, licking my lips at the sight of our our loads sticking to his dark hairs, making them clump together in places. It made me wish we weren't alone, so other guys could spill across his face. Maybe I should call the others, or at a least take a picture.

Luke was ahead of me though, snapping a few shots on his phone, turning it around to show him. "That's you. A dirty, filthy cum covered slut."

"Aye, that he is." I turned, slightly surprised to see his twin bandmates there. I wondered howlong they'd been there, watching us, but I supposed it didn't matter.They both grinned, advancing on us. "But he can always do with more."

Oh yes.
Tags: biffy clyro, fic, luke johnson, luke johnson/simon neil/stuart richadson, no devotion, simon neil, slash, stuart richardson
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