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Puremajälkiä Ja Veritahroja

Puremajälkiä Ja Veritahroja
Pairing: Routa/Tundra
Rating: NC-17
POV: Routa
Warnings: Hot Finnish sex
Notes: I blame a certain welshie for this. And a certain Finn

I sighed, sprawling myself across the hotel room bed. I pulled my stage skirt up, glad I didn't bother with underwear. There was a bitemark on my leg from our bassist that was clearly visible. For some reason his biting had gotten me all worked up and I'd been desperte to jerk off since he sank his teeth into me.

I grasped my cock in hand, starting to stoke myself. My mind was filled with images of him between my legs, his teeth sinking into my leg. The thoughts were enough to make me ache in my hand. I kept stroking myself, a low groan escaping my lips. "Fuck..." I rolled my hips up, meeting my hand. I was already so close, I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. I didn't let up, stroking harder, desperate for release.

I came a few seconds later with a low groan, the first spurt landing over the inside of my skirt, the rest dribbling down my fingers. I took few deep breaths as I let go of my dick, wiping my hand on my leg. Ok, I definitely needed him to do that.


It was a few days before we had another hotel room night and my mind had raced with thoughts of him biting me. Alas he didn't do it, which only left me more fustrated and needy for it.

The second we got given the keys for our rooms, I grabbed his wrist. "You're coming with me." I growled in his ear, pulling him towards the lift.

As soon as we were in the small space he turned to me, blinking. "What's up?" He asked, a playful smile on his face. "If you wanted to hang out you could just ask."

I shook my head, pressing the button for the floor my room was on. "Oh I don't want to hang out Sami." I leaned in close to him, looking him dead in the eyes. "I want you to do something for me."

His eyes lit up and I could tell he was curious now. Before he could open his mouth to question me though, the lift came to a stop. I tugged him out as soon as the door opened, glad that my room number was within my eyeline. I crossed the short distance with him in tow, opening the door as quickly as possible to get us inside.

"So what is it you want me to do?" He asked, once the lights were on and our bags were set down. I smiled, licking my lips and sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I want you to bite me." He blinked at my words, looking me over as he processed his response.


"Here." I nodded down as I gestured towards my legs, the tent in my skirt slightly noticeable. Apparently he noticed it too, licking his lips.

"Ok." I bit back a groan at that word, even though I was sure he'd agree. "How about you get in the position you want."

I nodded, scooting up the bed and parting my legs, shifting my skirt up like I did that night. From my position I watched as he stripped naked, amazed at how fast he seemed to shed them. He was such a pretty little thing really, especially like this. He flashed a smirk at me, then climbed on the bed. Almost instantly his teeth sank into my lower leg, just below my knee. I groaned, my fingers gripping the sheets as I watched him. His ears were still in place, so it looked like I was being ravaged by an actual troll which made the whole thing even hotter. Especially when he growled as he moved to bite my other leg.

My dick ached for attention, so I slipped a hand to grasp it but that didn't last long. He snarled and lifted up, yanking my hand off my cock. "No." He growled, biting hard into my lower thigh, enough to draw blood.

I groaned, gripping the sheets harder as he peppered my legs with bites. Some were barely grazes of his teeth, while others made me moan in pain as he drew blood, his tongue swiping over the wound he made each time. To start with the bies were completely random, from my hip down past my knee. Eventually, though, I noticed the randomness had stopped. His bites were now making a zig zag pattern, going from one leg to another upwards towards my crotch.

He stopped when he reached my hip, as close to my aching dick as was possible for himto get. I shivered as he leaned in, grazing my balls with his teeth. He didn't bite though, instead darting his tongue out over my soft flesh. His tongue swiped up along my thick shaft, from base to tip, his dark eyes on me. Fuck he looked so hot and he knew it. Smirking, he held my cock up and started to take me down his throat, making sure to brush his teeth against my heated flesh.

He started to bob up and down with practised ease, his hands roaming over my wounded legs, the long ears sticking out of his dark braids. I moaned, resisting the urge to grip onto his hair, knowing my release was near. I tipped my head back, thrusting up against him,which he responded to by holding me down and sucking harder on my length. I bit my lip to stop from howling as I let go, shooting hard in his talented mouth, feeling him swallow every drop I had to give him.

I let my eyes lid, panting softly as I felt his swet lips leave my softening dick. I felt him move up the bed until his weight settled on my chest. When my eyes opened again his dick was right there, filling my vision. He wrapped his fingers around himsel and started stroking, his hand becoming a blur. I found myself unable to do anything but watch for a few moments, transfixed by the motion. I parted my lips a little, in case he wanted me to return the favor, but his free hand reach down and closed my mouth.

I watched as he stroked himself, his dick twitching with each stroke. His free hand moved to my hair, but instead of pulling me close he yanked my head back. I could still see him jerk of, but the angle made it slightly difficult. It didn't matter all that much though, as it was only a few strokes before he came, his load landing in my beard. He groaned above me, wiping his sticky shaft against me, until I was sure every hair had some amount of him on it.

He looked down at me, flashed me a grin, then flopped down beside unceremoniously. "Why'd you do that?" I manged, slightly breathless still.

"It's been something I've been thinking about. And I was right, it's hot seeing your beard all cum stained." He grinned and before I could managed a response, he'd leaned in and nibbled on my neck, distracting all thoughts from my head. Those fucking teeth of his.
Tags: fic, finntroll, routa, routa/tundra, slash, tundra
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