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The Last Rule

The Last Rule
Pairing: Luke Johnson/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Luke
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Set at the future No Devotion Cardiff tour date, which we all know will be a Welsh orgy. I blame a certain Welshie for this

The venue was so much smaller than those we'd played before. In a way, I felt we needed to re-earn the right to play in the bigger venues, even though this one was filled to capacity. I looked out over the crowd and I had to admit I was nervous to play our new stuff in front of all these people. Especially since they were ones I recognised, like the guys from The Blackout. I could tell I wasn't alone in feeling that way. The positive response to our first sngs should have relived that, but there was a big difference between first radio play and first play before an audience.

The first show being in Cardiff wasn't an accident, the guys wanted it to be the first place we played our stuff. It made perfect sense really to start with the home crowd.

It was halfway through the first song that my heart skipped a beat as my eyes found a familiar face in the crowd. Him. His eyes met mine and I swallowed, barely managing to keep up the beat. That was the effect that he had on me. Moose. He smirked as he watched me play, no doubt knowing the effect he had on me. I kept playing, not allowing my mind to drift into thoughts of him, though that was hard with him looking at my like that.


The good thing about our first shows was we had so few songs to play. Before we had five albums to make sets from but now there was just one so we played all we had. It meant we had a shorter set, which I was glad of tonight.

When we got offstage we spent our time mingling with friends and fans. I signed tickets, posed for photos and smiled and nodded along as I listened to what people had to say, which was very supportive and positive. I avoided the urge to just bolt, knowing it be suspicious and I didn't want to disappoint the fans who had shown up to see us.

I jumped a little when I felt a tap on my shoulder, turning to see Stu standing there. He was smiling at me, leaning in close. "Go on man, we'll be fine. Just besure to make it back for the gig tomorrow."

"Thanks." I returned his smile, and he gestured for me to go. Moose was leaning against the back wall, waiting, and I crossed the distance over to him. "I wasn't sure you'd come."

"Of course." He looked me over, licking his lips and nodding. "I couldn't resist coming to see you." It was very clear that he meant much more then simply seeing me. "Now come on, I want to see you more."

I nodded, swallowing the 'yes sir' that threatened to escape my lips. Not yet, but soon. He pushed himself off the wall and I followed him out the door into the cool Cardiff night air.


The trip to his was filled with general small talk, although my mind was on what was to come when we arrived. Me and Moose were, in short, fuck buddies. We hooked up whenever we could, which had been few and far between recently. I'd certainly thought about it a lot though, mostly in the dead of night when I was pumping my cock, images of him filling my mind.

When we arrived I couldn't get out of the car fast enough, hearing him chuckle at my actions. "Such an eager little slut aren't we?" He purred the words out as he got out, making his way to the door. I felt my cheeks flush at his words as I heard the jangle of his keys. He opened the door, stepping inside and turning to face me. "You know what to do."

"Yes sir." I replied with a nod, before following him inside. I remained in the hall, quickly shedding my clothes as he made his way towards the bedroom. Time was always a factor when it came to our sessions, so there wasn't time for chit chat or anything beforehand. I set my discarded clothes on a chair beside the door, pushing my shoes under it and swallowing. My cock was hard and firm between my legs, and I allowed myself a single stroke. Satisfied, I headed after him towards his room.

"Crawl slut." I heard him growl from within the room and I instantly got on my hands and knees. I took a deep breath to steady myself, then made my way inside, not sure what to expect.

When I glanced up, he was perched on the edge of the bed, staring down at me, a smirk on his face. He was naked and hard, his legs spread before me. "Good slut." He reached down, securing a collar around my inked throat. "There, much better. Now, do you remember the rules?"

"Yes sir." I nodded, eyes on him. Fuck, I felt so owned like this. It was a feeling I could only get from him. The rules were few and simple. Don't speak unless spoken to. Call him sir. Do everything he says. And there was a safeword, which I'd not uttered so far. I swallowed, my gaze shifting to his dick.

"Good." He stood, making sure to hit me in the face with his length as he did so, and stepped away from me. Fuck he had a nice arse, I just wanted to bury my face between his cheeks. I remained where I was, waiting, wondering what he had in mind for me. "Close your eyes slut." I did so, my world turning black as I heard him return to me. I heard things land on the floor beside me, though I couldn't make out what they were. He kicked my legs further apart, followed by him securing straps around my ankles. A spreader bar. He ran a hand up the back of my leg, coming to rest on my cheeks. A firm squeeze was followed by sharp slap, which made me release a groan. He chuckled and then his hand was gone. I swallowed a whimper, wondering what else he had in mind.

A few moments went by before I felt his touch again, only this time his fingers were slick. He worked them into my asshole, his left hand holding me open. I gasped as he pushed two of his fingers fully inside me, wasting no time in getting me ready for his cock. And fuck did I need it. He steadily opened me up with his practised fingers, making me groan as he added a third alongside them.

And then they were gone, the loss making me whimper pathetically even though I knew something better was coming. He chuckled again, spitting on my back. "Don't worry slut, soon you'll be filled again." As soon as those words left his lips I felt something press against my opening. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter, feeling the length fill me. It wasn't him, that was obvious from the moment it entered me, but I took the rubber shaft all the same. A groan left my lips as he seated it fully inside me, his fingers splaying against my cheeks. "Such a slut, taking it so easily." He purred behind me, nudging the dildo so it caught my spot. Fuck he knew just how to work me.

"Now just one more thing." I swallowed as his fingers left me again, wondering again what he had in store for me. When he next touched me, it was my dick, his hand working me steadily. I ached in his hand, knowing full well how easily he could bring me off if he wanted. Alas he didn't, not that I was surprised a sit was far too early for me to shoot. He released me, slipping a ring down my cock. Fuck. I swallowed a whimper, hearing him move around my prone body.

He was in front of me now, I could smell him. "Open." Instantly my lips parted as wide as I could and I heard him chuckle. "Eyes too slut." I did as I was told, my vision filled with his cock. I felt myself drool a little and I felt him spit on me again. "So eager. Alright, suck it whore."

I didn't need telling twice, closing the space between us taking him between my lips. I'd missed the taste and feeling of him so much, I realised that now. I flicked my eyes up to watch him as my nose settled in his soft, dark curls. Fuck it felt so... right to have him fully down my throat. I wiggled my tongue against his shaft, inching my way back until his soft head was all that remained. I twisted his tongue against him, watching him smirk down at me. "You dirty Brummie whore." He growled as I sucked him down again, savoring the moment, because who knw when I could do this again.

Steadily I sped up, encouraged by his fingers tangling in my hair, urging me on but not taking control himself. I hummed around him, squeeze my lips and licked at him in all the ways I knew he liked. He groaned above me, thrusting his hips against my face and I knew he'd shoot soon if I kept this up. I could even taste him.

Another growl and he pulled me off his dick, a whimper leaving my throat. "Don't worry slut, this isn't leaving you for long." He moved around me again, stepping between my spread legs. He returned his hand to my arse, removing the dildo from me in one swift movement, casting it aside. "Here it comes slut."

I groaned as he pulled my cheeks apart and thrust into me, filling me up with his spit-slick shaft. I moaned, much more satisfied by being filled by him than the lifeless rubber of the toy. "Oh yes, you feel as good as always slut." He growled, starting to pound me, his cock making my ringed length ache. "Mmm I bet you need his, to be fucked like the dirt slut you are." I nodded, groaning as he slammed into me, digging his nails into my soft flesh. "I bet you need this too huh?" He reached around me, running his fingers along my twitching dick. Another moan, another nod. "Beg."

I swallowed, trying to focus on words. "Please sir. Please jerk me off. Wank me, make me shoot over myself as you fuck my slutty hole.Please sir. Please..."

It worked well enough, his fingers slipping the ring from the base of my dick. He took me in hand and began pumping me as he fucked me, desperate moans leaving my lips. Fuck I must have sounded like such a fucking whore. He growled again, his balls slapping against me. "That's it you filthy slut. You were just made for my dick weren't you? Fuck..."

I groaned, bucking into his hand, his words combined with his thrusting tipping me over the edge. I tipped my head back as I groaned, spilling over my inked skin. "Ugh sir..."

"That's it, look at yourself you dirty whore, so fucking dirty..." He slammed into me, hard this time, his fingers releasing their grip my cock. I was in a daze, but I made sure to squeeze around him. He was right, I was a dirty whore, and I needed his cum inside me. I wanted to beg for it, but the words got caught in my throat, so all I managed was desperate moans. But it was enough for him to get the message. He buried himself inside me one last time and came, filling me with his load. Like the slut I was.

"Mmm that's it." He purred, pulling out when he was one, wiping himself over my cheeks as he went. "We really mustn't wait this long to do this again slut." I nodded, breathless from the pounding my ass had just taken. I felt him undo the restraints that held my legs apart and I let out a small sigh as I stretched my legs.

He went to the bed, spawling himself across the sheets, pulling a beer out from the mini-fridge beside it. I climbed on, laying beside him as he swallowed it down, is throat bobbing. "Moose, I..." He turned his attention to me, putting his finger to my lips.

"The last rule." I swallowed the rest of the words and nodded, taking the beer he offered. The last rule sounded simple at first, but now? Not so much, epecially now I knew how right he felt inside me. So I tried to bury the notion down, along with my mouthful of beer.

'Don't say the l word.'
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, luke johnson, luke johnson/moose, moose, no devotion, slash
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