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Am I the reason you breath or the reason you cry?

The past day has been... interesting. Thursday night I spoke to Gav on msn. He's offering a truce. Aparently he's sorry for what he's done. I'm unsure, I didn't believe him.

I say didn't instead of do because of yesterday. I went into school, and had to go to the sixth form area to sort out my locker and stuff. As I was climbing up the outside steps I heard a very enthusiastic "Stu!!" And there he was, waving and smiling. He looked... so perfect. Different but still... Is it wrong of me to still want him?

I seen Laura too, she looks good, so does Liz. I'm gonna go in early Monday and see em all. I have to.

After school, I went blood doning. It wasn't so bad. Until about 6 when I felt light headed (still do). So I couldn't go shopping today. *pout*

Seen Kel, and have stuff do to, but kazaa's being a bitch!
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