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All Shiny And New

All Shiny And New
Pairing: Andy Biersack/Christian Coma/girl!Ashley Purdy
Rating: NC-17
POV: Andy
Warnings: Het, err.. that's it really.
Notes: First suddenly-a-girl fic based on this. Woo. This woulda been done sooner if my keyboard hadn't screwed up.

I looked up from where I was seated with CC in the back of our tour bus. I glanced at him, to confirm that I'd not imagined hearing a shriek from the bunks. His expression told me all I needed, that he'd heard it too. There was only one person it could be, since Jinxx and Jake had gone off exploring, and that meant it was Ashley. Though it didn't really... sound like him. The pair of us stood, curious, heading back down towards the bunks.

"Ash dude, you ok?" CC asked, from beside me, his eyes on Ashley's bunk.

"Not really." His voice sounded different, higher. Maybe it was because of whatever it was that had troubled him.

"We can help." I spoke up, CC nodding beside me despite Ashley not bing able to see. "Whatever it is, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is."

I herd him snorted behind the curtain. "You think?" He pulled back the fabric seperating us and we both gasped at the sight before us. Ashley was laying on his sheets, completely naked. That wasn't surprising, we knew he slept nude often. What was surprising was that there was now a pair of breasts on his chest.

"Holy shit..." CC whispered from beside me and I just found myself nodding, my eyes wide. How the fuck did he have tits?

"That's not all." He rolled onto his side facing us, giving us a better view of his new, perfect tits. But then my eyes darted down between his legs and I realised that wasn't the only thing that had changed about him. His cock and balls were gone. In their place was a cunt, that looked just like a girl's with soft, wet folds. I swallowed, taking in the sight of him disbelieving what I was seeing.

"Fucking hell." CC muttered from beside me, voice soft. "Dude, you're a chick."

"Well duh." Ashley gestured at his body, as if we hadn't been staring since he'd turned to face us. "That's the fucking problem!"

I swallowed, returning my gaze to his face as he sat up, swinging his legs over the side of his bunk. "Er... do you know how this happened?"

He raised an eyebrow at me, but shook his head. "No. I just woke up, reached down and bam! Instead of my dick I found... this." More gesturing, this time between his legs and I found myself looking again. "What am I going to do?!"

"Do what anyone'd do if they woke up as the opposite sex. Jerk off, get fucked, play with your tits." CC spoke up from beside me, and we both turned to look at him. "What? It's the first thing we think of when we talk about it. So why not do it?"

Ashley's expression briefly flicked to curiosity, then switched to a glare. "And what then huh? We have a gig tonight. How the fuck can I hide these? I mean we're in fucking Australia of all places, it's not as if I can wear layers."

"We'll sort something out." CC replied quickly and I had the distinct impression he was thinking with his dick. Couldn't say I blamed him though really, I was thinking the same. Ashley did make a smoking chick, not that he wasn't hot already of course. "How about you stop worrying about it and start enjoying it." He reached over, running his fingers over Ashley's breast the contact making him purr. "Let us take care of you." As he said those words he traced his fingers lower, across his outlaw tattoo, resting them just above his crotch. His gaze met Ashley's and when he recieved a nod, his fingers darted lower, his tips brushing over Ashley's pussy. CC glanced at me as his fingers sank into him, a groan leaving Ashleys lips as he did so. He leaned in close, purring softly as he whispered in his ear. "Do you want it?"

Ashley nodded, hips rocking up into his touch. "Y... yes."

I smiled, leaning in and capturing his lips with my own. I'd kissed him before, but this felt different, though I couldn't quite place why. I felt CC shift, kissing down his neck, his fingers moving slow between his legs. My hands were on his breasts, cupping them and stroking his skin gently. Fuck, he was so hot. Or should that be she now? Best not to think on it too much.

When our lips seperated I realised how overdressed we were in comparison to him and how this wasn't going to work here. "Come on, let's get in the back." Ashley nodded in agreement, standing up from his bunk, CC's fingers slipping out of him. I bit back a groan as I watched him suck Ash's juices from his fingers. Fuck, I'd have to taste him while he was like this. I led them through to the lounge area. My fingers moved between my legs, squeezing my bulge through my tight pants.

Once we were in there, I undid my flies, pushing my pants down my slim legs. Off to my left, I saw CC was doing the exact same thing. It made me glad we didn't wear much on the bus. "Now Ash, who do you want where?" He asked, purring as he pressed his bare body against Ashley's back, his hands roaming over his skin. "Or shall we decide?"

Ashley shivered from his touch, eyes on me. "I want Andy in my pussy." I let out a small groan, watching as he rocked back against our drummer. "And CC up my ass." There was a groan from CC and he nodded, kissing his shoulder, his fingers trailing lower. A gasp and I watched as Ash got fingered again, two of CC's fingers sliding in and out. My dick twitched appreciatively at the sight and I stepped closer to them, eager to get inside him.

CC smiled, a dirty smile as he removed his fingers from Ashley's new pussy. They were wetter than before, glistening with his juices. I groaned softly, wanting to taste but he had other plans. He moved, his fingers shifting to sink into his ass causing Ash to moan, his eyes lidding.

I reached for him, running my fingers over his breasts once more, though this time I wasn't going to linger on them. Instead I traced them down, over the outlaw tattoo on her belly, towards his new opening. With one hand I stroked him, grasping my dick with the other. "Ready?" I whispered, looking into his lust clouded eyes. A moan and a nod served as confirmation, so I gently held him open and pressed inside. Another moan left his lips, his head tipping back against CC and, fuck, his pussy felt so real, so like a girl's. It was so hot, wet and tight. I groaned, rolling my hips against him, starting to fuck him steadily. Ash's hands gripped my sides, holding tight as I moved. When I was fully inside him I could feel CC's fingers as he fingered his ass, opening Ash up.

"Hey Andy, stay still a sec." I nodded, holding Ash and stilling inside him, his breasts pressed against me. I felt the fingers retreat from him, a groan leaving his lips. CC shifted and I watched him press forward, his cock sinking into Ashley's ass. The three of us moaned, Ashley shuddering between our bodies. I remained still so he could get used to being filled, though it was hard with his new pussy twitching around my dick. "Fuck Ash, how's it feel to have both holes filled?"

"It'd be better if you started moving!" Ash growled between us, circling his hips. At that we began to move steadily, both of us holding him. We found a rhythm after a few moments. When one of us was pressing inside our bassist, the other would be pulling out. The result was a room filled with low groans and the sounds of skin against skin. My lips found Ashley's again and I slipped my tongue inside, lapping at his as I felt CC's hair brush against me, his lips latched on Ashley's neck. Fuck.

"Harder." Ashley whispered between us, voice breathy and desperate. We were only too happy to oblige, our hips moving faster against him.

"Fuck Ashley, your new cunt feels amazing." I groaned the words out as I slammed into his wet heat.

"Mm." CC purred from behind him, his fingers trailing down his stomach. "Hope it stays long enough for me to have a turn." His words made Ashley twitched around me, the pair of us moaning. Ashley gasped as CC's thumb brushed over his clit, his pad circling against the sensitive flesh. "Cum for us Ashley. Soak Andy's dick with your cum."

Ashley shuddered between us, crying out, his head tipping back against CC's shoulder. His pussy twitching more around me and I knew CC's words and thumb had tipped him over. My eyes lidded at the feeling and I followed him over, shooting into his wet heat with a groan of his name. Fuck that was amazing.

I panted, just holding him close as we recovered. Behind him, CC eased out and I assumed he'd came when we did. "Mmm so good Ashley." He kissed the back of his neck, shifting to kiss down Ashley's back. He sank down to his knees and, well, I couldn't see exactly but I could hear.

I slipped out of Ashley, kissing a trail down over his breasts, flicking my tongue over his outlaw tattoo. He groaned from above me as I flicked my tongue over his clit "Fuck Andy, CC..." I smiled, holding his thighs, my thumbs gently opening him up. I swiped my tongue down his pussy, my eyes lidding as I lapped up the mixture of my cum and his juices. His hands threaded through my hair, holding me close as I twisted my tongue in him. Fuck, he tasted so good. His hips rolled against my face and he gripped me tighter. A moan left his lips and I felt him cum again, his body squirming as I lapped him up.

As I pulled back, CC stood, helping Ash sit down. "So, feel better about your predicament?" He asked as I stood, lighting myself a cigarette.

"Oh yeah." Ashley replied, voice breathless. "Just... these." He gestured at his breasts again, making CC chuckle.

"Don't worry, we'll find something." He kissed his neck, before standing and wandering off to do just that.
Tags: andy biersack, andy biersack/christian coma/girl!ashley, black veil brides, christian coma, fic, girl!ashley purdy, het
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