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The Hair And The Ink

The Hair And The Ink
Pairing: Andy Biersack/Ashley Purdy/Calvin Roffey
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ashley
Warnings: Sextimes
Notes: This started from me writing the two words: spitroasting Calvin, with Ashley and Andy in mind. I dunno where it came from but it did. I knew I had to do some form of BVB/Calvin fic after the tour though so... here it be. This is Calvin's chest piece, for reference. Also pokes for comments on last fic.

I stood to the side of the stage, close enough to see the band, but enough in the shadows so I'd not be seen. The crowd was wild for these guys and I just wanted to see them perform. Sure, I'd heard them play in the previous nights from backstage, but I wanted to actually see them. The band were The Smoking Hearts, the opener of our Uk tour. I wasn't sure who was who exactly, but fuck, they sure had a lot of energy. Especially their bassist. He had long jet black hair, plenty of ink and fuck, what an ass he had. The tight jeans he wore clung to his ass, showing it of as he bounced around the stage. Fuck, I wanted to tap that ass.

And that's exactly what I'd do. I licked my lips at the thought, smirking to myself.


His name, I discovered, was Calvin. I figured if I was going to fuck him I should at least find out his name first. I spent my time after their set thinking of how to do this. Obviously fucking backstage was out. Firstly because I doubted there was time to do so before I had to get ready and secondly because they spent their time out by merch, talking to fans. So it'd be after the show.

Usually they went off straight after, driving through to the next venue in their van over night. Tonight, though, was a hotel night. Not just for us, but them too. The question was, how to get him.

"What's on your mind?" The distinctive deep voice could only belong to one person. Andy. I glanced over at him, and he smiled. "I can tell when something's on your mind, what is it?"

"I checked out the first support tonight, The Smoking Hearts." He nodded, leaning forward slightly to listen. "I'm gonna bang the bassist."

"The one with the hair and the ink?" He asked, gesturing as he spoke. I nodded my response, noting how his eyes seemed to light up. "Ah yeah, he's hot alright." He blew out a cloud of smoke from between his lips, then traced his tongue over them. "Mind if I come along?"

My mind instantly became filled with images of him and Calvin, and fuck, so hot. My dick ached in my pants at the thoughts I had. "Sure."

He smirked and finished his cigarette, crushing the stub underfoot. "Then we'll find him at the hotel after the show." I nodded my agreement, following him back into the venue. "For now, though, showtime."


The show, as always, was great. Seeing so many people, all enthusiastic to see us, all singing along to our words, always gave me such a buzz. About an hour later, after saying hi to a few fans, we arrived at the hotel. Me and Andy had agreed to share a room, so it was just a matter of finding Calvin. Thankfully, that wasn't as difficult as I had expected, as their van had followed our bus here. They came in just after Andy had gotten our room key, which was perfect timing. I walked over to him, smiling. "Hello Calvin."

"Er hi Ashley." He returned my smile, the rest of his band leaving us to get their own keys.

I leaned in, lowering my voice. "Wanna fuck?" I asked him, feeling that being blunt would be the best way to go. After all, if you don't ask,you don't get and who knows when I'd get this chance again.

He blinked a little, looking a bit stunned by my words. I couldn't blame him, we'd not even had a conversation before now after all. He looked me over, his inked neck bobbing as he swallowed. After a few moments, he finally spoke up. "Sure. Will it just be us or...?"

"Andy wants in too. If that's ok with you of course." If he only wanted it to be us, that would be fine with me. Andy could go jerk off in the corridor for all I cared. But I had a feeling that because he asked, he'd be ok with it.

He looked behind me, towards where Andy was no doubt waiting. His eyes flicked up and down before he nodded, his eyes sparkling. "Alright."

"Great." I grinned and waved at Andy for him to join us. "Which way's the room dude?"

"Second floor." He replied, nodding to the elevator. "So we're doing this then?"

"Yup." I smirked, stepping inside the small space, pressing the button to go up when they were inside with me. The journey was short, taking mere seconds, and soon we were out ina corridor, Andy leading us towards the room.

Calvin broke the silence that had settled between us as Andy stopped bfore a door, swiping the card key to unlock the door. "So what exactly did you have in mind?"

Andy opened the door and the three of stepped inside, Andy first, then Calvin, then me last. I pushed the wood shut, settled my overnight back down alongside theirs, then answered him. Better to answer now then out there where anyone could hear after all. "I was thinking you on all fours, me fucking you as you blew Andy. That is, unless you're a top." I assumed he wasn't because of his appearence, but those could be deceptive. I'd seen butch looking guys that were huge cock whores and slight ones that would never take a dick. If he turned out to be the latter, then I'd find a way to work with that.

He looked thoughtful, for a moment, looking from me to Andy then back again. "That works for me. As long as it's on the floor. It doesn't really work on a bed."

I had to bite back a groan at that, because that definitely sounded like personal experience talking. I wondered who'd been involved in that, but I guess I'd not find out. My train of thought was then interupted by thessight of him pulling his t-shirt off and holy fuck. His skin was pale, but there wasn't really much of it to see. His chest was covered in ink, which had to be the largest singular tattoo I'd seen on anyone. It was a church burning, with a full moon and bats, two of which were much larger and more detailed. My cock ached at the sight, twitching in my jeans.

I decided to follow suit, pulling off the t-shirt I'd thrown on after the show and tossing it to the floor. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Andy doing the same, his t-shirt landing over a chair in the corner. The three of us then shifted our hands down between our legs, undoing our flies. Out of the three of us I was the only one not wearing underwear, Andy and Calvin each wore boxers, white and black respectively. I licked my lips, bending down to remove my sneakers as I pulled my jeans off, so I was naked before them.

I looked over their naked bodies, groaning softly at the sight of them. Andy's body was familiar to me. I'd seen him naked backstage and on the tour bus countless times. Plus this wasn't exactly our first time doing this either. So Calvin was the main focus of my gaze. He had a slim body and his skin was pale with a few other tattoos adorning him, though none were as impressive as his chest piece. He was sporting a semi between his legs, with a mass of dark curls surrounding his base and low hanging balls.

I took a few steps towards him, running a hand over his inked chest before leaning in and kissing him. I reached around him, running my hands own his back towards the curve of his as I kissed him hungrily. Andy stepped closer to us, leaning in and swiping his tongue across my neck. I purred, my hips thrusting forward, my cock aching against his.

I purred, stepping back after a few moments so Andy could take my place. I watched as he leaned in and captured his lips, their bodies pressing together. It took a few moments for me to focus on what I actually had parted to do. Lube. I shifted over to my bag, unzipping my side pocket and pulling out the tube within. Lube in hand, I returned to them, where they were still kissing, their hands all over each over. "Fuck..." I breathed out the word as I stared at them, and fuck, this I could watch forever.

A threesome wasn't a spectator sport however, and so I went behind Calvin and started to slick my fingers up. Andy reached around him, hands moving down to Calvin's ass, pulling the cheeks apart for me. I gazed at his opening, licking my lips as I bought my fingers to him. I couldn't help but wonder if he'd been fucked lately. My dick twitched between my legs at the thought. I licked my lips, reaching for him and pushing two fingers into him. He groaned against Andy's lips, and I felt him squeeze around them. I brushed his hair away, kissing along he side and back of his neck as I began to steadily move my fingers in and out of him. He was tight, though readily opened up for me.

"You want it Calvin? You want our cocks?" I heard Andy breathe the words against his face, his hips thrusting forward as he spoke. Calvin groaned in reply, nodding, his hair brushing my skin. "Say it." I looked over Calvin's shoulder, smirking at how he'd gripped his chin.

"I want your dicks." He practically groaned the words, his hips thrusting forward. "Please."

"On all fours then you little slut." I purred against his skin, not wanting Andy to have all the fun. I twisted my fingers in him one last time, then stepped back, watching Andy do the same before him. Almost right away he sank down, with an ease that spoke of experience. Licking my lips, I popped open the lube again and spread it generously over my member. Tossing the tube onto the nearest bed, stepped between his spread legs and lined myself up with his opening. My hands gripped onto his sides as I pushed into him. He groaned at the intrusion, rocking back against me as I filled him. Fuck, he felt amazing. I let out my own groan of pleasure, stopping when my balls pressed against his cheeks.

Before me Andy was running his fingers through Calvin's hair, his dick throbbing inches from his face. I could tell it was taking all his effort not to just thrust or yank Calvin's head forward. I'd be the same if the roles were reversed, though I was unsure how long I'd last. When I started to move, Andy pulled him closer until his cock was rubbing against his face. "Take my cock you slut." I couldn't help but groan at his words, watching as Calvin's head moved down. From my position I couldn't see much of the actual action, but it was obvious Calvin's lips were around Andy's dick, taking it down his throat. Fuck I bet it looked hot bulging.

I groaned softly, steadily moving in and out of him, listening to the sounds of him sucking and Andy's moans of pleasure. It was always so hot to do this, seeing somone suck Andy's dick while I fucked them, even though my view was obscured as it was. The sounds alone went straight to my dick, making my movements speed up. I started fucking him in earnest, gripping onto him tight as I slammed into him.

It didn't take long for Andy to lean across the space between us, capturing my lips with his. I purred, lapping at his tongue, his eyes lidding. I let go of Calvin's side, briefly running my fingers down Andys chest, which was still sweaty from the show. When my fingers reached Calvin's hair I gripped it, tugging a little before trailing them down the pale skin of is back. Instead of returning to his side, I snaked it around his waist, gripping his dick and starting to pump. I figured the pretty boy deserved some pleasure, plus that ink covered in cum. I groaned, Andy parting from me, his tongue swiping across his wet lips.

"I bet you're close." I purred, looking in his eyes as I thrust my hips. "You should cum Andy, shoot your load down his sexy throat. I know you want to." He let out a low whine, his head tilting back slightly. I darted my eyes down, noting how his fingers were tightening in his dark locks. "Come on Andy, cum for us." A moan and a thrust of his sharp hips and I knew. It was clear from his now familiar orgasm face that he was letting go.

"Fuck..." He breathed, his eyes meeting mine after a few moments. They will still darkened with lust, although it was obvious from his breathing he'd been sated. Slowly, he moved back, his length slipping from between Calvin's lips. "So good." He purred, running his fingers through Calvin's hair, before stepping away. I knew where he was heading, and the familiar sparking sound of a lighter, followed by the smell of smoke confirmed my suspicions.

With him gone, it was just me and Calvin, though I had to admit I did kinda wish there was someone else to take over. CC or maybe his band's singer. Ah well. I stroked him quicker, knowing I'd not last too much longer anyway. My other hand shifted up to his hair, gripping his locks and pulling him back, yanking him so his back was straighten up, pressed against me. "You know what I want you to do Calvin? I want you to cum for me." I purred, stroking him firmly for emphasis. He responded by moaning, his insides tightening around me. "Be good little boy slut, cum over our sweet ink." He let out a sound like a whimper and jerked up, tipping his head back against me. I looked over his shoulder, just in time to watch him shoot over himself, most landing across his bats.

His insides tightened all the more, pulsing from his orgasm. Andy came back into view, a lit cigarette in one hand and he knelt down, running his tongue through the trail of cum across Calvin's belly. His lips meet mine again, the taste of smoke mingling with the the salty taste of cum. It was that which sent me over the edge, and I felt myself cumming deep inside Calvin's body, holding him tight against me as I did so, my eye lidding.

Andy parted from me, taking another drag from his cigarette as he looked at Calvin, who was breathing heavily against me. "Do yo want one?" He held up his smoke, inclining his head to it to be clear what he meant.

"Dun smoke." Calvin mumbled, shakiing his head, his hair brushing against my skin. I smiled, slipping out of him and helping him up onto the nearest bed. He returned my smile, leaning up and licking my arm, which was the nearest part of me to him. "That was..." He didn't, making a moan as he stretched himself out over the sheets.

"Hot?" I supplied, and he nodded, which made me grin. Had I really fucked him senseless, or was it the mix of the usual tour stuff? Either way, it was hot. I grabbed my phone from out my jeans, taking a picture of this beauty to remember him by. I'd have to keep my eyes open in case we were on the same festival line up so that we could do this again. "Fancy a drink?" He shook his head, semingly contnt to watch as I left his side, hunting for wherever the mini bar of this place would be.

By the time I got back, he was gone. His eyes lidded and his chest rising and falling. I kissed his forehead, leaving him to his post orgasmic slumber.
Tags: andy biersack, andy biersack/ashley purdy/calvin roffey, andy six, ashley purdy, black veil brides, calvin roffey, fic, slash, the smoking hearts
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