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The Payment

The Payment
Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Calvin
Warnings: Sexytimes
Notes: First fic done after irritating block of doom. I started this round Christmas cause the idea came into my head. Set while The Smoking Hearts were at Padge's recording new stuff. (Reference pics here and here)

The day was going pretty well so far. Recording with Padge was easy, like I'd expected it to be. He was easygoing and showed Nobba some new techniques, which I knew he'd spend the rest of the tour practicing.

"Ok guys, how about we take a break." Padge smiled, leaning against the wall. "Get yourselves something to eat, then we'll see what else we can come up with." The others nodded, heading out, discussing what to they wanted to do for lunch. Before I got chance to follow, Padge grabbed my arm, smirking at me. "As for you, Calvin, you stay." He whispered, eyes glittering as he looked me over. He released me and headed to the door, closing it quietly. He took two steps towards me, then spoke again. "Now, for the matter of payment for today's services."

I swallowed, biting my lip. We had discussed this beforehand, of course. Officially, and as far as the others knew, this session was free, something that would benefit both him and us. However, it wasn't exactly free. "What do you want me to do?"

He smiled, that dirty smile he'd get when you just knew he had something perverted in mind. "First, strip. There." He inclined his head in front of a camera he'd set up. It had been there this whole time just sitting on it's tripod. He reached for it and flicked it on, eyes on me as he took up his seat.

I stepped into position before it, reaching down. My fingers took hold of the bottom of my black t-shirt, slowly pulling upwards, exposing my pale inked skin for his eager eyes. I swallowed again, pulling it up over my head so I could cast it aside. I reached down between my legs, grasping the zip of my fly and pulling it down. I hooked my fingers under my waistband, pushing the dark material down my slim legs to the floor. My boxers joined them a few moments later, my dick flopping against my inked skin. I was half-hard, which made my cheeks flush slightly and a smirk grace his lips.

"That's it, now get yourself fully hard." I reached between my legs, cupping myself. My fingers stroked my shaft as my eyes lidded, various images crossing my mind. Nothing too specific. The thought of a tongue on my cock. A dick brushing across my lips. Fingers pressing between my cheeks. I swallowed, my dick throbbing in my hand, hard and aching. My eyelids fluttered open when I heard him groan from across the room, his hand palming his crotch. He was still fully clothed though the bulge of his erection was obvious.

"What would you like me to do now?" I whispered, finding my voice, looking over at him. I mentally kicked myself, wishing we'd actually gone over the specifics of what he wanted me to do beforehand.

"Just keep on stroking for now." He smiled, licking his lips as he kept squeezing his bulge.

I nodded, wrapping my fingers around my aching shaft. I stroked myself slowly but firmly, my other hand running over my inked skin. The pace I kept was fairly slow and steady, enough to keep me hard but not enough to get me off any time soon. Padge leaned back slightly in his chair, eyes transfixed on my hand as I wanked. I had to admit, there was a certain... rush from seeing the way he looked at me, from knowing he was hard because of me. I wet my lips a little, shifting my other hand down to cup my balls, tugging lightly on them.

"Fuck..." I heard him whisper, well since it was Padge it wasn't much of a whisper but it was the closest he could manage. "Mmmm, that's it." He drooled a little, tongue darting out. "Mmm enough. Get on your knees." I nodded, sinking down before the camera. When I was down there, I looked back to him, waiting for him to give me the next instruction. He looked me over, lust darkening his eyes, his tongue darting out across his lips again.

It was only a few moments, but it felt like it lasted forever before he broke the quiet that had settled between us. He didn't speak as I expected, instead standing up and walking over to where I knelt. He walked past me and I heard him sit on the stool that I knew was behind me. I felt his gaze burning into me for a few more moments, no doubt checking out my bare arse. I swallowed, waiting for the next instruction from him. "Turn and crawl to me."

I turned around, planting both of my palms on the floor before me. He wasn't far before me, the stool having been moved back and to the right from where it was originally before the camera. I crawled towards him, the carpet soft on my hands and knees as I moved between his spread legs. In his position I noticed he was side on to the camera, probably on purpose. I looked up at him, waiting again, but I could make an educated guess on what he wanted from my current position. I took a deep breath in preparation, swallowing as I gazed at his bulge. I couldn't help it, it was right there in front of me, filling my eyeline.

"Undo my fly. With your teeth." He smiled and moved his hand away to rest on his thigh. I leaned forward and grasped it between my teeth, pulling the metal down slowly. His scent hit me right away and I inhaled it, it going straight to my dick. I felt myself ache, my length twitching as his cock hit me in the face. No underwear, not a surprise really considering. I extended my tongue, swiping it along his stiff dick, unable to resist. He chuckled above, most likely at my eagerness. "Such a dirty little slut." He smirked, looking down at me. "How about you get that pretty little mouth to work on my dick?"

I parted my lips, taking his head between them and started to suck. Fuck I'd missed the taste of cock. Touring with the guys was great and all, but after the show we'd be driving overnight in the van. That and the van didn't exactly lend itself to privacy. On The Smoking Hearts tours I barely got any alone time to wank let alone anything else. Although sometimes Barker or Ben would pull me aside in some enclosed space and push me to my knees. It didn't happen too often though, certainly not as often as I liked. An advantage of being on tour with Bullet was that wasn't an issue.

I took more of him down, inch by inch until my nose was buried in his dark curls. I inhaled again, my eyes on him as I slowly began to suck. I was more comforable now, with a cock in my mouth which could distract me from the camera pointed at us. I focussed on the task at hand, or rather in mouth, planting my hands on Padge's thighs as I kept bobbing on his shaft. Above me he was still smirking, making dirty moans with every flick of my tongue on his flesh. Fuck, those sounds were making me ache which reminded me of my own needy erection throbbing against my belly.

I kept my gaze on him, shifting a hand from his thigh down towards my cock. It didn't get that far though, his fingers gripping my wrist. "Nu uh, not yet." He put my hand back, where it was, slipping his fingers through my dark hair. "When I've cum then you can wank until you do." I closed my eyes, suckling on him now even more eager to get him off. He held my head in place, hips rocking up against my face, grunts and moans leaving his lips.

His hips bucked up to meet my lips, but he largely let me go at my own pace. He kept a loose grip on my hair, keeping me on his cock but free to bob up and down. I let my eyelids fall shut, my focus completely on getting him off. I squeezed my lips around him, lapped along his aching erection and moved a little faster on him. Fuck, I wished he was naked, or at least had his jeans fully down. Then I could run my fingers over his thighs and balls. I groaned at thought, the vibrations going through his cock, making him grunt above me.

I could taste his precum on my tongue, a sign he was no doubt nearing his peak. Knowing that, I opened my eyes and looked up, studying his face every time I moved back. His head was tipped back a little, dark eyes half lidded, grunts and groans leaving his lips. Then he jerked up, his fingers tightening in my hair as he released down my throat. I moaned around him again, swallowing every drop he had to give, my eyelids fluttering in arousal. I remained in place, licking his length as it softened, his fingers slackening their grip in my hair.

"Mmmm so good you pretty little slut." He mumbled above me, his voice deep and a little breathless as he pushed me off his dick. He reached down and I actually let out a small whimper as he tucked his cock away and zipped himself up. He smirked, clearly having heard me, before rising from the stool. "Now take my place and wank till you cum."

I nodded, scrambling to sit, as he returned to his seat, my hand instantly going straight to my dick. I pumped my shaft, eyes lidding. I could still taste Padge on my lips, which made me twitch in my hand. I thrust my hips up, knowing I'd not last too long and not fucking giving a shit. I'd teased myself had and sucked his thick cock, of course I was near to shooting over myself. I groaned, my head tipping back as I came, spurting hot and thick over my inked chest.

"Fuck..." I heard Padge mutter from across the room, and I felt myself smile, dazed from my orgasm. I took deep breaths as I reached up, running my fingers through my cum, bringing it to my lips and lapping it off me. A groan left his lips and I sucked each of my fingers, being sure to make it good for him, illiciting another moan from him.

When I'd suckled all my cum that way, he leaned forward in his chair flicking the camera off. "Mmmm that was so hot." He licked his lips again, nodding in affirmation. "Now you'd better get yourself dressed so we can get something to eat."

I nodded, standing and grabbing my scattered clothes to begin dressing, knowing his eyes were still looking me over whenever I bent over. Made me wish we had more time so he could plough me. Fuck. Maybe when we came back to have a proper session.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, calvin roffey, calvin roffey/padge, fic, padge, slash, the smoking hearts
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