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First post of 2014. I think, like bloodyhands I'l have to start using this thing for more than fic.

Well, let's see what's happened since the last post.

The day after I made the last post wewent to Birmingham. I was pretty uneventful really. I got some Who books and Rayman Legends for Wii U (using Xmas money given me to get it). But it was a nice day.

Then there was christmas of course. That went pretty well. I spent the day mostly building lego, flopping and waiting for christmas Who. Which was, I dunno. It felt like it could have been better (and a little anti climaticic and rushed). Ah well.

Boxing day was spent at my uncle's. Ugh. I was not looking forward to it at all but it was ok. Most of the time I was being climbed on by their new dog, Chip. He's only a puppy though so was excitable.

Monday before new year was my first appointment with the counselling people. It was just an assessment one but at least the lady was nice and put me at ease. After that I managed to get after things (notably the Link Between Worlds hardcoverguide in the sale) but unfortunately mum decided to have huff and... ugh.

Thankfully we'd gone on the bus witha daysaver, so I went back in the afternoon to see The Desolation Of Smaug, whch gah! That ending!

Annoyingly though Mondaywas also when my fit meter went awol. I know not where and I fear it's lost forever

New Year was ehish. I had an appointment with the doctor which ended up in me soaking wet, just for an appointment that lasted barely 5 minutes (which ended with me not getting the one thing I now know I need). Ugh.

And that's it pretty much.

Ficwise now.

Xmas fic are still delayed. I dunno how long for. We'll see. I did start something around christmas but it's not a christmas fic so... but I hope to finish it soon.
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