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Well I've not made a post since the end of last month.

First, xmas fics will be delayed a bit. Major block (possibly worry enduced) has lead to nothing been done, which sucks.

Seen doctor, been started on pills and put through to counselling. The pills are ok, despite the pretty big fucking annoyance they give me. Gah.

Managed to get a ticket to the BVB gig Tuesday. Went more for The Smoking Hearts though if I'm honest. I ended up making biscuits for em the night before (fuck knows what set that off, I just had the urge to) but they seemed to like them. And Calvin< 3 he's so sweet and adorable and... nghh. Here's some pictures and such.

So yeah, that's about everything really. Tomorrow I'm being dragged out to Birmingham though, then Christmas. Woo.

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