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Strange Days

Strange Days
Pairing: Gavin Butler/Gustav Wood
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gavin
Prompts: Held down and torture
Warnings: Vampirism, non-con, AU
Notes: I hoped to post this on Halloween but sickness/keyboard fuckery delayed it. And then when I did have it, worry set in which sapped ficness. Blah. It was orriginally Gustav/luke but i change it

Humans. They had such ideas about us. Oh we'd been in popular imaginings for centuries, but now? Now the ideas seemed to be getting more scattershot all the time. It was at times immensely embarassing. The notion of us sparkling still made me shudder at how people could think that. Some ideas were right, especially the long standing ones. We did have an aversion to sunlight and we did require blood but, again, other things were wrong. Holy water, crosses, garlic all did fuck all.

But all that's largely irrelevent.

It was Halloween, a time when humans dressed in costume. Traditionally they were meant to be scary but I noted that they were now also sexy ones. Before me was a human I'd snatched, who fell into the former. He wore the 'traditional' vampire outfit. A cape, fake fangs, made up pale skin. It was probably a cheap shop bought set, it certanly looked like one.

"Ugh..." He groaned as he awoke, breaking my thoughts which was good. Now the fun could begin. I moved over to him quickly, so I was looming over where he lay, sprawled across the cold stone floor. "Wha..."

I growled and leaned down, so my face hovered above him. "Hello Gustav." His eyes widened and I chuckled internally. It wasn't by some power that I knew his name, other than simply reading. Humans always carried some form of identification now, yet always seemed shocked to be called by name when taken. I smirked down at him, making sure he saw my fangs. That made him tense up beneath me. "You shouldn't pretend to be something you're not." I pried open his jaw, removing the false fangs and tossing them carelessly aside.

He swallowed, finding his voice again. "Who... what are you?"

I laughed at his words, licking my lips. "My name is Gavin. What I am... well that should be obvious." I barred my fangs at him, smirking at his expression, a mix of shock, awe and fear. I saw it often in humans that saw what I really was. But alongside the fear there was also excitement, which shown when he spoke.

"Are you going to drink from me?" He gazed up at me, blue eyes sparkling. Oh for fuck's sake. This was the problem with this generation, they were more aroused than scared. I knew some who used that, but that wasn't me.

"No. I'm going to feed on you." I made sure to emphasise feed, staring down at him. I reached down and started tearing his shirt of, exposing his pale skin. It didn't take long to strip him, helped by his lack of resistance and obvious want. Fuck, he was even hard. It made things easier sure, but I'd have prefered if he put up some kind of resistance. Ah well. Couldn't do anything about it now.

When he was fully bare, I snarled and held him down, sinking my teeth into his neck. He gasped, his blood filling my senses as I drank. I dug my nails into his skin, feeling him start to squirm as I swallowed his sweet blood. I'd not drain too much just yet, I did have all night after all. He let out a noise, something between a gasp and a whimper as I drank, him, feeling his body slacken beneath me.

I pulled back, licking the ruby red fluid from my lips and looking him over. Now to have a little fun before I ended him. What we did to our victim varied from vampire to vampire and on our mood. Some wouldn't do anything, just drain the person dry. Other had elaborate dungeons with all kinds of contraptions and would keep the human alive for anything from hours to months. Me? I didn't have the patience for such things, at least currently.

So instead I'd go for simpler things. I flipped him onto his stomach, his round arse nicely exposed. I sank my fangs into his soft flesh. Not to drink, just to pierce the skin. I did it for both cheeks, watching as the blood oozed out towards his opening. "Wh... wha..." His voice was weak, so soft I'd likely have missed it if I was a boring old human.

I cut him off before he finished, not wanting to hear him. "What am I doing to you?" I snorted, straightening up and removing my clothing. "First, I'm going to fuck your sorry ass. Then I'm going to drain you dry. What were you expecting? To sparkle into the sunset?"I heard him whimper, chuckling low in my throat. "I've not turned every little whore I've fed on and I certainly don't plan on doing it to you." That wasn't to say I didn't, just that he wouldn't be among the ones I did. Sure he was pretty hot, but no. I could tell he'd not be worth turning. I heard him whimper again, watching him squirm, but he couldn't get far.

I pulled him him up, eyeing his opening hungrily. I wondered, faintly, if he'd been fucked before. Seems nowadays just about every guy had at some point or other. At least that was an advantage of these strange days. I thrust two fingers into him anyway, just to be on the safe side. I heard him cry out weakly from the intrusion, but I didn't really care all that much. Soon he'd be dead anyway after all. The movements were quick and didn't last terribly long. I just wanted to be inside him before the pretty thing expired.

I removed both fingers harshly, lining myself up and slamming into him. Thanks to my fingers, filling him was easily and I growled low in my throat. My hands gripped onto him, pining him down as I started thrusting him, the sounds he made becoming weaker each thrust. All the ways this could go entered my mind, but I was impatient, and hungry and horny to let my mind linger on them for too long. Instead I just fucked him, enjoying the feel of his blood coating my cock and his muscles spasming around me.

I shifted a hand up, gripping his hair and yanking him up so that his back was flush against mine and his neck was up before me. A snarl left my lips, and I sank my fangs back into his flesh, draining him as I kept up the pace, my senses heightening from his fresh, warm blood. His whimpering, desperate pleas were lost to me, partly because they were so faint, partly because they were so needy and, well, simply because I was ignoring the fucker. I'd made my choice. This was his last night among the living and tomorrow he'd not arise among us. There was nothing that could change that now.

He started to get limper, slackening against me even more. It wasn't that the fight had gone out of him, but his life. Soon I'd be essentially fucking a corpse, which for some reason always bought me over the edge. I'd not tried to rationalise it away, what was the point anyway. I just let go, shooting in his still warm body with a growl, my face leaving his neck to tip back. "Fuck..." I stilled inside him as I pulsed my load into his body, my fingers digging into his skin. Sure to leave marks if he'd have lived.

I licked the blood from lps, looking down at him as I let him go, his form crashing to the floor. His body was empty now, of life anyway. There was still a little blood in him, which I'd probably drain later when I dined on him. That was anothering thing people had gotten strangely wrong about us. We didn't just drain blood, but ate the flesh too. It was wasteful not to and, besides, it helped conceal our presence from the world. Not just yet though, I was satiated for now.

I spat on his back and slipped out of him, wiping my bloodied shaft on his ass. "Ah Gustav, shit costume, but a pretty good fuck. And soon, just another lost boy." I chuckled softly, wetting my lower lip as I tore my eyes away from him.
Tags: fic, gavin butler/gustav wood, kink bingo, slash, the blackout, vampverse, young guns
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