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Nurse Roffey

Nurse Roffey
Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Gavin Butler
Rating: NC-17
POV: Calvin
Warnings: Crossdressing
Notes: So I wanted to do a fic with Calvin/someone in The Blackout when I saw him touring with them. For some reason I settled on Gavin. Then just as I started it... with the tour got postponed so that changed the whole thing. This is Calvin's outfit and this is the site I used for Welsh swears

The Blackout tour had come to an unexpected early end unfortunately due to Gavin's condition. It was a shame as it was fun to be on the road, but it was unavoidable. So I'd been surprised to get a call from Sean to see him a few days after the announcement. "You want me to what?"

"Go to Gav's in this, make sure he's resting." I looked in the bag he gave me again, then back at him to see his grinning face. "You're still on the payroll even though the tour is postponed."

I opened my mouth to respond but he was right. The little bastard was right. I sighed, clutching the bag. "Fine. I'll do it."


An hour later I was outside his house and I felt ridiculous. The things I do for fucking Welshmen. I got out of Sean's car, hearing the prick wolf whistle behind me, and tottered over to Gavin's door, unlocking it with Sean's key and stepping in. I felt a little better when the door was closed, glad to be out of sight of any prying eyes.

I took a deep breath, running my hands over the black rubber of the outfit, then headed upstairs, following Sean's directions to Gavin's room. Once I was before his door I took another deep breath and pushed the wood open. He was there, lying in bed with the tv on. "Sean I thought I..." He looked over at me, those blue eyes of his widening as he saw me. "Fuck..."

His reaction didn't surprise me, considering what I wore. It was a black rubber dress, accentuated with red which stopped a few inches before my knees. It had a v-neck, enough to show some of my chest piece and my arms were bare. I wore a pair of heels, black about an inch high. I also wore a hat that matched the dress, which bore a red circle with a black cross, a marking that was also on the dress below my waist. In short I was a goth nurse.

I smiled a little, then repeated what Sean told me to say. "Nurse Roffey here to check up on you sir."

He grinned, looking me over and licking his lips. "Check up huh?"

I nodded, shifting from one foot to the other as I looked him over. "Yes sir. Se... Mr Smith asked me to make sure you were resting." He was laying in bed, bundled in the sheet so it was obvious he had been resting as instructed. "And if there was anything you needed."

His blue eyes looked me over again. "Oh I'm sure I can think of something nurse." I could see his hand shift under the sheets, at what was surely his crotch. "Come here." I came over, swaying my hips a little. "You can help me with this growth I have." Oh great. I fought my urge to roll my eyes at what had to be a line from some porn. He lifted the covers up, showing that he was naked from the waist down... and hard. "I've heard you're very good at dealing with such things." For just a moment I wondered where he'd heard that but I realised it was pretty obvious. One of Bullet had to have told him, or more than one. Fucking welshies couldn't keep their mouths shut, or their legs for that matter.

"Of course sir." I got on the bed between his legs and leaned down, my hair cascading around my face as I parted my lips, whch were blackened by lipstick on Sean's insistance. I took his head in my mouth and started to sink down on him. He moaned above me, tangling a hand in my hair as I started to bob up and down. I went at my own place, going slow and steady. I fluttered my tongue against his shaft, sucking him with practised ease. His wasn't the first dick I'd sucked, nor the biggest but it was still a nice size.

"Fuck..." He whispered under his breath and I glanced up at him from behind my glasses. His head was tipped back against the pillows, his clothed chest rising and falling. "You sure do know what you're doing." I smiled a little as I slid up and down his length, bringing my hands up to stroke his thighs. I lapped at his head gently when I pulled back, keeping my gaze on him as I swallowed him down. His fingers tightened in my hair, his dick throbbing against my tongue. "Ugh... I've also heard you take it up the arse." Damn those fucking welshmen. The next time I toured with Bullet... I nodded, his dick still in my mouth and he smirked. "Ride me nurse Roffey."

I nodded, sure he could manage that. I slipped off him I shifted, reaching to unzip the dress. "No, no... leave it on." I smiled and nodded a little, moving my hand instead under the dress and pulling down the lacy underwear I had on beneath it. He groaned at the sight, blue eyes widening. "Oh fuck.." I grasped hold of the plug Sean insisted I wear as well and eased it out. It was black and red, just like the dress. I set it down beside him, then straddled his waist.

"Hold yourself up sir." He nodded, shifting a hand to do just that. I took a deep breath, then sank down onto him, letting out a groan as he filled me. I placed both hands on his chest to keep him down, starting to ride him slowly. "Stay still sir." I whispered, rolling my hips when I was fully seated on him. "Let me do all the work." He nodded slighty, a groan leaving his lips.

I moved steadily on him, my own dick aching under the dress. I shifted a hand, up along my leg towards my length. His hand stopped me, gripping my wrist. "No, let me." I caught him smiling, his hand grasping and stroking me. My head tipped back, eyes lidding as I rode him more vigorously. His hand sped up, his hips jerking to meet my arse. "Ugh nurse..." I clenched my ass around him, bouncing on him. "Shit, fuck, ffwcin slebog..." I shuddered, my cock throbbing in his hand. For some reason hearing a Welshman speak in his native tongue turned me on. Pity they didn't speak it much, though when they got worked up I found thatnative swear words quickly found their way to their lips. "Ugh hwran..." I throbbed more in his hand, close to shooting just from those words.

"More..." I heard myself whisper, breathless and needy.

He thrust up again, harder, his hand speeding up. "Ma bys bach fi yn fwy a esgysti am goc hwren."

I'd no fucking clue what he said, but it was enough. I came, shooting against the dress, a low groan leaving my lips. He mumbled something and I wasn't sure if it was Welsh or just an incoherent jumble of sounds, but I knew what it meant. He'd cum too. I was surprised he'd lasted that long really.

I took a few shaky breaths of my own, remaining in place for a little while before moving. "Could you stay awhile?"

I smiled at him, nodding. "I wasn't planning on going anywhere."I pushed my underwear down,stepping out of them before removing both shoes. I never did like wearing heels. How the fuck girls did it I'd never know. Once I cast them of I rejoined him on the bed. "But you must keep resting."

"Of course nurse Roffey." He grinned, leaning in and kissing me.
Tags: calvin roffey, calvin roffey/gavin butler, fic, gavin butler, slash, the blackout, the smoking hearts
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