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Pairing: 'Steve Rogers'/Thor
Rating: NC-17
POV: Thor (bar the end)
Prompts: 8: Roleplay
Warnings: None really, bar spoilers for Thor The Dark World
Notes: I had to do this after seeing it. Had. To.

"I should have known SHIELD would come. I'm glad they sent you."

"Well Director Fury figured a familiar face would be the best approach." He smiled and I returned it. "Mind if we go somewhere more secure so I can debrief you?"

I nodded, allowing him to take the lead even though I was unsure what he meant, but figured it was important.


The SHIELD safehouse, as he put it, was a fairly nondescript grey building in a quiet part of the city. Personally this place didn't seem all that safe to me. It look much like any other Migardian home. Shouldn't a safe house have armor or weapon emplacements?

I guess that was just one of those Midgardian things I did not get.

Inside he sat me down and asked me a few questions, recording them on a strange device. He asked what had happened, who the dark elves were, if they'd come back, when the convergence would end. I answered him as best I could, not too surprised by what he asked. When he was done with those questions, he leaned forward and smiled. "Sounds like you had quite the fight. Wish I could have been there."

"Thank you Captain, it was a glorious battle indeed." I grinned at him and he wet his lips. "Bt what matters most is the nine realms are safe."

"Thanks to you." He smiled and I nodded slightly, used to such praise but appreciative nonetheless. "America, no the whole human race, owes you a great debt of gratitude." He leaned closer and his lips met mine, kissing me. It caught me a little offguard, only because it was so surprising. Once I got past the surprise, I returned his kiss. I was unaware that Midgardians showed their thanks in such a manner. It made me wish I'd been able too stay longer last time.

I felt his hands on me, reaching around me, grasping for my armor. I parted from him, knowing what that meant. "Here, allow me." I reached up and worked on removing my armor, setting it down beside me. It didn't take me long as I had a practiced hand at such things. I was fully bare in moments, his hungry gaze on me. He kissed me again, hands roaming over my body as his tongue lapped at my lips. I parted them to allow it entry, his hands moving all over me. He stroked my chest, cupped my ass, fingers ghosting over my shaft.

"I'm glad you're not so different to us." He whispered the words when he broke the kiss, sounding breathless. I smiled at him, as he stepped back from me. "Come on."

I was more than content to continue this here, but I followed him anyway. He led us to a bedroom, gesturing for me to lay on the bed as he removed his skin tight outfit. I watched him undress as I laid across the bed's soft surface. "So are you a top or a bottom?" He asked when he was half naked and I took a moment to give him an appreciable glance. He looked as strong as I did, something he proven in our prior encounter. I considered his question, but had no idea what he meant and it must have shown because he chuckled, removing the last of his clothing. "Well it means do you take it or give it. Sexual." He made a motion with his hands, sticking his forefinger of his left hand in a ring made of his forefinger and thumb of his other hand.

"Ah of course!" I grinned at him and nodded in understanding. "Well I prefer to be this one." I held up my finger for him. "But as you are a noble champion of Earth I'm willing to make an exception if it would please you."

He returned my grin, nodding. "That's ok, being taken you works for me." He came towards me, stroking his shaft. "All I need is a little prepping..." I watched as he grabbed something, from beside the bed, slicking his fingers in... whatever it was. He knealt between my legs, reaching back behind himself and he gasped. I watched, though couldn't see much but I could guess what he was doing. He leaned down, parting his lips and he took me in his mouth. I let out a groan, my head tipping back as he started to suck on my length. He did quite well, taking me fully and bobbing steadily. Better than I expected from a Midgardian due to my size as most struggled. I reached down, my fingers grasping his hair as I moaned.

He kept this up for several minutes, his lips and tongue making me ache all the more. Until he slipped off me, looking up at me with lust filled eyes. "Fuck me Thor, screw me hard." I nodded, my shaft throbbing before him and I fought the urge to just shove him back down on it.

He shifted up the bed so his ass was above my length and I smiled, holding my shaft up for him. He sank down onto me and I groaned at the feel of him. He was so tight, even with the stretching he'd done. He didn't seem to care much though, not stopping until I was fully inside him. "Fuck..." He muttered above me, starting to move, riding me. "Oh yes..."

I thrust up, meeting his movements with my own. "Oh yes, your ass feels wonderful Captain! If this is the thanks I get I should save your world more often." I gripped his thighs and slammed him down onto me. I heard him laugh breathily above me, followed by moans leaving his lips.

I grasped him as he rode me, stroking his member firmly, his hips rocking up. "Ugh harder..." He reached down, his hands running over my chest. I was only to happy to oblige, slamming into him as hard as I could in this position. I moved my free hand up his chest, cupping is face, groaning again as he turned into my touch, taking a pair of my fingers between his lips and working his tongue. It made me throb, reminding me when the soft flesh worked elsewhere.

"Spill for me brave Captain." I pumped him harder, knowing full well I would not last myself. My words made him groan, his shaft pulsing in my grip. I flashed a grin up at him, thrusting hard up at he released himself over my chest, moans muffled by my fingers.

His insides twitched like crazy around me, working to bring me over too. With a howl of pleasure I filled him, a lightening flash from outside illuminating his features. I let go of him and held him down, my head tipping back against the sheets.

"Woah.." He whispered from above me, his fingers shifting my hand from him. "That was..." I nodded, too breathless to form words as he lifted himself from me, to lay upon me.

Strangely, I felt more tired than I usually would after such activity. I put it down to the fatigue of recent times, managing to kiss him on the forehead before drifting off, an arm drapped around his shoulders.


As Thor slept, chest rising and falling, Steve slipped out of his arm and off the bed. His clothes, scattered across the floor vanished in a shimmer, appearing back on his body. A smirk played across his lips. "You were an excellent lay dear brother." He whispered, voice low so as not to wake him. "Just as I expected." He stared down at him for a moment, Steve's hair turning dark and long, framing his face, his features reverting to his true face. "Until we meet again. Brother."

He turned and left the prone Asgardian behind.
Tags: 35 fics, fic, slash, steve rogers, steve rogers/thor, the avengers, thor
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