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Can I have my shoe back?

Partially random post, part Thor post. The latter will have spoilers under a cut.

Random first. So I've been watching Stargate Atlantis on Pick Tv. I'd not seen it before so figured 'hey it's on from the start, let's check it out'. It really is an awesome show (check it on Netflix). I mention it cause I got to thinking today that I couldn't do what they did. (The original expedition went to another galaxy on a potential one way trip with no way of contacting Earth and no guarantee of what the conitions would be.) I couldn't do that if we did a Martian/Europan expedition (visiting an established base sure but not be the first). One I'm not that brave, two I'd miss home and three I've watched enough films to put me off being first.


Today I went to Birmingham. Things were done namely:
*Bullet ticket at last (only took three times)
*Signed at library
*Saw this guy
*Saw Thor The Dark World

Cut time!

Thor ramblings now. (In order I recall

*Trailers: First was Hunger Games (eh), then as expected Captain America 2 (looks way better than 1) and The Hobbit (ngh)
*Now Thor stuffs. First ngh toplessness
*Ngh chained Loki
*Erik at Stonehenge made me laugh so much
*I really liked Frigga's time with Loki because it shown that someone cared for him (and who taught him magic)
*The portal like shoe thing
*Asgard ships made me think of desert skiffs
*The attack on Asgard was awesome/sad
*The dark elf ship made me think of this
*Ok, a main thing I wanna mention is Loki in his cell. In the trailer it shows him causing the stuff I his cell to fly from him and I figured it'd be him being frustrared at being caged. But fuck when that scene came... it was so different. Likewise the scene with him and Thor there after shows how much Frigga's death effected him and I felt so bad for him. Almost teary bad
*And then there's those scenes of him and Thor of him using magic and nghhh
*Also his commetary during the escape
*And him and Thor bonding
*And their gambit and his 'sacrifice'
*Jotun beast!
*That ending
*Guardians of the galaxy setup in credits?

So yus, much awesome. And I already started a fic of some kind. Also glad there's a Agents Of SHIELD ep following it up. Yessss.
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