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Everybody scream!

It's post-Halloween now so... Christmas fic request post.

I usually do this in December but I'm doing it now (I've thought about it for a weekish).

Usually I only do Christmas fics for a select few but now it's back to a free for all.

So rules:
*Leave a comment with a request (up to 3) be as detailed as you like but at least put pairing/kink
*You can put whatever you like in them
*You will be guaranteed 1 request becoming a fic which'll be posted on Christmas Eve/day
*However you can gain bonus fic if you do me a fic/art/manip
*Bonus fic will be posted when it's done (ideally between Christmas-mid Jan)

That's it basically.

(Note I am gonna do a few ficmas fics, mostly Finntroll so bare in mind if ye asks)

Edit: So I figured I'd add a list of things I want so...

*Calvin/anyone (he's toured with Bullet, The Blackout and will be with BVB so...)
*Any BFMV/BVB pairing
*Scat fic
*Bullet snuff
*Virta porntimes
*Professor Cox/11

I'm sure to add something more to this.

Edit: Out of those things here are the top 3 that I so much want:
*11/Professor Cox
*And the main one Calvin scat, do this and I'll do many a thing.
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