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Is that part of the retro?

Well random ramble post time!

Frst Pokemon! I got Y and it's awesome! I'm just before the last gym but I have an awesome team including Goodra who is awesome! I love the game and nghh the new professor is so fucking hot! The graphcs are so pretty and just... eeee.

Sudent moneys came in... so I immediately bought Clone Wars season 5 (which was awesome), the new Night Vale tee and a load of old Who, yay!

It was my birthday Sunday. Nothing too exciting, just flopping and watching stuff, namely Doctor Who and Clone Wars. Though nomnom cake

Yesterday I went to Birmingham for Blue. I got my The Blackout ticket, and saw the awesome new library before the gig. The gig itself was pretty awesome when they came on (despite the random cold breeze) and ngh, the boys were hot and hip swaying and ngh... yesss.

Flopping now on AC, may fic soon.
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