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Second Chance

Second Chance
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Prompt: Pervertibles, class fantasies, whipping/flogging and consent play
Warnings: AU, BDSM
Notes: This is all thanks to a certain Welshie who suggested doing a fic for class fantasies with Bullet being sucessful and Rich not so here it is. (I had meant to do a Finntroll fic first but inspiration for this hit so...)

As soon as I saw him come in, I knew I had to hide. It wasn't out of fear, but shame. Shame that I was working here. He was Jay James, a local guy and it just so happened that his band struck it big. He was on tour, seeing the world, playing in crowded arenas and his band had amassed an army of fans, magazine covers, the works. me on the other hand, well, I'd not been so lucky. None of the bands I'd been in had achieved any success. I'd played in half empty rooms and, well. Every band seemed to implode from petty squabbles.

I'd known him, and the other guys from the band, from those days and that's why I was hiding. We'd swore to make it big, but things just didn't work that way. So I was reduced to this, waiting tables in this dump. I couldn't see him, couldn't let him see me like this. i ad no idea what he was even doing here, surely he had better taste than this. Thankfull one of my colleagues was dealing with him, so maybe I could just sneak into the kitchen where he'd not see me.

"Ah there you are Rich! This guy's come to see you." Shit. Curse her and her big fucking mouth. I swallowed and turned, making my way over and feigning a smile, making a mental note to kill her later. Or at least throw soup over her. I shooed er off and she just smiled thinking she'd probably doneme a aor as she went off out of sight.

"Hi Jay."

He looked at me, eyes darting up and down, a smirk appearing on his face. "So it is true. Rich Boucher's waiting tables here of all places." I felt my cheeks head up in embarassement, the urge to punch him in his smug face rising.

"Er yeah. It's not exactly ideal but..."

He waved a hand dismissively, is tongue darting out across his lips for a moment. "I have a proposition for you." I raised an eyebrow, but he continued, his eyes sparkling. "I'll get you out of here, if you come to my place tonight."

"O... kay. What's the catch?" I asked, skeptical of his words in case he was playing with me, but I knew I'd go regardless of what he said. I had to get out of here and if he was offering me a way than shit, I'd take it in a heartbeat.

He leaned close and whispered, voice low so that no one else could hear. "You do exactly as you're told." I shivered a little, his tone perfectly clear what he meant by that. "This is my address." I felt him stuff something in my pocket, a smile on his lips as his breath heated my skin. "I expect to see you there at 7."

All I could manage was a slight nod and then he stepped back, smiled and turned on his heel, heading straight out the door. Fuck, what was I letting myself in for?


It was 6:50 and I was stood outside his place. I'd changed into a t-shirt and pair of jeans before coming, which was an improvement over my shitty work clothes. I'd not had time to do much else though, though I felt that didn't matter. I looked over the building and growled a little to myself. This place was much better than my crappy little flat. This was a proper house, detached with it's own front garden. It was a little overgown, proabably due to his touring but still... it looked so nice. This was something I could gave had. No, should have had. A small part of me debated turning and leaving right now, but a bigger part of me said no. I had to find out what he had in mind, to find out what he was offering me.

I checked my watch again. 6:55. Swallowing I made my way down the side of his drive, stopping at his front door to ring the bell. It took a few moments before the door opened, but when it did, Jay was standing there, a smirk on his face. "Ah Rich, you're early, but that's ok." He grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and pulled me inside.

"Er... hi Jay." I swallowed as i stepped in, looking around the hall I found myself in as he closed the door. It was like outside, just... nice. "So, what is it you want me to do?"

"A few things." He smiled, a devlish smile as he looked me over. "But first you need to lose those." He gestured at my clothes. "Strip naked."

I hesitated a few seconds, then reached down and pulled my t-shirt off, exposing my bare chest. "Where should I put them?"

"In there for now." I followed his gaze to a wire waste basket. I tossed my t-shirt in, then bent down to remove my trainers. "Put them in there too." I felt my cheeks flush as I dropped each one in there, thankful they weren't too dirty. Once both were in my jeans followed so that I sttood before him injust my boxers. "Those too. I said strip naked, not to your underwear." I swallowed, hooking my fingers under my waistband, tugging them down, my semi flopping against my leg. When I dumped the material in with the rest he cast an appreciative glance over me.

"You look so much better like that." He wet his lips, eyes lingering on my dick, before returning to meet my own. "What you will be doing tonight is simple. You do exactly as you are told. If you do a good job, then you won't have to go back there apart from handing in your notice, unless you actualy want the crappy food they serve there of course. If you do a bad job well, nothing changes for you. Are we clear?"

"Yes." I nodded, surprising myself with how quickly I responded.

"Yes what?"

"Yes... sir?" I tried experimentally and he raised an eyebrow at me. "Yes sir." I repeated, a little more confidently, which seemed to do the trick.

"Good." He nodded his approval, licking his lips. "Now, your first task shouldn't be too hard for you." He grabbed something from a chair behind him. "But this on." I unfolded the material to find it was a black waiter's apron. It was much better quality then the cheap ones we wore, and it was much smaller too, it effectively a little skirt that would show off my arse. I put it on, saying nothing, though I could feel my cheeks flush.

"Your first task will be to ready the table for four people. The dining room is through that doorway, with the kitchen in the next room. You have ten minutes, now get to work!" I swallowed, darting off in the direction he indicated, knowing my cheeks were more flushed now. This surely meant it wouldn't just be him, but three others too. The rest of the band perhaps? It was bad enough him seeing me like tis but others too? Fuck, what had I let myself in for?

I put such thoughts out of my mind, instead choosing to go on autopilot instead. Once I'd worked out where everything was it became a simple task to set the four places, just like I'd been shown on my first day.

"Ah good." I looked up and Jay was standing in the doorway, examining my work and nodding in approval. "That'll do. Now, head back in the kitchen and stick the food on, for five minutes, then plate up." He returned back to the living room, or where I assumed it was anyway, leaving me alone to do it before I could respond to him.

Food preparation wasn't in my job description, so I steeled myself for whatever he'd left me to do. I'd not seen what it was while getting the stuff for the table, just a large pot on the stove. Thankfully, when I opened it up it was something nice and simple. Spaghetti. At least it was something I knew how to do and nothing complicated. I turned the stove on and checked the time on the wall clock, sighing softly to myself. I couldn't help wondering what he had in mind for tonight. Admittedly I'd expected something sexual to happen tonight, not this. I took a deep breatg and checked the time again. 5 minutes was up.

I started plating it up, dividing it between the four plates. I put a small amount of butter on each one, then carried them in two by two. Jay had returned and he wasn't alone. Around the table there was Matt, Moose and Padge, all smirking. "Well, well, look what we have here." I felt my cheeks flush at the words as i set the plates down, a hand groping my bare arse. "Mmmm nice service you have Jay."

"Thanks man." He smiled at Moose, then looked back at me. "Here's hoping he keeps it up."

One of the others laughed and I hurried away, picking up the last two plates and bringing them back to the table, setting them before Jay and Padge, both nodding appreciatively. "Now, go and get the wine from the fridge, there's a good boy."

"Of course sir." I headed back, grabbing the bottle of red wine from the fridge and opening the bottle before bringing it back to the table. This was something I'd done countless times now. I poured the ruby red fluid into the wine glasses I'd placed there when laying the table earlier. They were all talking amongst themselves now, largely ignoring me apart from another groping hand. I set the bottle down on the table and backed off, waiting until I would be needed again just as like at the restaurant. Like then, I tuned them out, only vaguely registering their voices as they talked about... whatever it was.

My attention was reurned to them when Jay reached down, picking something off the floor and sitting it on the table. It was a metal bowl, clearly for a dog, not that I'd seen any evidence that he had one around. He lifted his plate and scrapped the last bits of his food into it, handing it round for the others to do the same. Well, better than letting it go to waste I suppose. When they were done he clicked his fingers for my attention. "Clear the plates up and bring us some ice cream. Chocolate."

"Of course sir." I took the plates off each of them, keeping a tight grip in case any of them go handsy again, before carrying them back. Thankfully he had a dishwasher, so I loaded the plates and used cutlery into it the began gathering bowls for the ice cream. The ice cream itself was easy enough to find at the top of the freezer and it was easily scooped out too. I made sure to fill them with the same amount, then carried them in like I had with the plates, two at a time. Again, the four of them nodded in approval, then I eyed the bowl. "Shall I take that for your dog sir?" The four of them laughed and Jay grinned at me, like they were in on a joke I wasn't.

"I don't have a dog." I swallowed, looking a little puzzled, which only made him grin wider. "I do have a whore though." He set the bowl on the floor, smirking. "Eat. Like a dog, no using your hands."

The others all tucked into their ice cream, with Moose moving his chair back so he'd get a view of me. I had to admit I did feel a little hungry but this? I considered asking not to, but I had a feeling what his answer would be. I sank down on my hands and knees and stuck my face in the bowl, starting to eat. I heard the four of them laughing as I swallowed the cold, slimy strands of spaghetti and felt my cheeks flush. I didn't stop though, not until the bowl was completely empty of what they'd given me.

"Now, be a good boy and say thank you." Jay spoke, obviously noticing I was finished with my task.

"Th... thank you sirs." I whispered, which made them laugh again. I wanted the ground to swallow me up, but there was no backing out now.

"Good, now finish clearing up and come to the living room with four bottles of beer."

"Yes sir." I replied, standing as they did, moving off into the living room, leaving me alone once more. I took solace in that, taking my time clearing the bowls into the dishwasher. As I did, I thought of Jay and how he was acting. He was so different from when I knew him back in the day. He was a shy, quiet and submissive little slut, that sucked all the dick he could. This, this was miles away from that.

Still, I couldn't keep them waiting much longer.

I opened the fridge and pulled out the bottles, setting them on the counter beside it, then I shut the fridge door an picked them back up, two in each hand, and carried them through. The lads were all on the sofa, looking at me as I came in and handed them the drinks.

"Good boy." Padge smirked and looked at Jay, who nodded slightly as he opened his bottle. "You won't be needing this anymore." He grabbed the apron I wore and yanked it down, it dropping to the floor leaving me completely naked before them. I felt heat rising to my cheeks as their eyes were on me, staring hungrily at my body. Padge's hand pushed me, and I took a few steps back so they got a better view.

Jay swallowed his beer as he cast his gaze over me, a little less keenly than the others. I shifted from one foot to the other, waiting for one of them to say something. Any one of them. The silence seemed to go on for eternity, though I was sure it couldn't have been longer than a minute or two. I just felt so exposed beore them, after alll I was naked and they had t-shirts and jeans covering themselves, though the latter didn't conceal their bulges.

"What should we do with him first?" Moose asked, the first to break the leering silence, his eyes darting from me to Jay.

Jay took another swig of his beer, the sight of his lips around the end of the glass making my dick twitch solely due to knowing his lips were much more suited to cock. Before he coud reply, Matt chuckled, pointing straight at my cock. "Looks like someone likes the sight of you drinking. Or being perved on."

Jay smiled, setting his bottle down beside his feet, rising from his seat and stepping the small distance to me. "You listen here you little slut." He gripped my hair, yanking my head back and growling, leaning into me. "I'm not the cock sucking whore I used to be." He reached down between my legs, palming my cock. A groan left my lips as I stiffened fully in his touch and I heard him chuckle. "You're the whore here." He gripped my shift firmly, stroking it slowly. "This is proof." He kept his gaze on me, smirking. "Padge!"

Padge got up and Jay released my dick, a whimper leaving my throat which mae them chuckle. Something passed between their hands, then Jay returned his to my dick, rolling something down my shaft. A... ring? "This will keep you nice and hard and make sure you don't mess up the carpet with whore cum." I swallowed and he released me, both my dick and my hair. He stepped back from me, looking me up and down, then returned to the seat he'd come from.

Padge, however, remained standing and he licked his lips as he looked at me. "I think he's been a good boy, right?" He glanced to Jay, who gave him a small nod. He moved behind me and I heard him mess with... something. I didn't dare risk a glance back to see what it was but I had a feeling I'd find out soon enough. I felt a hand on me, pulling my arse cheeks apart. This was followed by a slick finger probing my opening and I swallowed, steeling myself for it's entrance.

I certainly wasn't a virgin. I'd both topped and bottomed pretty regularly in my band days, but I'd not seen action in awhile. So when his finger penetrated me it stung, but I refused to let it show. I remained where I stood as his finger sank into me, filling me completely. He stilled it for a few moments, then began wiggling it inside me, working me open for a second. After a few more moments he slipped his finger back, then worked his first finger in alongside his middle one. The intrusion hurt, but it was less than the first had. He worked the pair of them quickly in and out, fingering me open. An involuntary groan left my lips as his fingers curved to catch my spot, whch made the others chuckle.

"Needy slut." Moose.

"He wants it." Matt.

Jay just smirked and nodded his agreement.

Padge's leaned in close, his breath hot against my neck as he worked a third in, thrusting them in and out steadily, my legs shaking. "I always knew you were a filthy little whore." I wanted to respond, but all that came out was a gasp as he caught my spot. Another round of chuckling and I squeezed my eyes shut. "We're going to have so much fun with you." He purred the words, thrusting his fingers in once, twice, and then they were gone, his body leaving mine. "He's ready for anything now." I swallowed my eyes opening again. What exactly anything meant I did not know. I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to.

I considered, again, my options. Here I was, hard and naked, my hole open for anything before them. I could try and make a break for it of course, but where would I go? And, well, I was naked. Plus the four of them could take me pretty easily. No. I mentally shook that idea off. I'd do what they wanted. And hope whatever he offered would be worth it. I cursed myself for not actually finding out what all this entailed beforehand but the lure was too temping to care. It still was. One night of this for whatever he had in mind was better than my dead end job. At least, I hoped so.

I returned my attention to where it belonged, now and looked at the others, wondering exactly what was going to happen to me now. Padge had joined them on the the couch, Moose rising from his seat with a smirk. "My turn." I swallowed again, watching as he moved out of sight, almost certainly to get something. What that something was i was certain to find out soon enough. "Hands behind you." I did as I was told, then felt him wrap something around my wrists. It felt like a strap of some kind and I couldn't help but wonder why they'd chosen to use that instead of cuffs. Once my hands were secured in place he growled another order. "On your knees." This was easier said than done with my hands bound, but I awkwardly managed to sink to my knees, looking up at them. I felt him kick my feet apart, then felt another strap get secured around my right ankle. My left one got similar treatment moments later and I felt that something connected the two, keeping my legs spread. He ghosted his fingers along my crack and I heard the smirk in his voice. "All nice and secure."

He appeared in my eyeline again, picked up his beer and took a drink, sitting down once more in his place.

Unsurprisingly, the next to rise was Matt. He carried his beer bottle, which I could tell was almost empty, and he downed the rest as he came over to me. Again, he moved out of my vision and I assumed, like the others, he was getting something but he didn't. He just got behind me and purred. "Enjoy slut." I gasped as he rammed the neck of the bottle up my arse, a cry leaving my lips, my eyes once again lidding as the cool glass filled me. I guess I should be thankful he didn't try and shove the rest in, but fuck.

I heard movement again and when I opened my eyes they were all up, all surrouding me. The others hands were, thankflly empty of botles, but they did all have floggers. They weren't the heavy duty kind, just the kinds that you could get anywhere around valentines day. "Stay still slut." Jay spoke, eyes on me as he said the words before looking at the others. "Three. Two. One." They all started hitting me with them, the material lashing at my skin from all directions. The blows weren't enough to leave any lasting marks, but they were enough to make me yell in pain. There was more chuckling and they circled me, raining blows across my chest, back, arms and ass cheeks. I noted between the numerous bows that they seemed to be carefully missing both my face and crotch. I had a feeling that was intentional so they wouldn't cause lasting damage.

It seemed to go by in a blur of sharp pain all across my body, but they soon stopped. It didn't feel like long at all, but I couldn't be sure. They tossed them aside, to where I could not see but I was just glad for the respite. I took a few deep breaths to steady myself and watched them as they stripped fully naked around me, clothes being discarded haphazardly, not that Jay seemed to care all that much.

When they were all naked I felt a hand pull the bottle out of me. A simple process of elimination told me it was matt, as the others had gathered a little in front of me and were stroking their dicks slowly. I heard the bottle roll of to parts unknown but it was soon replaced with Matt's cock. Well, replace might not be the most accurate word, as the bottle was bigger than Matt in all senses. He made up for this by thrusting into me roughly, so hard it made me lose my balance so I fell so that my face was on the floor. He didn't care all that much, fucking me good and hard behind me, the others doing nothing other than slow strokes.

A suddenly as he flled me, Matt pulled out, moving around my body. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head up, his other hand working his cock as another entered me. This one was of a much more satisfying size, not that it made much diference to me in my current state. Matt came across my face before the second guy had even started to get going and he wiped his shaft through my hair, backing off.

A simple glance told me that the guy inside me was Padge. He started off at a much more steady pace than Matt, much less hurried. However that didn't last all that long. He soon became more frenzied, his hands gripping my bound arms as he fucked me, much rougher than Matt had before him. Like Matt, though he stopped, moving round and lifting me by the hair. A few strokes of his thick member bought him off and he came across my face.

I braced myself, expecting the same thing to happen once more. However, when Moose came he pulled me back on my knees and went straight for my face. "Open up slut." I parted my lips or him and he pressed his cock inside, his shaft filling up my mouth and down my throat. like with fucking, I'd not sucked anyone in awhile, but I found it surprisingly easy to take him down, managing most of him in moments. I was so into sucking his cock that I didn't realise that another was a my arse until it was balls deep. Jay. "Fuck man, what a mouth this one has."

Jay checkled, leisurely thrusting in and out of my opening. "I'm sure he has."

Moose grinned and together they fucked bboth of my holes, the pair of them groaning above me. I flicked my tongue over Moose's shaft, trying to make it good for him because fuck, I knew I was into this. There was no denying it. "Shit..." He hissed and pulled back, the taste of his dick filling my senses as his slick cock came, joining the loads of the others marking my face.

I caught sight of them now, watching from where they'd seated themselves again, Moose joining the others. I guess it should've been obvious that Jay'd be last, after all he seemed to be firmly running the show and I couldn't help but wonder if he was like this with them when they fucked. Or if they'd done this before. My mind swam, but it was bought back to the moment when he growled, his fingers wrapping around my shaft. "You've been such a good boy I think you deserve a treat." My breath hitched in my throat as he stroked me slowly.

"Th... thank you sir." I groaned as he slammed into me catching my spot as he did so. His fingers moved down, sliding the ring off me and letting it drop to the floor before me. He then stroked me again, keeping the steady pace on my aching length.

"Be a good little slut." He whispered in my ear, his thrusts regularly punctuated by harsh slams. "And cum over your whore body."

My body didn't need much more prompting. In just a handful of strokes I blew my load, my head tipping back as I felt it land over my belly and chest. He pulled out a few moments later and then, like the others, he stroked himself to completion over my ace his fat cock shooting hard and thick to mark me like the others. Was that what this was, to show that I was theirs? I filed that way as something to ask later, catching my breath back from my orgasm.

I looked up and caught Jay waving at the others in a gesture that looked dismissive. The others all got up and headed in the direction of the kitchen, leaving us alone. Jay went behind me and I felt his hands undoing the straps. "I am sure you want to know that tonight is worth it and what exactly you're getting." His fingers freed my right ankle then moved to the other. "First we need someone to tour with us as a roadie and tech. The position pays far more than your current paycheck must be." That wouldn't be saying much really but I nodded his fingers working on my wrists now. "Second my current tech is forming a band of his own and it needs members. He asked if I knew anyone. Your name came to mind." He pulled the material from my wrists and stepped in front of me, droppin it to the floor without a care. A belt. I flexed my arms which now ached and looked up at him. "Interested?"

I swore I never nodded so hard before in my fucking life.
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