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Flopping time

Well yesterday Wind Waker came pre gig. I managed to have a little go before I had to leave, but it looks so pretty. I got to Forsaken Fortress. (And now I've got to the start of Dragon Roost cavern)

Wentto Wolverhampton and straight to the station to wait for Nat. Annoyingly the arrival board wasn't working right so I had no idea if she'd gotten delayed a bit, but still. Then we hunted for the tram and went to Bilston, almost going the wrong way but getting to the hotel. The room was pretty nice. Nat went to do here interviews, so I flopped and watched stuff.

Then at 7:15ish, I go a little woried. Doors open at 7 and there was no sign of her.... but then there was a knock on the door. I opened it up and then she was... with Tundra and Vreth from Finntroll behind her! Turns out the interview would be done in the room. There was another interviewer that went first, and in my haste to leave them to it I left my gig stuff behind (and my trainers) so couldn't leave until they were one *fails*. They were nice and dd shake my han as I was grabbing everything. Though while she was gone I had popped to the cash machine and I think I seen Routa (though realising too late).

I got a tour tee, thanks to tinyness for helping me recoup my money from Monday's incident. There were a few guys with skirts whih, guh I approve of. The first band came on after Nat returned (tough I had to run back and lock the door before they started). The first and were Skalmold and they were pretty good. The drummer was topless and wore a skrt so, nom. Then I joined Nat at the front of the stage. There wasn't even any barrier so we were super close. Next band was Tyr, who were pretty good too. Topless singer and next to topless guitarist in tight trousers? Nom.

It was aroud here I felt a tap on my shoulder and a guy said I had a nice tee and 'and now the weather' cause it was my Night Vale tee. Just goes to show how well know it is to be called on it in such a random place. (The guy I talked to post-gig also knew of it an said he had to listen after seeing my tee).

As for Finntoll themselves, they were so awesome! Best gig of the year and one of the best gigs ever. Virta's hair is so fucking fluff! As a certain person said 'It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!' I kept looking from the luffy o vreh who was pretty much in my face with his tight trousers and my eyes kept going to his crotch (then sweaty chest when he shed his jacket, ngh). They really were so awesome. I've never headanged so much or go into a gig as muh as theirs in awhile. And I even let myself do the horns which I'm usually reluctant to do cause of my fingers. But yeah, they were fantastic.

Post gig we went to the room and Nat was too flop to head back out. I held off a little. I was a little nervy due to what happened Monday, but I went out anyway. Thankfully there was a nice guy here and we got to randomly talking, so he kept me company a bit. I got pictures with Tundra and Virta (eee) and got them and Skyrmer to sign my album.

I went back whn it looked like no one else was coming, plus tiredness, so I heard back to the room and flopped too.

Tis morning we wandered round bilston, then Wolverhampon before we parted and I came home.

Cut to me going on wind waker and flopping, but yay! I'm so glad went last nght and so thankfully Na got me out there ause there's no way I could've done it alone.

Now to flop some and go on AC (and flail over mon leaks).
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