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Well I'm feeling much better now. Maybe cause I ended up talking to mum and having a cry, maybe cause I sorted the one problem I could. But yeah, I'm feeling much better than I did.

I'm excited for the upcoming gigs and games, namely Zelda and Pokemon, yay!

There's probaly things I should post about, but I'm not sure what. Other than I met the guy that does the voice of Mario/Luigi/Wario and he's real nice. And er.... I dunno. I'm gona be starting a Will And Grace rewatch after this post solely because of Karen gifs on tumblr (Karen is awesome).

(And I've still not read Killjoys yet cause it'd be too depressing.)

And now, some randomness.

I've not been a particularly ambitious person. At school when we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up I had no idea (personally I've always thought it's ridiculous to make such a decision so young). So I was always a little directionless. I never realised until a few years ago that science was the way I wanted to go. (A big comfort is that Professor Cox didn't start up his full education until quite late and look where he is now.)

I was watching this film last night, called The Europa Project. It's about a manned space mission and, instead of the usual destination of Mars, it's going to Europa. (Europa is one of the moon's of Jupiter and is the most likely place in the solar system to contain life as it has a vast ocean beneath the ice.) The mission was to see if Europa had life, but as most film space missions do, things went wrong (although personally some of it is the fault of the people who sent the mission. I mean who the fuck sends a mission that far with only one freaking probe?). Anyway, it spurred something deep down. I think that we should do something like that at some point. Life is pretty much guaranteed to be there and we should be trying to find it, instead of wasting our time sending probe after probe to Mars (a planet we know to be pretty much dead now and any life would be underground in caves that our probes simply aren't able to get to). We should be sending something to Europa, where the certainty of finding something that is living and breathing today is much more likely than on the deserts of Mars. And, well, I guess a part of me thinks that if something like that does happen that I'd want to be a part of it. And yeah, I dunno what I could do or how useful I could be, but I know it's something I'd want to do.

Part of why I'm excited for the next part of the course (Planetary science and the search for life) is that most of a chapter of the second book, An Introduction To Astrobiology is focussed solely on Europa, which shows how seriously a candidate for life it is.

Anyways. Off now to do some watching because I'm too flop to do much else.
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