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Here, Behind These Walls

Here, Behind These Walls
Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Jay James/Mike Kingswood
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mike
Prompt: 1 : Crossdressing
Warnings: Crossdressing (obviously)
Notes: Well this fic came about because of multiple things. First this tweet Mike left in response to Padge's 'Jay loves dick' one. Thankfully seeing that comment led me to looking at Mike's twitter, and then to his instagam (which led to me seeing the pic of him like that). So I knew I had to fic him trouble was I had three ideas: One relating to the tweet (Mike/Jay), one to the piccture (Mike in the dress) and one relatted to hm being in Axewound and touring with The Smoking Hearts (Mike/Calvin). Eventually I figured 'fuck it' and combined all three which actually has worked petty well.

'Come here when the tour's over. Bring the dress from that picture. C'

On the back of the note was scribbled an address, one that I was now sat outside of, looking at from my car. It was a fairly non-descript house in Bridgend, somewhere I'd never been before myself. I knew Matt and the boys had grew up here, but I'd never had the pleasure of a visit.

I double checked I was at the right address, then got out the car, pulling out the bag I'd slung onto the seat beside me. I swallowed as I shut the door, pocketing the note before walking up towards the house's front door. I pressed the doorbell, not entirely sure what I should expect to greet me when the door opened. Who, that I was sure of. There was only one C that accompanied us on the tour so that wasn't hard to work out. Thing was I didn't think he lived here but I could be wrong. I heard movement from the other side of the door and took a step back, eyeing the dark wood as it opened up. The figure on the other side wasn't who I expected as they certainly weren't C.

It was Jay. Bullet's Jay. And he was... I swallowed, blinking and looking him over. He was wearing a dress, a little black dress. It was low cut so the tattoo on his chest was visible. It was sleeveless and hung down to just above his knees. "Hi." He smiled a little, tottering back on a set of heels and gesturing me to come in.

It took me a few seconds for my brain to get in gear, but I soon stepped inside, looking him over again. "Fuck Jay..." I swallowed again, watching him close the door behind me. He looked so fucking hot like that, it was hard to take my eyes off him. "So... how're you doing?" I asked, honestly not sure what to do in this situation. I'd probably have something better than that if i'd had any hint this was going to happen.

He nodded and smiled in response. "I'm ok. You?"

"Yeah I'm... great, thanks."

"Good." He smiled, and pointed at a door a little further down the corridor. "Go in there and change. There's some other things in there for you too if you don't have your own. Take your time, we'll be in the living room." He nodded to another door, then tured and headed down there his hips swaying. Fuck.

I shook my head slightly, stepping in the room he indicated and dropping the bag on the floor. The room had a desk with papers covering it with sketches on them. A few basses were leaning against one wall and some of the band's records were hung above them. Obviously this was Jay's place. I noticed on the black sofa across from the desk what the things he was referring to were. Heels and a few sets of underwear. I took a deep breath then undid my belt, starting to undress. I could have walked away and left of course, but fuck it. How often would you get to see a hot boy in a dress? Not to mention whatever else was going to happen. Of course, I thought as I pushed down my fly, I didn't know who Jay meant when he said 'we'. Was it just him and c? Or were there others too? When my jeans were around my ankles I stopped and listened, to hear if there was anyone else. It was all quiet.

I shrugged. It wasn't as if I cared who was there anyway. The picture of me in this dress was online, on my own account, so I didn't give a fuck who else saw me in it even with the addition of heels and panties. I kicked off my jeans and pulled off my trainers, sitting them alongside the sofa. My jacket and t-shirt soon followed, leaving me just in my tented boxers. My fingers hooked under my waistband and I pushed them down, sighing as my dick bounced free, slapping against my skin.

I looked over the assembled collection of underwear, my fingers ghosting over them. There were five pairs: black, white, deep purple, pale pink and bright red. I settled on the purple ones, picking them up and slipping them up my legs. I let out a groan as my erection was surrounded by the soft material. I'd never wore any before and this felt so good strangely. I knealt down and opened up my bag, pulling out the dress. It wasn't as nice as Jay's, I realised as I pulled it on over my head. It was black with short sleeves and was about as long as Jay's with white lacy trims. I adjusted it and smoothed it down, sitting beside the underwear and picking up the heels. Unlike the underwear there was just one pair, in black, and, surprisingly in my size. I guessed C must have checked my shoe size on tour. Either that or I was the same size as Jay, which seemed unlikely. Regardless, I slipped them on, buckling each one up securely. The heels weren't very big, which I was grateful for when I stood up. Heels were another thing I'd not tried before, which was obvious by my first unsteady steps. How the fuck did chicks walk around in these things, especially the bigger ones?

I walked around the room a few times, getting more used to the extra height. It took a few moments, but eventually I felt confident enough. I took a deep breath and then left the room, walking towards the other door and bracing myself for whatever I'd find in there. Well, whoever more to the point.

I pushed open the door and stepped inside, taking a quick look round. The room was an ordinary living room, with the usual living room things. Tv, dvd player, stero, shelves with dvds and music, table, chairs. My eyes were drawn to the couch though, which was bigger than the one in the previous room. Jay was on his knees and there, on the sofa laying back with his legs spread was C. Calvin Roffey.

He was the only one in the room other than Jay and he was sat there, legs spread, wearing nothing but a smile. Holy fuck. I'd not realised his chest piece was that big. I'd just caught glimpses of it before, but fuck. "Hey Mike. Glad you could make it." He stroked Jay's hair, his head on Calvin's thigh nuzzled against his dick. "I wasn't sure you'd come." I watched, transfixed by the sight of them and he chuckled. "Well don't just stand there, come on over."

I nodded and took a few steps towards them and I noticed how Calvin was giving me the once over, Jay's gaze shifting from Calvin's cock to do the same. Calvin did a circling motion with his finger, so I took the hint and did a small twirl for him. "Mmmm it looks even better in person." He smirked as he took in the sight of me, until I was stood before him.

It was obvious that he was going to be the one in control here, which was ok with me, but beyond that I wasn't very clear. I wasn't particularly well versed on the etiquette on situations like this. Sex to me was more often than not drunken encounters not... this. "What would you like me to do?" I realised as soon as I said the words how awkward that sounded, but they were out there now. I couldn't swallow them back up and say something else, not that a better alternative came readily to mind.

He smiled and leaned forward, licking his lips. "Relax, enjoy yourself." His voice was soft, reassuring and I nodded in response. He then leaned back the ssmirk returning to his lips. "And that's 'What would you like me to do sir?'"

I nodded again and he raised an eyebrow, so I took the hint and repeated what he said. "What would you like me to do sir?"

"Better." He smiled and nodded down to Jay, combing his fingers through Jay's short hair. "My slut here loves cock. And I love seeing him suck cock." I nodded along, it becoming obvious what he wanted me to do. I had to say the thought made my cock twitch in it's confines. Jay loving dick wasn't exactly a secret, not between bands that knew Bullet anyway, but I'd not had the pleasure yet. "So first he's going to suck you." Calvin continued and I wondered what was to come later. Not curious enough to ask though.

Jay left his place and crawled the short distance to where I stood. He smiled at me, then his head disappeared under the dress. He nuzzled my bulge and I let out a small groan, not knowing what I should do with my hands. I felt his teeth grasp the top of my panties, pulling them down slowly until I felt my cock slap against his face. I heard him make a small noise at the feeling and he let go so that the underwear remained just below my balls. His tongue darted out the second he released the material, running up along my shaft slowly. I gasped when his soft lips enveloped the head of my dick, his mouth sinking down around my length. I groan left my lips when I felt his nose against my pubes, my full length down his throat. "Oh fuck..." My eyes lidded and my hands bunched at my sides, unsure where they should go since his head was under the dress. Eventually I settled them onto his shoulders, just as he started to bob.

"Good isn't he?" I almost jumped, not having realised Calvin had moved much less stood behind me. I managed a nod in response, not trusting myself to respond as Jay bobbed on my cock. Shit he was good. Matt should've invited him to the studio. Then again if he had would we have actually done any recording? I somehow think not. It made me wonder how the fuck Bullet actually got anything done when they had this hot little mouth just... there. His tongue fluttered against the underside of my dick, which served to distract me from my train of thought.

"Mmm you look so hot." Calvin purred in my ear, and I could feel his erection press against me. "Both of you." Jay kept bobbing slowly on my dick. "Him in his natural place on his knees with a cock between his lips. You, moaning as you get sucked off." I felt his arm snake around my waist, his fngers brushing against my thigh before touching Jay. It had to have been some prearranged signal, because Jay stilled and shifted. I watched as he rearranged his legs and lifted himself up until he was on all fours. "Now there's something I want you to do with those sexy fingers of yours."

"Uh...." For some reason it took me a few seconds to pick up on his meaning, most likely to do with Jay's mouth. "Oh." Calvin chuckled against my ear, one hand grasping my left one and lifting it up before us.

"Just gotta lube you up first." He practically purred he words, grabbing some lube from somewhere behind me out of sight. He popped the cap and squeezed some onto my fingers, while Jay slowly resumed sucking me off. Another groan left my lips as Calvin rubbed the lube over my fingers. He seemed to take pleasure in slicking me up, even adding extra lube which was surely unecessary. "Now, I want you to pull down Jay's knickers and work your fingers into his arse."

I moaned at what he asked, then nodded a little. "Yes sir." I reached down over Jay with my clean hand and slipped his dress up, then I grasped his underwear, pushing it down to expose his fleshy cheeks. Fuck, that arse. I bought my lube slick fingers down, pushing first my middle finger into him. It easily filled him, my rebel tattoo disappearing as it did so. I felt him clench around me and I slowly moved my finger in and out of him. I felt him groan around me, the vibrations sending shivers through my body. Fuck. I worked my next finger into him, my triforce inked finger filling him just as easily as the first one had before it. Clearly he'd been fucked before and often. I once again internally cursed Matt for not inviting him to the studio as I worked my fingers in and out of him.

"That's it...." Calvin purred again and I knew his eyes were on my fingers pumping in and out of Jay's hole. I sped up the movements, my dick twitching as he moaned around my shaft. "You like how the slut feels?"

"Oh yes sir." I nodded, working my fingers in and out of Jay's arse. Every movement I made cause him to moan around me, making my ache more. "Are you going to fuck him? Sir." I added the last part quickly after an intake of breath from Jay's sucking.

"Of course." He replied, breath hot on my neck as he spoke. He shifted slightly, his lips brushing the shell of my ear, his bdy pressed against me so I could feel his boner again. "But your arse is mine later." A moan escaped my lips, and then he seperated from me, walking around Jay's body. He grasped my wrist and worked my fingers out of Jay's body, wiping them across his inked chest. His dick bobbed, his length already slick with lube. He must have lubed himself up after I started fingering Jay. He released my hand, then lined himself up and I watched as he thrust into Jay's arse.

He didn't go in slow, or ease him into it, he just went right at it. I was incredibly impressed by Jay as he didn't let the rough fucking phase him. He still sucked me just as well as he did when it was my fingers inside him, working him open. Shit, he really was a slut.

I knew, however that it wasn't to last. At least on my end anyway. Jay was giving me the best blowjob I'd ever ha and te sight of him bieng fucked like that too was just too much. I gripped at the sides of is dress, rocking my hips to meet his face and my eyes met Calvin's. Realising I had no idea if I should just let go I opened my mouth to speak but all that came out was a moan. Words, it seemed, were too much.

Calvin, however was much more composed. How the fuck he did tat i wasn't sure, but he managed to speak answering the question I'd not been able to make out. "Cum, cum down the little slut's throat. Or over his fucking face, it's up to you. Both are hot as fuck, just be sure to hold your dress up for it."

I nodded, shifting a hand to hold my dress up so he got a clear few as I unloaded, spilling down Jay's throat with a low moan. it was as if I'd been waiting, waiting for him to say those words.

For a few seconds, I was dazed from my orgasm, but I felt Jay swallow it down, his tongue lapping at my softening dick. When I looked back at Calvin, he was moaning too, thrusting harsh and fast into Jay. His head tilted back his jet black hair framing his face as he came deep in him.

He rode out his orgasm as I had, then reached up, running his hands through my hair. He pulled me close and our lips met in a desperate sloppy kiss. We were both out of breath though, so it didn't exactly matter. When we parted, his dick was out of Jay's body and he was pushing my head down, down towards his freshly fucked ass. I swiped my tongue over him, then darting it inside him briefly. While this wasn't my first time eating out ass, I wasn't very good at it. Partly because I was out of practice, partly because of Jay's excellent sucking skills. "Jerk him off." I heard Calvin whisper from somewhere above us.

I reached under Jay's dress, grasping his length and I began pumping it. I lazily licked at his opening, tasting Calvin's fresh load and making sure to swallow down he salty fluid. Jay was now moaning against my thigh, after letting my dick slip from his lips. He lasted a few solid pumps, then he too came, a spurt staining his dress but most rolling down along my fingers.

"Mmmm that's it." Calvin purred and i looked up, our eyes meeting again. He was sat down where he'd been when I first entered, watching us with hungry eyes. "You should clean up your fingers."

I straightened up and lapped my fingers clean, just as I did when I came from wanking. I tried to make it a little more showy since I had an audience, swiping my tongue over my inked, sticky fingers as best I could. When it was gone i saw Calvin nod to the seat beside him and I gratefully took it, heaving a sigh as I sat down, laying back. "Fucking hell."

He chuckled an patted my exposed knee, his fingers reaching under and pulling my panties back up. "Well I'm glad you had fun. Hope you'll be up for another round later." Calvin's tone was a lot more casual now then it was before and I nodded, licking my lips.

"Fuck yeah. Just, not for a little while yet." He chuckled again and patted me on the shoulder.

"Of course. Fancy a drink, then we can find something to watch or some shit." I nodded and he smiled, standing. "Beer ok?" I nodded again and he smiled, heading towards where I assumed the kitchen was. Once I caught my breath back and had a drink inside me then I had a whole ream of questions. Ones like 'why me?' 'how long has this been going on between you two?' and 'what else are you guys into?'

I was sure looking forward to how this would play out.
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