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Pairing: Rich Boucher/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Warnings: Slight crossdressing
Notes: for the awesome birthday girl lc_ffaf! Happy birthday!

Finland was a pretty strange place. We were at some festival, one whose name escaped me and was probably trick to pronounce anyway. It was a two day event and we were here for both days though performing for one. So now I was watching some of the other acts, most of whom were natives, and marvelling at how strange they were.

When we played we just came onstage with whatever we had and played, but these guys... well. Some wore skirts, some wore make up, others had one what would be akin to warpaint. One band, the current one, wore what seemed to be battle armor with bright red face paint. There seemed to be a real sense of spectacle with these bands that we just didn't have and it made me feel like we were he odd ones out. I guess a lack of all that would make us stand out in a way, but still.

I glanced back to the stage in time to see the current band heading off, the crowd going wild in appreciation for them.

I figured now was an appropriate time to go grab a beer.


When I returned to the stage a new band was one. Like the ones before I had no idea who they were but they seemed to be pretty good. Most of them had hair past their shoulders, all bar the drummer. The same members who skirts and also a black line on each of their faces, with the singer's winding it's way down his bare chest. They also had pointed ears sticking out from between their locks, which I thought was a little strange, though perhaps not the strangest thing I'd seen today. Perhaps they were dressed as something from local folklore or something. Whatever the case, they were all rather... transfixing. My eyes focussed on the keyboardist most of all.

His long hair hung down in fluffy curls framing his face, which seemed pretty focused on what he was doing. He was chubby, but his fuller figure suited him. I couldn't help picture my hands under his skirt, my fingers pumping in and out of his hole. I downed another drink, watching as his fingers danced across the keyboard, only vaguely listening to whatever the singer was growling. It wasn't as if I had any idea what he was saying anyway.

I wet my lips as I watched the keyboardist play, feeling my dick stir from the sight of him. debated what I should do about it. I mean, I didn't even know if he spoke English and i didn't want to make a fool of myself coming onto someone who couldn't even understand a word I'd said. On the other hand, if I didn't try I'd never know. In these situations I always went for the latter.

I downed the rest of my drink and was sure I caught his gaze, but shrugged it off and waited for their set to finish.

Four or five songs later, it was hard to tell as I'd never heard them before, the set was over. I stepped to one side, watching as they started to filter off stage. He was the next to last to come off and I swallowed, preparing myself to approach him. He stopped and looked right at me, saying something in Finnish to me. Well, what I assumed was Finnish. I wasn't exactly versed in the local languages, so I just offered a clueless expression. "Ah, how about English?" He must have spotted some recognition because he smiled and continued in a voice that was surprisingly deep considering his appearence. "There we go. So, I saw you looking at me."

"You did?"

He nodded and smirked. "You weren't very subtle." His tongue swiped across his full lips as he looked me over. "I'm Virta and you?"


He nodded and responded before I got the chance to say more. "Do you have anywhere to be?"

"No, not until tomorrow when my band plays."

"Good. Then come on." I blinked and he grinned, nodding to my crotch. "Like I said, you're not very subtle. It's clear what you want. So, are you coming or not?"

I nodded and let him take the lead, following him through the backstage area. Well, he may have made the first move but I was still gong to get what I wanted. We stopped at a door, one marked Finntroll which I assumed was his band and he pushed it open. "What about the rest of your band?"

He shook his head and smiled at me, stepping inside. "They won't be back here anytime soon. Not that it'd matter." I followed him in, glancing around the room briefly. It was just a regular dressing room, like any I'd seen with nothing that was terribly unusual. "Now, how about you change?"

"Change?" I looked at him in slight confusion, but figured it was something lost in translation. "You mean strip?"

He grinned and shook his head. "No, change." He gestured at my ower half. "Take off your jjeans and any underwear, then you'll put on this." He turned from me and lifted something up, tossing it at my feet. A skirt? Was he serious? I raised and eyebrow and looked at him, but he smirked. "Go on then or aren't you man enough."

I growled and undid my flies, pushing my jeans down at his challenge. My boxers followed and I kicked both aside before stepping into the skirt. As I pulled it up I realised just how heavy the leather was. I buckled it at my waist and looked at him. It felt strange but not uncomfortable and it didn't dampen my erection one bit. "Better. It suits you." He grinned and licked his lips, stepping closer to me. "Now to give you what you want."

He leaned in and kissed me, hot and hungry, his hands slipping up and under the skirt I wore. I purred against his lips as took my length in hand, slowly stroking my cock. I parted my lips, attacking his tongue with my own, reaching behind him to stroke his ass through the material. He pulled back a little, breath hot against my lips. "I take it that means you want to fuck me?" I nodded and he smirked. "Well that's a shame, because I want to fuck you." He cupped my arse with his other hand, giving it a squeeze, a moan leaving my lips.

"Well that presents us with a problem doesn't it? Only one of us can do the fucking after all." He nodded his agreement and I looked him in the eyes. "But who?"

"I have a solution to that." He licked his lips, releasing my cock as I raised an eyebrow. He leaned in towards my ear, whispering. "We finger each other. First to cum gets the fingers replaced with a dick. Deal?"

I smirkered and nodded. I was an expert with my fngers. I couldn't lose. He grinned and he parted from me, going to one of the bags and pulling out a tube of lube. He stepped back to us, slicking his fingers before handing it to me so I could do the same. Our bodies met again and his hand slipped back to my ass. He waited, giving me chance for my fingers to be slicked and bought to his arse. "Ready."

He nodded in return and, with that, I felt his fingers push between my cheeks. responded in kind, seeking his opening with my fingertips. Our lips met as we worked them inside each other, easing them in. I wasn't a virgin, but I wasn't fucked very often so it did hurt a little at first. I'd no idea if he was the same, but his ass certainly didnt feel like a slut's. We started to move our fingers, working them in and out one another. He was good, I'd give him that, his finger curving to catch my spot so that I groaned against him. I pulled my finger back only to press my ring inger alongside it, earning me a moan from his lips in return. He did the same and I grunted, his fingers sinking fully into me. Now the challenge really began.

Our fingers moved in and out of one another, and I curved mine just as he had before me to seek out his spot giving it my full attention when he groaned against me hips thrusting. I knew I'd win this. Bassists like me were the best with our fingers. No such claim had ever been made about keyboardists. My dick twitched as his fingers glided in and out of me, each time making me shudder in pleasure. Fuck I couldn't wait to ram my cock up inside him. I'd give those full cocksucking lips a work over too.

As if he'd realised I was thinking of his lips, he kissed me and our tongue's were lapping at one another. I didn't let it distract me from fucking him with my fingers of course, despite how good he was. Yeah, I couldn't wait to shove my dick in there and to thread my fingers in those curls,, pulling him down to take me all.

And that's when it hit me. I wasn't sure what had caused it, his lips on mine, my wandering mind or his fingers slamming into my spot, but I felt myself shoot against the skirt. Our lips seperated and I let out a low moan, and I could see the smirk grace his lips.

His fingers slipped out of me and he gripped my wrist, pulling mine out of him. "Looks like you lose." He purred in my ear, turnng me around and pushing me against the wall. He didn't remove the skirt, he just hitched it up enough so he had access and he wasted no time pushing his thick dick into me. Fuck he felt big, though I guessed I should have expected that. I barely had time to brace myself against the wall before he was fucking me, moving at a steady pace and whispering words in my ear that I couldn't understand. Was he calling me a slut? Was he saying what he was doing to me? I had no idea, but it made my softening cock twitch. If I'd not just cum I'd probably be aching from the words even thugh he may be doing something as simple as reading his shopping list for all I knew.

His breathing became a little harsher, and he thrusts harder. Fuck this took me back a bit. Back to when i was a little slut that bent over for anyone that asked. "Come on..." I panted, the words leaving my lips on instinct. "Fuck me. Fill me with your cum."

He growled against me and he gripped me tighter, a few more words tumbling from his mouth. I didn't need to know what they meant to get their meaning. I felt him cum deep inside me and I groaned, my eyes lidding. Shit.

He held me up for a few moments, panting into my neck. "You were good." He purred, before pulling out slowly and guiding us towards the couch. "Perhaps I'll let you fuck me later." I smiled at the prospect, my body laying back against the cushions. My arse felt a little sore from the fucking, but it was a good sore, one which I'd not realised I'd missed.

"Good." I smiled, licking my lips, wondering exactly how much later it would be. Not too soon though. "Got anything to drink?"

"Of course." He smiled and leaned towards the mini fridge, opening the door and pulling out a beer. He deftly undid the lid and tipped the contents of it into one of those drinking horns that seemed so common around here, Ah well, when in Rome I guess. When he offered it me I took a drink, feeling some of the fluid splash on my lips and chin, but I didn't care. Neither did he as he leaned over, licking up what I'd missed.

"Oh, and keep the skirt."
Tags: fic, finntroll, funeral for a friend, rich boucher, rich boucher/virta, slash, virta
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