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Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Prompt: 18: Fisting
Warnings: Fisting
Notes: First Waycest in ages and, well, it was inevitable after that picture and Gerard designing and directing him that outfit. Just ngh. I wasn't gonna do this till I saw the ep but nope, no downloads or streams so I thought fuck it.

I sat, waiting for my brother as he dressed, out of sight. His costume for the Aquabats episode we'd be doing had arrived and he was eager for me to see. I had to admit that had shared his eaerness to see him in it, I'd come a soon as I could. This reminded me a little of when our Killjoys outfits had came. We'd shut ourselves away to slip them on and show them off and, well. What followed then was a short period of us appeciatiely checking one another out, followed by hot, hungry kisses and then zippers were pulled down.... Fuck. The memory sent images which went straight to my cock, already aching from the thought of seeing Mikey in another outfit I'd designed.

"I'm ready!" I heard him call out, his words shaking me from my thoughts. "Now close your eyes."

I complied, shutting my lids tight. "Ready."

I heard the door open followed by footsteps and I knew that he was now before me. I felt smething land on the couch beside me and my brow furrowed quizzically. "My phone. Be ready to take pictures." I nodded, reaching blindly for it and grasping it quickly, waiting for him to give the word. "Ok, open." I parted my lips out instinct, then realised he meant my eye. I blinked them open, studying him.

It looked exactly like my designs had. It was all black from top to bottom. It started wth a hood that clung to his head, concealing all traces of hair. His face was broken by what looked like stylised glases, framing his eyes with jagged edges. There was a t-shirt covering his frame, though where it connected with the hood was hard to actually make out. The t-shirt was emblazzoned with an inverted A in it's center, the A surrounded by a circle of white to make it stand out. On his arms there were pads on his elbows and the sleeves of the t-shirt disappeared under a set of gloves. Around his waist there was a belt with a skull in a circle, black this time and larger that the A above it. Beneath that the zipper of his flies were clear, the silver noticable against the black. I swallowed as I noted the faint hint of his bulge, his pants clinging to his slim legs.

It was then my focus shifted to his pose. His eyes lared at me from between the frames, his lips in a scowl. Both hands were balled into fists, with the right lifted up beside him. Rememebering the phone, I took a few quick shots of him, his pose shifting to an action pose, the to pointing the fist directly at me (the effect on my cock immediate) and finally a few of him generally looking devious.

"Well, what do you think?" He asked and i knew that was a sign to stop. I set his phone aside and looked him over once more, watching as he did a turn before me unbidden. I swallowed at the siht of his pants clinging to his ass, realising now what I'd let myself in for. How the fuck could I direct him dressed like this? Shit.

When he faced me me again, eyes looking at me epectantly, I knew I had to speak, so summoned up the ability. "Fuck Mikey... it's perfect." I bit my lip and swallowed. "Just... wow." He flashed me a grin, especially when he noticed my very obvious erection making a bulge in my own pants.

"I see you appreciate it." He smirked at me, a look of obvious hunger and lust in his eyes which just made me harder. The frames around his eyes, sharp as they were, reminded me there was a time when he was far from this confident, a time when I took my inexperienced little brother and showed him experiences he'd never dreamed of. Since then, of course, there had been a few times when the reverse was true. I nodded in response to him, my voice failing me again and he smiled. "You know, you're the director of the episode I'm gonna be in." I nodded again, puzled as to why he felt the need to say it now as he stepped towards me, crossing the small space between us in a matter of moments. He leaned down and he spoke again in a soft whisper his breath hot against my face. "So direct me."

I swallowed, blinked and looked him in the eyes. "Wh... what?" I managed to stutter out, cursing the effect he had on me.

"Direct me." He repeated, this time slower, the smirk returning as he ran a gloved hand up my thigh. "Tell me what you want me to do to you." I swallowed and nodded, trying to gather my thoughts enough to think what I wanted him to do. The first thing that flashed to mind was what I captured in the first photo, his hand balled into a fist. That. I wanted that. I squirmed slightly against my seat, then remebered that worrds were required since he couldn't read my mind sadly although that was for the best since we'd both agreed that was a pretty bad superpower to have.

I swallowed again, trying to both find my voice and, more importantly, trying to work out how I wanted it to go. After a few moments vague ideas filled my mind and I figured that would have to do. "Clothes... I need them off." The words tumbled out and I knew as soon as I said them I could have worded it better but he smiled.

He reached over, his gloved fingers running along my cheek towards my hair. He gripped tight, yanking my head back as he purred. "Take off your clothes you fucking slut."


When he let me go I stood and worked my clothes off. First my t-shirt was pulled off, exposing the pale skin of my chest for him. I undid my zipper, pushing my pants down, my fingertips brushing my bulge. I stepped out of them and pushed them away with one foot, hooking my fingers in the waistband of my Avengers boxers, pushing them to pool at my feet. My erection bobbed between my legs, free of it's confines now and I noted he was licking his lips at the sight of it.

"Much better slut." He smirked, giving me a once over, wetting his lips again but doing nothing more.

"Now could you kiss me and... get my ass ready."

He leaned in, breath against my face again. "Ready for what slut? Toys? A dick? My fist?" I let out a groan and he smirked. "Slut." And before I could respond he kissed me, hot and hungry, his hands pulling my body against him. I groaned against his lips, lapping at his tongue when it invaded my mouth. He broke away all too soon and I let out an audible whimper and he smirked. "Slut needs to get my fingers wet and you can't do that lapping at my tongue can you whore?" I shook my head and he raised his gloved hand, looking me right in the eyes. "Get to it my whore."

I smiled and leaned in, starting to lick at the material. I met his gaze, licking over his gloved hand, taking two of his fingers between my lips and sucking them. He watched me intently as I worked my lips around them, suckling them. I kept my eyes on him, putting a show on for him. I twisted my tongue, bobbed my head and made sure to get them nice and wet.

"That's enough." He growled, using his other hand to yank my head off him. "Bend over the table whore."

I nodded and shifted from him to the coffee table, bending over it and pushing my ass up and out for him. I groaned as he slapped my pale flesh and he chuckled. "Hold yourself open for me slut." I reached behind myself and pulled my cheeks apart, his fingers between them the second I had. I bit my lip as he eased both of them into me. Once they were in me fully he kept them in place for a few moments, wiggling them to work me open. After a few moments he started thrusting them in and out steadily. Soon a third joined the first two and I was moaning, unable to control myself. "My little slut." He purred behind me and he retreated his fingers out. I heard and felt him spurt lube onto his fingers, then push them back in.

Three fingers thrust in and out of me now, opening me up for him. "Almost ready slut." I nodded, keeping my ass open for him, my dick twitching appreciatively. When he fully removed them I braced myself, my eyes lidding. "Say it. Say what you want."

"I want your fist inside me." I groaned out the words, hearing him slick up his hand. "Please."

I heard him chuckle and then his hand was back, now balled back into a fist. I took a deep breath, my eyes lidding again as he started to push it in. I bit back a groan as he breached me, a spike of pain surging through me but I was prepared for it. I knew it would hurt at first. It wasn't like fingers or cock, I didn't get fisted often. Infact I couldn't really recall when I last had. Coherent thoughts left me as he pushed deeper, going slow, slower than he had with his fingers. The pain remained, though became duller as his fist filled me, my ass clenching around his wrist.

"That's it..." He whispered behind me, stroking the small of my back with his other hand. He gave me a few moments to ajust, then started to move it. Again he went slow, but each movement still caused my cock to twitch against the glass. "Now you're going to cum without your dick being touched, just this." I nodded and i could tell from his tone that he was fully in charge now not going to wait for anything more from me. Probably for the best. I wasn't excactly in the position to even think about instructions much less verbalise them.

He moved his fist a little faster and the pain faded completely, replaced by pleasure whenver he hit my spot. A groan escaped my lips and my fingers dug into my fleshy cheeks. I wished i could touch myself, but knew any movement would be useless. Even one handed he could stop me with ease. Instead I let him fuck me with his fist, feeling it sink a little deeper each time, the pleasure radiating through my body. Fuck. Another groan left my lips, higher pitched this time.

Everything from then became a mindless blur. I felt him spit on my back, followed by words reminding me of what a whore I was. His fist worked in and out, thrusting hard into me, making my body tremble every time. It was one of those thrusts that tipped my over, shooting across the glass with a loud cry of pleasure.

His hand eased out of my spasming hole and I assumed that was it, for awhile anyway but I was wrong. The moment hewas out fully he gripped my hair and pushed me down, growling. "You made a mess on my favourite table. Clean it up whore." I nodded, still breathless frm my orgasm but I did as I was told. I extended my tongue and swiped it over the salty white patches of cum, swallowing every drop down.

When the task was complete I heard him undo his zipper and knew what to expect. He pulled on my hair towards his cock and I sucked him down, giving him the best blow job I could. It was sloppy, I was well aware of that, he was too no doubt, but neither of us cared. I bobbed up and down on his cock, flicking my tongue as best I could. It was enough for him though. He soon pulled me off and came, splattering his load across my face and marking me as his. i let my eyes lid, keeping my lips parted to catch any that landed near. "Mine." He half growled, half panted as he finished, his grip on my hair loosening.

When I opened my eyes and looked back up at him he was sneering down at me, but that faded and I knew it was over when he miled and ruffled my hair. "Ok?" There was slight concern in his voice, which was always there even though it was unecessary.

I nodded, leaning down and kissing his shoe, which was followed by a pattern of kisses up his clothed body until I stood before him. "More than ok." I kissed him. It was brief, we were both too breathless for a longer one, but still expressed what I meant. That I loved him. That I always would. And that he was the best lover a man could have.

"Good." He smiled, running his fingers through my hair, smiling as he picked up on what was unsaid. What didn't need to be said. "Come on, let's get you a coffee before you start having withdrawal."

"Hey!" I hit his arm playfully and he grinned, leading us to his kitchen, giving me another chance to admire his outfit from behind. Fuck it was perfect.
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