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Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Prompt: 29: Asphyxiation
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: For the awesome lc_ffaf so she had someone to look forward to after evil work (so she got evil!Rich)

He was a pretty boy and I knew I had to have him the second I laid eyes on him. He was slim, with long black hair and ink on both his arms and neck. He reminded me a lot of Darran, the band's ex-guitarist, only he was a slimmed down version. I licked my lips, longing to have my hands wrapped around his inked throat. My cock twitched appreciatively at the thought. Oh yes, I'd have him.

I followed him, licking my lips. That pretty little ass of his would soon be mine.

He stopped at the bar and I slipped in beside him, thankful I'd gotten there before he'd got the chance to order. I leaned and whispered in his ear, as much to keep things intimate as it as to be sure I was heard. "Come with me."

He turned to look at me, looking me over behind his glasses for a moment, befre nodding a little. "Ok." I led him out of the crowd through the backstage area, towards somewhere a little quieter. "So er... what do you want with me?"

I chuckled softly wondering how long to would take for him to ask. It had taken him a few minutes. "Simple, I want to fuck you. Any objections?" He shook his head, swallowing noticeably. I smirked a little at his response, leading him towards the bus. Thankfully the lights were off, indictating as I suspected that the other guys were off partying or some shit. Good.

I opened the door and stepped inside, leading him through to the back of the bus as the lights flickered on. It wasn't exactly ideal really, a pretty boy like him deserved the full treatment, but it would do. Before we reached the back of the bus I turned and flashed him a smirk, before gripping his hair and yanking him close. "Now listen here you little slut, you're going to do exactly as I say. Understand?" I growled, looking him in the eyes. He nodded and i smirked, harshly dragging him into the back room. "Clothes off. Now." I let go of him, pushing the door closed behind us.

He swallowed, looking up at me from the floor and then he started to remove them. He started with his t-shirt, pulling the black material over his head and, holy fuck, his ink. The tattoo on his neck wasn't just there, it extended all across his whole chest. My dick twitched appreciatively at the sight. I loved fucking guys with tatts, the more the better, so to find he had one that big, well. It only increased my lust for him. His trembling fingers reached down and undid his flies, pushing the black denim down his slim legs. He pushed them off along with his shoes, leaving him prone and naked on the floor. I glanced at his cock, which was half hard between his legs. and I almost chuckled. Of course the little bitch liked it. They all did.

"Since you're down there, suck my cock." He crawled over to me and took my zipper between his teeth, pulling it down, my cock slapping him around the face. I was glad I'd not bothered with underwear and heard him gasp audiably. "Yeah, bet you've not had anyone this big before huh bitch?" He looked up at me and I could see it in his eyes, the look the whores always got, the cock hungry look that showed how desperate and needy he was for it.He was actually drooling a little too and I held back a chuckle. "I asked you to suck my fucking cock not stare at it desperately." I growled and slapped him around the back of the head, which had it's desired effect. He parted his lips and leaned in, taking the head of my cock between them. "The whole thing slut." I reached down and gripped his black locks, forcing him to take my whle length. I groaned as he worked his lips and tongue around me, his nose smushing against my pubes.

Fuck I bet his throat was bulging nicely.

I reached in my pocket and removed my phone, taking a shot of the slut like that, in his natural place. I always took pictures of the whores I'd had like that. Being part of the Welsh scene meant that most were Welsh too, so he'd be one of the few English boys. I smirked, at the thought of Welshmen, a connection coming to mind. I'd seen him before, without the glasses and the neck ink. I felt him start gag around me, then pulled him off by his hair. "I've seen you before slut, at the side of a Bullet gig."

He nodded, lips wet wth saliva. "Yea..." That was all the confirmation I needed. He was probably some kind of tech for them or some shit. Whatever he was, he'd probably had experience servicing them, after all he was so pretty.

"That wasn't a question slut." I pushed him back down on my cock, purring. "That's it, get me nice and wet." He nodded a little and I relaxed my grip so he could get to work, bobbing up and down on my aching shaft. His tongue flicked against me, getting me nice and wet as instructed.

I gave him a few minutes more, then pushed him off me, picking up my phone and clicking a picture. "Now suck your fingers and prep yourself with my cock." I checked the tme on my phone. "You have 5 minutes."

I leaned back to watch as he raised his fingers to his lips, taking two fingers between them easily. He sucked them, getting both nice and wet just like he had my dick, then he deftly reached between his legs and pushed both in. Another shot, just because it was so fucking hot. He let out a groan and I tore my eyes away from him, making sure everything I needed was within easy reach. I wished again I was back home with him, then I'd be able to do so fucking much to him. Ah well.

I checked the time. Two minutes left. i took the time to remove my clothing, pulling off my t-shirt and then pushing my own jeans the rest of the way down and kicking them aside. He groaned at the sight of me, eyes looking me over. "Fuck..." it was a breathy whisper, but I still heard it.

"Yeah, you like what you see cunt?" He nodded, fngers darting in and out of his arse quicker now. "Time's up whore. Get on your back on the fucking table." He did as he was told, fingers slipping out of him and he got up, laying as instructed, staring at me. The desperation in his eyes.

I got between his legs and pushed them up, folding them against his belly. "Spread your cheeks whore." He reached down and pulled his cheeks apart and I lined myself up with his opening. Without another word I pushed into him, my cock breaching his opening. He cried out, digging his fingers into his ass cheeks. i let out a moan at his tightness, pushing the rest of the way into him, until I was balls deep. "That's it slut..." I purred, staying still within him. Partly it was to allow him chance to adjust, but mostly it was to do what I wanted. I took a snap of him like this, keeping the phone in reach before starting to thrust.

His head tipped back and I groaned, my fingers flexing. Soon. I thrust in and out of him, each movement getting slightly faster and rough. He groaned, his hands grasping his ankles now and his eyes were slightly lidded. It was almost time. I thrust into him twice more, then decided he was ready, glancing sidelong at the things I'd put in reach. But then I decided to just go old school.

I shifted my hands up, over his inked chest, my fingers flicking his hard nipples until reached my goal. I wrapped my hands around his pretty little throat, smirking down at him. "Whore." I started to squeeze and he groaned, his eyes opening to look at me. i kept fucking him as his breathing became shallower his hands reaching for me in an vain attempt to claw them off. I was obviously much stronger than he, so his hands posed no threat whatsoever to mine. I squeezed harder cutting off his air and his head tipped back. I heard him beg, but the words were almost inaudiable between his attempts to breathe.

"P... st..."

I growled, slamming harder into him, watching his eyelids flutter closed again and I knew his eyes rolled back behind them, his body becoming lip. "Fucking whore!" I spilled into his spasming insides, easing my grip up. One day I'd probably kill someone like this, maybe even him. I was sure I shot an extra load at that thought.

I pulled out of him when I'd rode it out and took a shot of his passed out form. I kept my eyes on him, noting his chest was rising and falling and I nodded to myself. Good. I'd hate to have to find a way to dump a body at a festival. I considered what to do with him, then I heard the bus open and footsteps. "Rich? You in here?"

I smirked at the sound of Gav's voice, an image imediately springing to mind. "Yeah, back here man. I have a pretty little whore passed put and ready for your cock."
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