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Dirty Images

Dirty Images
Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Prompt: 12: Scat
Warnings: Scat, watersports
Notes: Inspired by these pics Calvin posted on twitter because Calvin is a filthy fucking enabler. Also, first scat fic in awhile. part of why I included it in the kink table was cause I wanted to do it again so Calvin provided me with a perfect excuse.

I blinked at the picture Calvin had posted on twitter. 'I DID A SHIT THAT LOOKS LIKE THE BLACK FLAG BARS!!!' it declared. I didn't expect the picture that accompanied it to actual be shit though. I blinked again, staring at the picture. Five pieces of shit filled a toilet and, well it didn't really look like the Black Flag bars.

The thing that really puzzled me, though wasn't why Calvin posted the picture of his shit in the first place, but that it wasn't disgusting me. In fact it was doing quite the opposite. I felt my dick twitch in my jeans and swallowed, giving my crotch a squeeze. Fuck. Why was it turning me on?

I bit my lip and undid my flies, pulling my stiff cock out. Well, I may as well take care of it now that I had it, despite the weird thing that caused it.


Six months later, to the day, Calvin posted another tweet. 'I had a big lunch.' The accompanying picture was similar to the first in that it was shit, only this was one long turd. The sight of it made me groan and fuck, I had another erection to Calvin's shit.



So here I was, standing outside Calvin's place, waiting for him to let me in. I was here all because of those pictures. I'd spent so much time looking at them and wanking, more than I should. He opened the door and beamed at me, brushing some of his long strands from his face. "Hey Padge, this is a surprise! Come on in." He shifted aside and I smiled, stepping in beside him. He was wearing black as was usual for him and he looked so fuckin pretty. "What brings you here?" He asked as he shut the door, following me into the living room.

"Well..." I bit my lip again as I sank into a chair. What could I say? Should I just come out with it? "Well er... I wanna talk to you about something."

"Oh?" He raised an eyebrow as he took a seat too. "What is it?"

"It's about something you posted actually. Well, something you posted twice actually." I swallowed and he grinned, leaning forward in his seat.

"Ohhh now I'm even more curious." My cheeks flushed slightly and he smiled warmly. "Go on then, what is it? Don't keep me in suspense."

"Well, it's about that picture you posted a few days ago..."

"Oh..." Now it was his turn to blush a little. "The shit one?" I nodded and he bit his lip, he parted them again as if to say something, but nothing came out.

"No, it's not a bad thing..." I swallowed again, taking a deep breath. Well I'd better say it now. I'd not come a this way not to. "Quite the opposite actualy." He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I swallowed my nerves down and just let the words out. "It gave me a boner actuallly."


"I know..." I nodded and smiled a little at his choice of word. "I've not stopped thinking about it since. And then you posted that second one and.... fuck. So here I am." I bit my lip and shrugged a little. "I'm not sure what I'm expecting or what I want. I just know I want it and you." I paused for a moment before continuing, looking him over again. "Of course you can say no, in which case I'll just walk right out and we can forget all about it."

He smiled and leaned over, closing the distance between us and his lips met mine. I smiled against him as his hands reached down, tugging at my t-shirt urgently. "Well whatever we do, I think clothing's surplus to requirements right?" I nodded my agreement and he smiled, pulling it up and off me exposing my chest. I reached over, returning the favor, pulling the black tee from him. I marvelled at his ink for a moment as I cast the clothing aside. His chest piece was the largest I'd seen on anyone, even in magazines. I licked my lips lightly, running my fingers along it leaning forward to lap at the moon on his neck. He purred and I brushed his hair away, licking in circles as I reached between his legs, grasping his fly and pulling it down, feeling the curve of his erection as I did. Fuck. We seperated enough for him to shed his skinny jeans as well as my own and I toed my shoes off along wih them so now we were both fully naked.

We kissed again and our bare bodies pressed against one another, our cocks rubbing against each other. I groaned against his lips and he pulled back a little his breath hot against my lips.His dark rimmed glasses fogged a little as I panted, his lips quirking into a smile. He did have a rather nice smile. "So tell me what you want." He ran a hand down my bare chest towards my cock. "Tell me what you thought while wanking."

I moaned as he wrapped his fingers around my cock, giving me a slow stroke. "Uhh..." I struggled to get my thoughts together and he smiled, shifting his hand to stroke my thigh instead. "Well..." I found it hard to focus now I was actually here and he was naked his lips wet with saliva. Fuck. I took a deep breath to steady myself and gather my thoughts, then tried again. "At first it was just watching you shit, but then it was... well, shitting on me." He smiled and nodded, wetting his lips. "Mostly here." I pointed to my bellly and he nodded again, rubbing his other hand over it.

He grinned and took my hand, tugging me towards his bedroom. It wasn't eactly tidy but who was I to judge? I knew what touring was like so I knew he most likely couldn't be fucked with cleaning. He smiled and let go of me, crossing the space to his bed and pushing the sheets off onto the floor. "Stay." He smiled, running a finger over my chest as he moved to the wardrope, opening it and pulling something out. Something big and black. He carried it over to the bed spreading it over it. It was a rubber sheet, big enough for his bed, and I wondered if he'd done this before. Or something like it. Then again, he was a goth, who knows what he was into? I licked my lips at the sight of his bare arse as he bent over, straightening the sheet out before replacing the pillows on them. Satisfied, he turned back to me and flashed me a smile planting a quick kiss on my lips. "Now, on the bed."

I returned his smile and nodded, laying back on the bed. The unfamiliar feeling of rubber felt strange against my skin and wiggled slightly to get comfortable. Calvin looked me over, then climbed on the bed, shifting up my body until he was squatting over my belly. "Ready?" I nodded, looking up at him as I reached to stroke his thighs.

He returned my nod and took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he started to strain. Fuck, he looked so hot, just like I'd pictured. He let out a soft groan as he let out a fart the scent making me squirm at the scent. It probably wasn't something that should be making my cock ache, but right now I was way past caring. I was shook out of my thoughts by his hands on my shoulders, bracing himself as he strained again. "Ugh... here it comes." I looked down between his legs although I couldn't see his ass from this angle so my view was taken up by his bobbing cock and low hanging balls with his dark curls surrounding them.

I let out a low groan as I felt his first log fall on my skin, feeling my hips jerk up in response. I watched him as he shifted a little, his eyes lidding as he pushed again. My dick twitched as a second fell beside the first, the fresh weight making a groan leave my lips. He let out a breathy laugh, smiling. "You really like it don't you?" I nodded, finding it hard to make an actua verbal response to him. Another smile graced his features and he looked right at me. "Here's the last." I moaned as he lifted up a little and I got a view of him pushing the last turd out onto me.

He shifted more, lifting up and scooting back so he was resting on my legs. "Wow...." I whispered, looking from him to the small pile on my belly. The three looked like the ones from his first picture they were the same colour and I'd say about the same size too.I squirmed a litte biting my lip, my dick bobbing appreciatively. Fuck this was so hot.

He smiled and took my dick in hand, stroking it slowly but firmly. "I'm gonna ride this." I moaned and he reached to his bedside table, grabbing some lube and popping it open, squeezing the fluid onto my cock, slicking it up. I let out a whimper as he released me, reaching behind himself and pressing two fingers into himself. I couldn't see much of what he was doing, but I culd see he was opening his hole up for me. That didn't last long, and he wiped his stained fingers over my thigh, shifting back up. "Hold yourself up for me." I nodded, taking my erection in hand at the base, holding it upright for him.

"Fuck..." I whipered, watching as he sank down onto my stiff cock, his dirty arse surrounding me, the pair of us letting out soft moans. When he was fully settled ono me, he remained in place, running his hands over my upper chest.

"I have an idea." I looked at him, quirking an eyebrow, his ass around me making it even harder to form words now. He took two of his shits and press one into my hand. "Do this to me." He reached up and started to rub it over my chest staining it in brown streaks. Fuck.

I felt his shit in my hand as I reached up for him. it was fairly solid, soft, a little slimy. In shot it felt rather strange. I started to smear it over his chest, across the burning church. As I spread it it felt like putty, so it wasn't that hard to do. As I did this he started to move on me, slowly riding my cock his hands spreading his shit over me. "Fuck Calvin..." I groaned, rubbing his load over his inked skin, down towards his aching dick. I looked up at him for confirmation and he responded with a smile and his ass squeezing around me. I grasped his dick with my dirty hand, stroking him firmly.

"Ugh yeah just like that..." He moaned, thrusting into my hand as he rode my dick faster, his hands now on either shoulder, bracing himself. "Fuck Padge..." I nodded my agreement, all that came out was a moan. He let go of me, scooping his remaining shit into his hand, breaking it in two and splitting it between his hands. One he used to grasp at my hair, and I found myself completely not caring that his filth was clumping to the strands of my hair as he pulled me up. Our lips met again, his tongue slipping into my mouth, his arse moving in circles on my lap. "Open." He purred, seperating from me and looking me in the eyes through those glasses of his. I parted my lips and he smiled, doing the same. He bought his other hand up and I watched as he slipped one of his shit covered fingers between his lips, sucking it clean. "Fuck..." I breathed softly as he removed his finger from his lips, pressing another one between my own. I wan't sure what to expect from my first taste of shit, but it was bitter, slightly... earthy. It wasn't as bad as I'd have expected actually.

He smiled, retreating his finger as I swallowed, crashing his lips back on mine, rubbing the rest over his neck. I jerked my hips up as he slammed down onto me, our tongues lapping against one another, sharing the taste of him. "Fuck Calvin..." I purred when we parted again, leaning in to lick and suck on his neck again, my free hand running over his skin as my other kept pumping him. "Ugh..." I could feel the faint tightness in my stomach, which I often felt when i was close. I didn't try holding it off, preparing myself for it to crash over me, but he got there first. I moaned as he tightened around me, his hot cum shooting across out joined, filthy chests. It took me seconds for me to join him, pumping into his dirty arse, my head tipping back as I filled him.

His hand was all that kept me up and it started to slacken as soon as he rode his orgasm out, my body crashing down against the rubber beneath us. I panted, my chest rising and falling as he climbed off me, running his fingers threw the fluid on our chests and bringing it up to my lips. I parted them, swiping my tongue across the the salty fluid, purring at the taste of him as he ducked down, getting a taste of my own from my sensitive, softening cock. He wassn't down there long though, returning to lay beside me after a few moments, our lips meeting again and I could taste myself on his tongue.

"Well, what did you think?" He asked when we parted, his fingers tracing patterns on my chest. "Did it live up to your expectations?"

"Fuck yeah." I nodded, though i'd not really had many epectations other than 'i hope he oesn't freak the fuck out'. "That was amazing, hottest thing I've ever done." I nodded again and he smiled, licking his lips.

"I'm glad you thought so." He shifted again and looked down at me. "Do you mind if I piss on you? I always need to piss after fucking and I can't be arsed to move."

I chuckled and shook my head, not having intended this, but why the fuck not? "Sure."

He smied and let go, the warm golden fluid heading me right in the chest, the warmth spreading through me. He angled the flow so it spread over my chest, soaking the curls around my cock before he moved back up. "Close your eyes." I did so, parting my lips a little as the flow splashed across my face, soaking my hair and some landing in my mouth which I immediately swallowed. I instantly wondered what he'd look like with his pretty hair wet with piss and I knew I'd have to do it before I left. The flow gradually subsided, the last few drops wiped against my parted lips. my eyelids fluttered open and I was greeted by the sight of him returning to his position beside me, his arm holding me close. Obviously he didn't care about the pools of piss that joined the smears on my chest.

"Don't worry." He smiled, fingers swirling through the fresh liquid on my chest. "We'll have a shower soon, once we feel like moving further than the bed." I nodded in response, though I honestly didn't care all that much. I guessed I should, but I just couldn't find the will too.

"So, have you done that before?" I asked, the question having been in the back of my mind since he got the sheet out that we now laid on. He just smirked, quirking his eyebrow in a way that made me think meant 'what do you think?' and then he kissed me again, silencing all further questions. Once again, I found myself not caring as I melted into the kiss, slinking my own arms around him.
Tags: 35 fics, bullet for my valentine, calvin roffey, calvin roffey/padge, fic, padge, slash, the smoking hearts
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