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Your Time Is Up

Your Time Is Up
Pairing: Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Prompt: Caged and Plushies
Warnings: Fucking a cuddly toy, slight gore
Notes: Not done a The Blackout fic in awhile, so here's one. Also, couldn't figured out furries so. This is just a little idea that came into my head last week. Working out an ending was a bitch though, so I settled on a random thought I almost never used.

Day 3

It was dark down here, well I assumed it was down. It felt like a basement, but I wasn't entirely sure. The room I was in was dark, with no windows and only as far as I could make out, one door. I was in a cage, one that was barely big enough to hold me on all fours. I shiered slightly, wrapping my arms around my bare body, staring out of the bars of the cage. Every so often someone would come, I was sure it was he, but they didn't stay for long. They just looked down at me, their features obscured by the darkness and they left me something to eat and drink. I pleaded for them to let me go, but they didn't even respond when I did.

I closed my eyes, still trying to work out how I got here. The last thing I could remember was that I was out with the lads drinking. Then everything started to go hazy and burry. I knew it wasn't down to the drink as it was only my second of the night. Next thing I knew I was here. All I could think was that something had been slipped into my drink. I swallowed, hoping that the others were ok. I hoped they would be, because if they were they'd be looking for me.

Hope. Hope was all I had.

I closed my eyes and curled up, hugging myself tighter.


Day 7

It was hard to keep track of time here. There was no sunrise, no sunset. Instead I used his appearances to track time. He came twice a day so that became my clock. I was certain he was a he now. Like 98.7% sure. His shadowed form definitely didn't look feminine at all.

I'd given up asking him for release now, so when he came I just kept silent and watched him. His actions didn't change due to my silence, he dropped off the food and drink before leaving. It was simple stuff, just water and bread mostly.

The second time he came he'd also replace the tray under the cage. My piss and shit would drain through the bar of the cage into it. I guess I should be glad he at least removed it.

I wondered what he wanted with me. He hadn't hurt or raped me, and, while that was some consolation, it made me wonder about his motives. The only other reason to kidnap someone was to hold them to ransom and, well, they'd not get much for me. So what was it? I had no idea, but I hoped someone would come before I found out.


Day 9

Something different happened today. When he bought the food he opened the door to my cage and tossed something in, before quickly shutting it. I'd waited until he'd gone before seeing what it was. It was a cuddly toy. A little sheep to be precise. I frowned a little, unsure what it meant but the softness of it was nice against my skin. A change.

I closed my eyes and drifted off, holding the sheep close.


Day 10

I realised something about the toy that was strange. It had a hole around it's crotch. Was it intentional? I don't know.


Day 13

I shifted, my dick aching between my legs. Despite being here I'd not been able to stop myself from getting hard. The first times, I was too afraid to do anything. But after that, I wanked until I came, shooting across the bars of my little prison. I wondered sometimes, was that why I was here? Were there cameras watching me trapped here, with perverts watching me until I shot my load? I couldn't be sure. After all, I'd not seen any sign of any cameras.

I sighed, rubbing myself against that toy and then I recalled the hole. The hole in the right place for my dick, probably the right sort of size too. I bit my lip, considering it for a moment. A moment was all it took really. Fuck it. I was hard and horny and I'd probably do it eventually. I shifted the toy into position at my cock and took a deep breath, then pushed into it.

I bit back a groan as I filled it, the soft insides surrounding my erection. It felt so strange, much different from my hand. I started to move, pulling back out of it before pushing into it again. Soft moans left my lips as I fucked it, my motions steadily becoming faster. I realised in the back of my mind that this meant I'd become the sterotype, a sheep shagger. I also realised I didn't care.

I gripped the toy tight, holding it in place as I thrust into it. Each slam of my hips buried me balls deep in it's softness, the toy's fur tickling my sensitive skin. A groan left my lips and my cock ached inside it. Fuck. I kept up my movements, speeding up steadily, unsure of how long I would last and not really caring either. After all it was just me, there wasn't anyone else here and this was a toy not a person. I didn't have to impress it with my stamina or anything like that, nor did I have to worry about hurting it. So I bit my lip and fucked the thing with wild abandon

Soon, my breath and thrusts both became ragged and I knew I was close. If this was a person I'd probably try and hold off at this point but that really wasn't necessary. I kept going until I came with a quiet moan, my eyes lidding as I spurted into it's soft insides. I sighed into the darkness, my grip loosening on the toy as I got my breath back and started to soften. After a few more moments, I released my grip on the toy, letting it fall to the lower bars of the cage, my body soon accompanying it.



Day 19

The door opened and I watched as he came in. Something felt strange about this. He only came to bring food and drink but this time he carried neither. He approached the cage, slipping the key in the lock and twisting it and pulling the door open. He reached in and pulled me out, easily lifting me into his strong arms.

I didn't fight him, I was too caught off guard by the sudden contact so I didn't react. He carried me out through the door into the corridor beyond. It was only dimly lit, so it wasn't much lighter than the room I'd been in previously. "W... what?" It was all I could manage after not speaking in so long.

"Your time is up." He muttered in return, in a gruff Welsh accent. I realised it was the first time I heard him speak. I turned to look at him, trying to make anything out of his face. He had long, dark hair with stubble on his chin and dark eyes. I didn't recognise him, not that I expected I would.

We entered another room, only this one was dark again and I shivered in his arms. I knew without looking that there was something there. I turned and looked around, seeing nothing in the darkness, but I could hear. Faint snarls. Breath. The wet sounds of hungry mouths. I found myself clinging onto my captor, not wanting him to let me go. I wanted to be back, back in the little cage with the sheep. He smirked and shook his head, but there seemed a little sadness in his eyes though I wasn't sure. "It's your time."

And then he dropped me, unceremoniously to the ground. I let out a groan of pain as my body met the stone floor and I quickly tried to scramble towards the door. I wasn't quick enouh though. He was out before I could even get on all fours, but I still went there anyway. "Let me out! Please!" Those sounds I hear were getting closer and I shivered again, not even sure I won't to know what was making them.

I tried to reach up for the door handle to open it, but before I could, the whatever it was was there, snarling right behind me, saliva dripping onto my skin. I screamed as it's claws dug into my legs and it pulled me further into the darkness.

He was right. I thought, as I felt it tear into my flesh. This was my time.
Tags: fic, kink bingo, sean smith, the blackout
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