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Ok, so I've kinda failed at making posts here that aren't fic related. Oops.

So, here's stuff that's happened in July (in no real order).

I met Scarlet an we had an awesome day together, yay! < 3

Me and mum saw The Lion King musical in Birmingham, which was amazing.

I got Mass Effect 3 and, whle i've not done too much yet, it has been pretty awesome. I've gotten off Earth, been to Mars and the Citadel and yeah. It really makes me think of Star Wars around the Vong invasion.

Animal Crossing is still nomming away at my time.

The Finntroll gig is sorted, yay! (It's the only one that is though, boo.) I can't wait to pester Nat some more.

My hair is now red again.

I saw The Wolverine Saturday after doing a run of X-Men films and I thought it was great. Especially the mid-credit thing.

I went to see The Smoking Hearts Saturday too and they were really awesome. Calvin was so fucking sexy performing and then I met him after and he was so sweet ad nice and talkative and eee! I have a picture of us. (Yes it's dark but fuck it.) I mean really he was just so sweet and adorable and eee. I may be slightly more fixated with him now.

I watched V/H/S the other day and it was much better than I was expecting, really ceepy in places too. I rewatched Noroi the night after too because of mentioning it Saturday.

What else? I dunno. I think that's the basics pretty much. As always, I'm sure I've missed something.) I will try and post more, yess. I expect to have another fic up soon though.
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