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Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Routa/Tundra/Virta/Vreth
Rating: NC-17
POV: Calvin
Prompt: Crossdressing and silence/gags
Warnings: Sex
Note: For lc_ffaf, to help make her smily (though it's kinda late for that purpose but still) the start was, oddly, the hard part and for once I left sorting it till last. Ah well. Enjoy the porn times.

I looked down at the bag Jay'd given me to bring on this tour. I'd told him of my frustration when touring, which was mostly due to us still mostly touring in small vans which didn't allow for much in the way of privacy. He gave me this before the European tour, with instructions not to open it until today, our day off in Finland. Not that I could, he didn't even give me the combination for the padlock until last night.

I flicked the combination, 409, then pulled it off and slowly unzipping it, bracing myself for whatever was inside.



I let out a small groan as I was pushed over the table, hands on me, pushing the dress I wore up to expose my ass. "Such a pretty little thing." One of them spoke up from beside me, his deep voice making me shiver. "And look, he's even wearing cute little panties." A wave of chuckles spread through them and I felt my cheeks flush. "So who wants first go?"

The guy to my right uttered something in their native tongue and I shivered, my dick twitching. I had no idea what he was saying, but fuck was it a turn on. I saw him move out of the corner of my eye, until he was out of sight but I knew exactly where he was going. His position was quickly taken by one of the others though.

There were, in total, four of them. The one on my left had long brown hair and was the slimmest of them. He also seemed to be the leader of the group. The one which moved behind me had long, black hair, in fact long hair was the common trait they all shared. His hair had a few braids in it which hung either side of his face. Next was the one which took his place, whose hair was a mass of lighter brown curls. The last one had black hair, with a goatee which was bigger than the one the second guy sported. I wasn't quite surre where he was.

Hands were on the back of my thighs, moving up towards my arse and I knew it was the second guy. He took ahold of my black lacy underwear between his fingers and pushed it down past my thighs, gravity causing them to drop the rest of the way to the floor. I heard a pop and tried to turn my head to see, but the hand of the first guy gripped my hair and
kept me facing forward. Behind me, one hand held me open while a slick finger probed my opening. I let out a groan as it filled me, starting to work me open the moment it did.

"Shh now." The leader one purred against my ear as a second digit pushed into me alongside the first. Another moan left my lips as the fingers started to thrust, spreading me open. He said something to one of the others in whatever language they spoke. Another set of hands lifted my feet up in turn, pulling my underwear from around my ankles. I moaned again as the fingers thrust hard into me, my eyes lidding. "Open up pretty boy." I parted my lips, looking up at him as my lacy underwear was stuffed between them. A gag was secured in place over it, keeping the material in place. "That's better. Now you can keep nice and quiet." He smiled down at me, brushing a few strands of hair from my cheek.

The fingers slipped out of me and I whimpered, the sound muffled by my full mouth. Hands held my arse open and I felt a dick against my crack. My eyelids fluttered closed behind my glasses as the first dick entered me. I heard him moan as he filled me completely, his balls resting against my cheeks. His hands shifted to grip my sides and I heard him say... something. I opened my eyes to see the leader of them replying, with an accompanying nod and then felt him start to move. He withdrew until just his head remained, then thrust back into me. The first thrusts were fairly steady, clearly to ease me into it but soon he was speeding up, each thrust becoming slightly harder.

Around us, I heard faint muttering in their language. I couldn't help wondering what they were saying. Where they talking about us? What they were going to do to me? I didn't know and, thanks to the gag, I couldn't ask. I sucked on the material of my underwear, my tongue brushing along the fabric to take my mind off wondering. I gripped the table under me as he pounded me, his breathing becoming heavier. If I was to guess, it was that he was getting closer and that he was about to...

The leader uttered a few words and the guy within me pulled out, being replaced by... I couldn't tell. Their cock felt slightly bigger, but since I'd not seen their dicks beforehand that wasn't much help. Footsteps, and the guy who was inside me stood before me, his cock hard and aimed for my face. He took himself in hand, pumping his cock a few times, his other hand gripping my hair to keep me level with him. I was right, he was close and soon he was shooting over my face. Some hit my glasses, leaving a smear, while some landed on the gag and in my hair. He smiled, panting as he wiped his dickhead across my cheek, then tugged it back under his skirt and he stepped aside.

The guy fucking me was going rougher now. He hadn't eased into me like the first one had, but then that wasn't really necessary after him. My eyes darted left and right, to try and catch sight of the other to to work out who was fucking me. The curly haired one was to my left still, his hands on my back holding me down, so it wasn't him. The other two were out of sight, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was the leader banging me.

He thrust harder into me, his fingers gripping onto my sides through the dress. I heard him utter something, words I couldn't grasp but which still made me ache. He let out what sounded like a growl, though I wasn't sure if it was actually one or... words. Either way, my cock twitched, yearning for one of them to pop of the ring around the base and pump me until I came. Alas, he didn't, none of them did and I had a feeling I'd be left wanting awhile longer.

He pulled out of me, moving around the table until he was before me just like his predecessor. His hand was already on his length before he was in front of me, stroking like I longed my dick to be. Before he came I felt another dick replacing him in my arse, this one slightly bigger. I wanted to check which of the two remainin, but the leader's hand in my hair kept my head in place. He groaned and I watched as his length shot his load over me. Some landed on the lens of my glasses, which the rest hit my cheek and across the gag. H smiled and panted, licking his lips. "You look so good like that slut." He released my hair and then moved away from me.

The second he did I turned my head, catching a smudged view of the last of the four beside me. So it was the curly haired one fucking me. He'd started pretty steadily too, but now the leader was out of the way he was increasing the speed and force of his thrusts. "Fuck..." He muttered, voice deeper than anyone would have expected looking at him. "Take it slut..." He pounded into me, his hands inching under the dress, a fingertip ghosting along my erection. I mumbled behind the gag and I heard him chuckle, slamming into me as he spoke. "Soon little one."

He slammed into me a few more times and then the remaining guy mumbled something. The pair of them shared a few brief words, with the one fucking me slamming into me every other word. I wondered again what they were saying and, moreover, if they were talking like this just so I'd be out of the loop. The guy in me pulled out as soon as the conversation was over and I the hands on me from the other guy flipped me over on the table.

I got a good view of him as he got into position between my legs, his large cock throbbing. Fuck. He pushed my dress up, exposing my inked belly and then he did what I'd wanted, slipped of the ring on my cock. He didn't stroke me yet, instead spreading my legs and sinking into me.

The other guy was at me head, tipping it back so his cock filled my vision. Instead of jerking himself off to completion, though, he undid the gig and slipped it from my lips, pulling the material of my underwear after it. "I hope your lips are as good as your ass." He muttered above me and I took him between them, my tongue running over his soft head. His fingers ran over my cum slick cheeks as he let me set my own pace.

Between my legs the other guy fucked me, hard and rough making me glad I wasn't being face fucked too. He gripped my thigh with one hand for leverage, the other taking hold of my cock, finally giving me what I needed. My eyes lidded and I suckled on the dick in my mouth, being overwhelmed by the sensations fom them all. Fuck this was amazing. The guy in me pounded me harshly and fuck. I jerked up into his hand and groaned around the cock I was sucking, releasing across my belly.

"That's it you pretty little whore..." The guy in front of me pulled back, stroking himself. I watched, dazed and breathless as he jerked himself off to his own peak. Unlike the first two he didn't cum on my face, instead aiming for my inked neck, another groan leaving my lips as I felt it land on my heated skin.

Before I knew it he was gone, like the rest of them before him, backed off to watch from a distance.

That left me to focus on the remaining guy. I tilted my head back up to watch him, staring as he fucked me hard and rough. Out of the four of them, he looked like he was made for this. He growled, uttering something in his native tongue, fucking me harshly a few more times and then he came. Unlike the rest, he didn't pull out, didn't move to make me. He just unloaded deep inside me, looking me right in the eyes as he did so.

After riding out his orgasm, he released his grip on my hips, pulling out and stepping away from me as the others had before him.

"So, did you have fun?" The leader spoke up and I turned to face him, the cum on my glasses making his a blur. I nodded, still a little breathless and he chuckled. "Good. Fancy a drink?" Another nod. "Good. Now about introductions on our part..."
Tags: calvin roffey, calvin roffey/routa, calvin roffey/tundra, calvin roffey/virta, calvin roffey/vreth, fic, finntroll, kink bingo, routa, slash, the smoking hearts, tundra, virta, vreth
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