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A Little Reminder That I'll Never Forget

A Little Reminder That I'll Never Forget
Pairing: girl!Jay James/Luke Johnson
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: Pegging/strap-ons and pictures
Warnings: BDSM, het
Notes: First het fic in... well over two years and a half apparently, wow. Also first kink bingo fic yay! (And honestly someone explain how this to to be so long?) And thanks to lc_ffaf for some unknowing help ;)

I sat, staring over at tonight's selection of people as I drank my beer. I studied the various guys and girls on offer, then shook my head slightly. No, I didn't want a girl tonight, despite a few of them looking really hot with great tits. My eyes skimmed over the guys. Unattractive, did him, dancing with a guy, not my type... ah. There we go. Fairly tall, sandy brown hair, tattoos, pretty masculine looking. Perfect.

I watched him intently, licking my lips at the sight, waiting. Waiting for him to come and get a fresh bottle. When he did I shot him a smile and beckoned him over to me. He came over, giving me the once over before smiling. "Hey beautiful."

"Hey sexy." I returned his smile, parting my legs a little on the bar stool making sure he noticed. "Fancy coming back to mine."

He blushed and looked a little flustered. "I... but I don't even know your name." His accent clearly wasn't a local Welsh one, which certainly explained why I'd not seen him before.

I rinned and finished my drink, setting it on the counter behind me as I stood up. I took the few steps towards him, then leaned in and purred against his ear, my breasts pressing against his chest. "I'm Jay. And you are?"

He swallowed noticeably and shivered. "I'm err... Luke."

"Well err Luke, now that the introductions are over how about it?" I smiled, running a hand down his chest.

He seemed a little flushed and I wondered if it was because he wasn't used to a girl coming onto him or one being so forward. He looked me over, swallowed again and then, finally, nodded. "Er... sure." He nodded again and bit his lip. "Yeah."

"Great!" I grinned, took his hand and pulled him through the crowd, weaving through them to the exit. The cool night air was a welome relief from the warmth of inside and I started leading him away from the bar.

"Er... so..." He spoke up after a few moments and shot him a sidelong glance. "Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean.. er, we've not even talked or anything."

I chuckled and shook my head, smiling at him. "It's simple. I'm horny and you're hot. Small talk would just be filling time and there's plenty of time for that later. But right now I don't wanna talk, I just wanna fuck. Is that a problem?"

He shook his head. "No, not at all."

"Good." I flashed a grin at him, swaying my hips. "I'd hate to have to go back to get someone else." He smiled a little, his eyes on me. "Ah here we are."

"You live this close to the bar?"

"Yep." I smiled, opening my bag to pull out my keys. "Everyone seems to say that when I bring them here, but it makes things so much easier." I pushed the eyes in the lock, giving them a quick twist to open the door. "Come on in." I stepped inside in front of him, making sure he got a good view of my arse as he followed me in, the door being closed behind him. "Alright, two things." I set my bag on the table beside the door, then turned to face him, holding a finger up. "First can you click your fingers?"

"Er sure wh..."

"Second." I cut him off before he could say any more, holding up a second finger. "Bondage. You ok with that?" He nodded a little, biting his lip. "Excellent!" I grinned and turned, leading him in towards my bedroom. "You click your fingers if you want to stop."

"O... k."

I turned to face him and smiled. "Welcome to my room. Oh and be a good boy and get naked." I licked my lips and watched him as he fumbled with the button of his jeans. He eventually popped it open, his fingers undoing his fly, exposing skin. No underwear. Perfect. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of his jeans pushing them down freeing his hard cock. Mmm as expected he had a nice sized cock. I watched it twitch as he removed his shoes as he stepped out out of his jeans. Lastly he pulled off his sleeveless t-shirt exposing more ink as he let it drop to the floor. Perfect.

"Now." I smiled, running a hand down his muscular chest. "On the bed, on your back." I licked my lips as I watched him get onto it laying back giving me a nice view of his ass in the process.

"Like this?"

I smiled and nodded movin around the bed to pull his arms towards the cuffs attached to the bedposts locking in one then leaning over him to do the same to his right one. "There, even better." I stood back giving him another once over. The sight of him naked and bound went straight to my cunt making me ache. Ache and feel overdressed. I reached down and pulled my t-shirt off, tossing it to one side carelessly I heard him groan as I undid my bra, freeing my breasts as i cast it aside in the same direction. Luke groaned from the bed, his eyes on me. Next I toed my shoes off, nudging them aside out of my way. I pushed my skirt down along with my damp underwear another groan accompanying them.

Before doing anything else I grabbed my phone, yanking it from it's charger. It was time to do one of the things I always did, which was... Click. Click. Click. I took three pictures of him in quick sucession smiling at the results. I set the phone within easy reach, then smiled at him. "Now the fun can begin." He nodded dumbly watching me and I smiled. He really had no idea what was coming.

I ran a hand down his inked chest towards his crotch, running a finger around the base of his erection and over his balls hearing him purr. "I wonder..." I whispered softly but loud enough for him to hear. "If anything has ever been in here." I ran my finger lower along his crack slowly pressing it between his cheeks and ghosting his hole. He swallowed his adam's apple bobbing noticeably and I chuckled. "Well?" I asked, raising an eyebrow as my finger circled his opening slowly.

He bit his lip and shivered a little shaking his head. "Well then today's your lucky day!" I flashed him a grin. See that's why I liked guy's like this. Muscular manly guys like him rarely took it up the arse so it was always fun to be their first. I withdrew my finger from him slipping it between my legs. I slipped two fingers inside myself twisting them in my wetness, a moan leaving my lips. A few moments later, I removed them, satisfied they were wet enough, then used my other hand to pull his cheeks apart, exposing his opening for me. Such a pretty little thing. I smiled, running my wet fingers over his ring. He shivered and I smiled, pushing my middle finger into him slowly. I didn't want to scare him off so I took it nice and slow gently working my finger fully inside him, studying his face as I did so. His head was tipped back a little and he bit his lower lip. I smiled, moving my finger steadily as I watched him, noise leaving him. The sounds were something between a groan and a grunt which served to encourage me further. I moved my finger a little faster, wiggling it inside him to work him open to get him ready.

I withdrew my finger then pushed it back in with my ring finger alongside it, a groan leaving his lips. I worked both fingers in and out of his opening, my eyes darting between his face and my thrusting digits. I decided this would make another good picture, so grabbed myphone with my other hand and clicked three more pictures. A full body shot, one of his face and one of his arse. Perfect. "How's it feel slut hmm?"

"Ugh it deels..." I looked at his face and i could tell he was searching for the right words. I decided to purposely thrust my fingers hard and deep knowing it would make him lose focus. "Fuck..." I chuckled my eyes darting back between his legs. Almost ready.

I slipped my fingers out so just the tips remained in him, then pressed my index finger alongside them, pushing them back. He grunted, arching his hips up and I smirked at how his hard cock was twitching. The pretty thing liked it. I worked my fingers inside him, thrusting and twisting them for a few more minutes before deciding he was ready.

I removed them from him and he let out a small whimper, thrusting his arse back to meet my fingers. I chuckled and shook my head wiping my fingers on his thighs. "Don't worry slut, soon you'll be filled again." He looked at me with a look of slight dazed puzzlement and I smirked, stepping away to the chest of drawers, pulling open the top one and peering inside. I ran my hand over the the various toys I found there, before settling on the middle strap-on. The purple rubber was a little smaller than Luke's member seemed to be, which would do. I pulled the toy out the drawer, bringing it down between my legs and rubbing it against my crotch, getting it nice and wet. I took a deep breath, sinkin the first few inches of it into myself to get it more slick, holding it in place for a few moments before removing it completely. I was ready.

I secured it around my waist seating it so it lined with my cunt, then made my way back over to him. The expression on his face was priceless, his wide eyes on my crotch. "What? Never seen a girl with a strap-on before?" I didn't give him much chance to respond though, grabbing his thighs and pulling his legs down so his arse was at the edge of the bed, watching as his arms were stretched out from where they were restrained. Satisfied, I held him open with one hand, using my left to guide the base of the shaft towards his opening. I looked down at him, watching as I eased into him, the rubber length filling him nice and slow. I kept my eyes on his face studying his expressions. He was biting his lip, and I knew it probably hurt a little even with the stretching. First time's always did. When my hips met his ass I stilled, giving him chance to adjust to the new feeling of being filled.

"P... please." I looked at him as the words left his lips, a smile forming on my own as my hands shifted to stroke his thighs.

"Please what?"

"Move, please." I smirked, but kept still my hips still, moving just my hands, watching him. "Ugh. No..." He groaned, wiggling his hips. "Fuck me, please."

"That's better." I grinned, holding his thighs as I started to pull out until just the head remained. I pushed back in slightly quicker than I had first time, then started up a rhythm. The moans he made went straight to my cunt. I grinned, each thrust becoming steadily harder, the sounds of skin on skin and his moans filling the room.

I took my phone in hand again taking a picture of his face. I pulled back, so that I was about half inside him, then took a picture of the shaft buried in him. I slammed back in, taking a full body shot of him, his head tipped back against the sheets. Perfect. I dropped the phone on the bed slamming into him again, stilling when I was fully inside him and shifting my hand up. I let my fingertips ghost over his full, hairy balls, then ran my middle finger along his shaft. "I bet you want me deal with this hmm?"

"Ugh... yes, please."

I smiled and licked my lips, running my finger from base to tip. "Maybe I will." I thrust into him then stayed still again. "Try asking again and call my mistress."

"Please mistress, stroke my cock." I grinned at how desperate he sounded and I licked my lips.

"Good boy, much better." I took him in hand and started to pump him, enjoying the weight of him in my hand before resuming my movement. Fuck, the sounds he made. He was moaning louder now, rolling his hips between my hand and the rubber dick inside him. Such a pretty little slut.

I kept up my movements, slamming into his hole at various speeds, jerking him off firmly. He was probably close. He was leaking and thrusting up to meet me, his eyes lidded and his breathin a little raged. I debated stopping completely, just to tease him more, but no. He was so fucking hot and he'd been so good. So I kept going fucking him good and hard, my hand stroking him firmly.

"Ugh fuck..." He groaned and he thrust up, shooting over his inked chest, the sight making me ache.

"That's it..." I took the phone again, for a shot of his cum covered body. The last of it dribbled down onto my fingers and I smiled, letting go of his shaft. I raised my fingers to his lips smiling. "Lick me clean." He nodded and breathlessly licked his cum from my fingers. That was worth another picture. I set my phone down beside his right armpit, then smiled easing out of him. "Let's put your mouth to work some more eh?"

I mounted the bed, and shifted up his body, making sure to rub the strap-on through his cum on the way up. I stopped just before his face, smiling. "Guess what I want you to do?" He smiled and extended his tongue, swiping it along the shaft. Click. I knew I could have tried to make him take the shaft fully, but I decided not to. First, because he'd just cum and being breathless wouldn't make him do a good job and second, well, if he'd not took it up the arse before chances were he'd never sucked dick either. No, this was better.

Once I was satisfied he was done, I reached down and undid the strap-on, tugging it off me and casting it aside it's job done. I shivered a little, feeling his breath on my aching pussy. "Now, have a guess what I want you to do." He leaned in and swiped his tongue along my cunt, before pushing at inside and lapping at my wetness. I squirmed, gripping his hair as he went to work, his tongue twisting inside me, then slipping out to brush my clit. It wasn't the best I ever had, but it'd do. His tongue flicked against my clit again, then lapped over my twat, stopping to suck my pussy lips slowly. I let out a low moan, then he slipped his tongue back inside me, circling my walls slowly.

It didn't take too much to get me off, mostly because the images of him being fucked were still fresh in my mind. I soon gushed across his lips as I came, his tongue lapping up my juices. "Good boy..." I purred, stroking his hair as I shifted back, looking down at him. "Now, how about a drink? I dunno about you but cumming always makes me thirsty."

"Please..." I smiled and reached down, running my hands up his arms to the cuffs, flicking the release to let him go. I got off him, smiling as I padded towards the mini fridge I kept in here. Saved making the trip downstairs. I pulled out two bottles and returned to the bed, smiling as I flopped down beside him.

"Now you can make with the small talk." I handed him the beer and he chuckled, taking off the top and drinking a long swig.

"That was... fuck."

"I know." I smiled, taking my own drink and resting back against the sheets, ready to deal with the small talk and inevitable questioning. That was, depending on how long he'd stay coherent. I made a mental note to ask for his number before he left. He was pretty hot after all and fucking him had been pretty fun.


Luke was gone now. I'd sucked him off while he ate me out, then we'd shared breakfast before he had to go. We'd shared numbers beforehand and I knew that wouldn't be the last I'd seen of him.

Now it was time to do my usual thing. I opened up the book I kept next to my bed, flicking through the pages. Each double page spread was a new person. A few caught my eye as I flicked through. Cal, great tits, lots of ink. Rich, manly, huge cock a lot like Luke. Padge, dirtly little slut. I smiled at each one, stopping at the fresh pages. A lot of people would probably store the pictures I'd took on an i-pad or computer and, sure, I did that. But I also liked to keep hard copies. Plus if I was lying in bed wanting to get myself off at night, grabbing the book was easier than messing with technology.

I scrawled down a few words, 'Luke Johnson, anal virgin' then hummed to myself as I stuck the various pictures off him in around them. Ah yes, he was a perfect addition to my little collection.

I ran my fingers over the pictures of him once I'd done, smiling. Yep, I'd made the right choice last night with him.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/luke johnson, het, kink bingo, lostprophets, luke johnson
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