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Well happier post now.

Late Thursday night I got my download code for Animal Crossing New Leaf... which I promptly downloaded and started.

First here's the information on my town (first posted on tumblr and updated now)

Town name: Termina
Town tune: Midna’s theme
Town flag: Inverted Triforce (may change to something done by someone with art skills)
Native fruit: pears
Current other fruit trees: Cherry, peach, orange, lychee, banana, lemon, coconut, durin, mangos, apples
Current residents: Kiki (cat), Pippy (bunny), Robin (bird), Bill (duck), Vic (bull), Canberra (koala), Zell (goat), Brocollo (mouse), Truffles (pig)
Moving in: None
Ordinance: Night owl
Public works: Yellow bench, bridge, lamp, fairy tail bench (tomorrow)

My main thoughts thus far? Well there's much to love. I love the new island. It's fun, especially with other peple (and you can make a shit tonne of money there). I love the fortune cookiees and the items you get from them. I hate being taunted by damn balloons I can't get. I love Kiki and Zell. I love the ordinaces and public work projects. I love that boys can wear dresses. I can't wait for more stuff to be open.

My house has already been upgraded a few times (it woulda been more but Nook had the mermaid exterior and I was like, want!). Yay!
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