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Finally over

This'll be the first of two posts today. The other will be about Animal Crossing and be happier.

After my last post, I figured venting my feels would help. You know, getting it out of my system. After that I said to myself that I'd give her till the end of the month, the I'd cut her out. It wasn't something I wanted to do or liked the thought of, but I felt it was something I neeeded.

I did it today.

Why? Well there was a mention of me on twitter from her, about whe she came the first time and it just... stung. More than I expected. Probably partly due to father's day being sunday which sucks the joy out of me anyway. But yeah. And it flared everything up and I thought... why? Why should I have to deal with that possibility?

So I did it. And, yeah. It's done now. But still.
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