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Under Bergets Rot

Under Bergets Rot
Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Calvin
Prompt: 21: Bloodplay
Warnings: Slight AU, non-con
Notes: For lc_ffaf who has just finished her last exam hurray! Now more exams, woo! :D

I shivered slightly as I stirred blinking. I groaned softly my head hurting as I took in my surroundings. I was outside, with trees behind me and a cliff face before me. There was an opening in the rock, a cave entrance of some kind and it was so dark. I swallowed and tried to move but found I couldn't. I was secured to a post by rope which bound my wrists. What the fuck?

I didn't know how I got here. All I could remember is that I was at a ar somewhere having a few drinks and then... nothing. I swallowed. Someone must have slipped something in my drink and bought me here. I loked down at myself checking that my clothes were still there which they were. In fact the only thing that had been done to me was binding me here.

"Hello?" I called out, biting my lip. "This isn't funny guys." I hoped it was all some practical joke, but somehow I knew. I knew it wasn't really them. Sure they'd pulled pranks on me and each other before but nothing like this.

I wiggled, trying to slip my wrists out of my bonds but it was no good it was just tied too tight.

And then I froze. I froze because I heard a noise, movement. Only it wasn't coming from the trees around me, it was coming from the gaping darkness in front of me. I backed up as much as I could, although that was limited due to the rope. A figure appeared from the darkness and I stepped back tripping up on the twigs beneath my feet.

What appeared was... well, I wasn't sure what I'd expected. It was a man fairly tall completely naked with a slightly rounded belly and brown hair hanging past his shoulders in curls. It was the hair that made me realise something wasn't quite right about him, or rather what was sticking out of them. He had ears. Well, that wasn't strange in and of itself it's just that these ones were large and pointed. Not pointed like a Vulcan's but more,long and noticeable. What was he?

He looked right at me and smiled, stepping towards me. "Wha... what are you?"

He looked at me and blinked tilting his head, his ears jerking up. There was what seemed like confusion on his face. Maybe he didn't understand English, after all it wasn't the native language of this place. I cursed myself for not knowing any of it. There'd been no need since we were just passing through, but then again even if I knew anything it wouldn't necessarily be useful.

I watched as he stepped closer, looking me over. His lips quirked into a smile and he reached for the post I was tied to, undoing the rope and lifting me into his arms, carrying me towards the cave. I struggled, but it did no good. He was stronger than I and being tied meant all I could do was wiggle and try to kick him.

The cave was completely dark and I stilled in his arms. I may not want him to take me wherever he was taking me but I wanted to drop and crack my skull open even less. My eyes adjusted to the dark after awhile but only slightly and there wasn't much to make out anyway. It was simply a cave, like any other from what I could tell anyway.

I wasn't sure how long we'd walked but eventually we came to what appeared to be a room deep in the caverns. The walls seemed to glow giving off pale blue light. I looked around, noting that the room had furnishings, although sparse. Among them was what appeared to a bed and a table, although what was creepiest was a shelf of human skulls. "Wh... what is this place?" I whispered even though I knew I'd not get a response. He carried me to the table, dumping my body on the wooden surface.

I bit my lip, fearful as to what he was going to do to me. he was obviously stronger than me (not that that was saying much) and even if I could fight back an escape the only way out was a pitch black cave which would probably just result in me tripping and him dragging me back here anyway.

All he did, at first, as look me over. He seemed to study me, his ears twitching noticeably as he looked me over. I did the same to him, looking at the rest of his body. Other than the ears he looked like a regular guy. He had hard, peaked nipples, pale skin and... I swallowed. He was hard and bigger than any other guy I'd seen, even in porn. Fuck. After awhile he stopped studying me, reaching down and undoing my fly, pulling my jeans down and off. He tossed them away carelessly, looking me over. My boxers went next and I shivered, feeling my cheeks flush at being exposed before him. I didn't know what to do other than lie there, since fight or flight was obviously... unwise. He smiled, looking me over again, those ears of his twitching.

His hands returned to me, shifting up my legs to my t-shirt. He gripped the material between his fingers and pulled it up, ripping it apart easily. I gasped, the cold air making my inked chest tremble slightly. He looked at me and he tilted his head to one side as he studied my tattoos, his ears wiggling. I couldn't help but wonder if he'd even seen tattoos before. Maybe he hadn't or, if he had, he'd not seen anything this size before.

He ran his hands over my chest, seemingly curious, then bought them back down to my legs, pulling them apart and pulling me down until my ass was at the edge of the table. I took a deep breath, knowing what he was going to do. i was thankful I wasn't a virgin, but still I knew that thing was going to hurt. He pressed himself against me his hard length throbbing against my cheeks and I swallowed, closing my eyes and expecting him to thrust into me.

But instead he didn't, not right away. He pulled my legs up so my knees were against my chest and when I yelped, his teeth breaking my skin. My eyes snapped open and i watched as he pulled back, my blood spilling over his fingers. "What..." It soon became obvious as his fingers drifted down, towards my opening. He forced two blood slick fingers into me, a hiss escaping my lips and my eyes lidding again. His fingers pumped into me, working me open with surprising ease, making it obvious I wasn't his first. I swallowed again wondering what exactly that could mean. Was he just going to fuck me or worse? Was I going to end up a another skull on his shelf? My thoughts left me as his thrusting fingers brushed against my spot, which caused my body to react and a moan leaving my lips. I mentally cursed myself for that, but it's not like I could have helped it.

He withdrew his fingers and I actually let out a whimper at the loss, another thing to curse my body over, though his fingers were soon replaced by the head of his cock. I balled my hands into fists behind me, biting my lip again as he thrust into me, his length making me cry out in pain. He was just so fucking big and two fingers wasn't enough. I knew I was going to tear from him, but there was nothing I could do. He held my legs folded against me and forced himself in me, my body taking every inch of him until I felt his hips against my arse. The pain radiated through me and I cried out as he began to move going at a fairly steady pace. As expected, I felt myself tear so that more of my blood would stain his length.

I watched him and it was so strange, because in a strange way he looked beautiful. The way the blue light hit his face, the way his hair framed his face, even the way his ears moved as he fucked me. What was he?

He leaned down over me, so that my knees pressed harder against my chest and he licked along my neck. A whimper escaped my lips and I tipped my head back a little, feeling his tongue swipe over my tattooed skin, around to the unmarked side of my neck. His teeth sank into me again, this time breaching my neck and I groaned, his thrusts becoming harder as he drank at my blood. Maybe that's what he was then, a Finnish vampire. I didn't know local folklore, so maybe the vampires here had ears like that and maybe they lived in caves. Or maybe he was something else. Something else in the folklore that I simply didn't know but I was sure he wasn't human, whatever he was.

His ears twitched and I leaned in a little, swiping my tongue ove the tip of the nearest one. He groaned seemingly liking what I did, so I did it again. His lips seperated from my neck and he moved his head so that I could lick at him better. I didn't know what possessed me to do it, but I kept at it, tracing my tongue over the stranged shaped ears. I was rewarded with his fingers wrapping around my aching length, stroking me as he kept up his thrusts inside my bloody hole. The pain was still there, but it was more fuzzy now, pleasure taking over, especially as he stroked me.

My lips seperated from him as I came, everything all too much and I shot over both of us. He grinned down at me, thrusting a little harder into me as I felt my insides twitch from my orgasm. Fuck. He let out a noise something akin to a groan and the sharp pain that followed let me know he'd came too, releasing over my torn insides.

I closed my eyes, feeling dazed from the whole experience. I always felt tired after fucking and it seemed this was no exception, despite the location and the company. But I didn't fall asleep just yet, as he pulled out of me and made a gruff set of noises. Was he speaking some language I couldn't understand? I opened my mouth to respond to him, even though I wasn't sure how but something stopped me.

A similar set of noises in response, coming from somewhere behind me.

And I realised then that we were not alone.
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