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Pairing: Tundra/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Virta
Prompt: 22:
Warnings: Hoods
Notes: Sequel to the previous Tundra rubber fics. Also like those this is for lc_ffaf who is awesome.

It had been several months since that night in Wales and it had led to some rather interesting activities. Not only had I used the things Darran had give me on a curious and surprisingly eager Mathias, but I also was having plenty of fun with Sami as well, at Darran's insistance.

Right now, however, I had Sami on his hands and knees before me. I finished fastening a rubber hood around his head, a few of his curls escaping at the base. Other than that he was naked, his clothing discarded beforehand. I shifted around him, tracing my fingers down his back, towards the curve of his ass. There was the only thing that he had on besides the hood. It was a harness secured round his waist, which cradled a dildo inside him. It was something Darran had given him and instructed him to wear as often as possible. I certainly wasn't complaining, even though I'd caught a glimpse of the straps in at least one shot from a recent gig. I wondered if any fans had noticed, but then again they wouldn't know what to look for like I did.

I reached around him, undoing the harness and gripped the base of the toy. I moved it out of him, then thrust it back, smirking at the muffled moans he made behind the hood. "You want it little slut?"

He nodded his head, the rubber shining in the light, a muffled sound accompanying the movement. I smiled and stopped my teasing, removing the rubber length fully from his opening. I set the shaft down beside him, in easy reach and slipped my skirt down until it pooled round my ankles. I'd not bothered with underwear. One of the benefits of being behind the keyboard was that no one could see either way, unlike Tundra who seemed to pathologically forget and give he photographers shots up his skirt.

I grasped my length in hand and took position between his legs, pulling his cheeks apart. Fuck he looked so good like this, his hole nice and open from the dildo. Perfect. I slammed into fully, a groan leaving my lips. Fuck, he always felt so good. I gripped onto his hips, starting to fuck him nice and hard. Thanks to the dildo he didn't need to be given even a moment to adjust, which I really fucking loved. It made things so easy. I shook some of my hair out of my face, watching his body shake from each thrust. He was so hot like this, all needy and desperate beneath me. I knew he'd be letting out moans if his face wasn't covered and it was a shame I couldn't hear, but at the same time it was hot to have him like that. This was my first time with the hood. I'd had him with gags before and it was such a turn on seeing him drool around the rubber. Seeing him like this, not only unable to speak but unable to see, made me slam harder into him.

I groaned as I felt him squeeze around me, drawig me closer to the edge. "I bet you want to cum too don't you slut?" Another nod, more muffled noises. I chuckled, slipping a hand from his hip around his waist, taking his length in hand and stroking him firmly. "Cum for me Tundra." I purred, leaning over him and whispering where his ear was. "I know you want to." A groan and I felt his dick pulse in my grip, knowing he was shooting across himself.

His tightening insides made a moan leave my own hips and I pulled out, moving quickly around him, it taking everything I had not to just shoot in him. I stood before his head, reachig down to finish myself up, my hand pumping myself quickly. I came with a low groan, over the rubber hood that concealed his face. "Fuck..."

I took a deep breath, panting in the aftermath of my orgasm. "How did I do?" I smiled a little, turning away from Sami's body.

"Very good Virta. I see you're treating him exactly as he deserves." I smirked a little at the sight. Even though the picture on the computer screen was pretty dark I could still make out the streaks of white against the rubber Darran was working. "Alright. You can have fun with Tundra and your little toy together like you want."

I smirked at his words, smiling. "Thank you sir."
Tags: 35 fics, fic, finntroll, slash, tundra, tundra/virta, virta
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